My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 922

Vol 5 Chapter 922: Peerless Flying Sword

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Chapter 922

Crown Prince Long's expression finally changed in shock! There are only two of his Dragon Guards left!

During the short period of time between Long Prince and Lin Chen, Zhen Dejiu and Zhen Deshuai continuously urged the "Extreme Return", consuming 4 more advanced rune energy, and played two slow runes.

Then, two consecutive "Sword Fury" and "Mirror Moon" Gods also triggered "Tear", even if the second golden armor dragon guards the guard, the defense is still destroyed!

"The Ultimate Guiyuan after the upgrade is easy to use. If it had been before, my body could not fight anymore, and the avatar was so broken that I had to reapply the Phantom Rune again."

Lin Chen glanced at the 6 intermediate talent points consumed, but did not feel much distress.

"But even my wounds can now be healed, and some of the sequelae after using Sword Fury can also be fully restored with the Ultimate Guiyuan talent!"

Sword anger Qingtian, struck a sword for rage, after rage strike, it will usher in a gap period, it is not possible to continue to play with fighting strength.

But Limit Guiyuan can restore this gap period, allowing Lin Chen to use it continuously!

Lin Chen skillfully opened the Taoyuan capsule and put the bodies of the two fallen Golden Armor Dragon Guards into the capsule.

This is a good baby, the dragon body of the super dragons of the gold series.

"Okay, great! Lin Chen, you forced the prince. You can't think of a mortal who can have such a skill. The prince looks down on you!"

Crown Prince Long's sullen eyes reflected monstrous anger, and with the order, the last two Dragon Guards would return to him.

Lin Chen and his party gathered, everyone in Class 66 was injured, but fortunately not very heavy.

Lin Chen beckoned, the eighth-order gun weapon embryo returned to the palm of his hand, his arm broke his bones, and it took a little while to fight.

Many viewers held their breath.

What will be the outcome of this battle...

From the battle situation, it seems to be beneficial to the Black Horse Club, but the Black Horse Club really has the ability to break through the Golden Dragon Guard defense. It seems that only Zhendejiu, Zhendeshuai and Lin Chen are three!

"Jing Tiandou Jin Gang array, injecting power into my body."

Prince Long's order changed the faces of the two Dragon Guards!

"No, prince, your bloodline grade will be seriously affected. If you fail, your bloodline grade will be lowered!"

"Yeah, it's about your future, please think twice!"

Long Wei hastily blocked this big array, but it was told by the elders of the clan that it can only be used when life and death matter!

Once the bloodline level drops, it will affect not only the talent strength, but also the status of the clan and the honor of the clan. Things are too broad!

Prince Long's dragon pupil glanced somewhere in the void, which was the direction of the saint.

"As long as you can get the Dragon Blood Jade, these lost ones can be recovered! Although the Prince still has two trick cards, it may not be able to kill all of them. If you don't kill the three people, if you two die one more, then There is really no chance to make a comeback!"

Prince Long burst into drink-"What are you waiting for, this Prince's words don't work anymore!"

The two golden dragon guards gritted their teeth and turned into two golden dragons circling the void, turning into a hexagonal formation.

The dragon's breath is surging, and the two dragons swallow the clouds and spit the mist, such as the golden dragon in the dragon's body!

Bang ~! The dragon pupil's dragon pupil's golden light flashed, and the golden glow was like a rainbow, penetrating the sky, the dragon scales glowed with new light, slowly extending, and the dragon body began to extend to 120, 150 feet!

Only in one breath, the dragon prince's body has nearly doubled in size, the dragon scales are red gold, and the dragon claws are derived from the golden glow!

Roar ~~! !

The dragon roared Jiu Xiao, and the eardrums of Bai Junhao and others were so painful and dizzy!

The space is rippling, and the Dragon Power of Dragon Prince climbs to a whole new level!

"With 85 million dragon powers, his bloodline is activating beyond the limit, and he will definitely be greatly damaged afterwards, forcing the strength of the two golden dragons into his body."

Lin Chen took the opportunity to take a Long Qingguo, the broken muscles began to connect, and his expression was a little dignified.

"If he used this trick in the beginning, his strength would only be more terrifying, but I'm afraid he didn't expect me to push him to this point..."

Prince Long seems to have only skyrocketed by millions of dragon power, but this is a leap in the realm, and now Dragon Prince has the power of the Five Tribulation Warlords!

Moreover, due to the special nature of his dragon body, if there is no means to target or restrain him, it is difficult for the general five-robber warlord to blast his dragon-scale defense!

Based on Lin Chen's current state of physical refining and warfare cultivation, in addition to limited individual means, he has no qualification to tickle the Dragon Prince!

"You retreat first."

Lin Chen waved and let everyone back.

In this type of battle, everyone in Class 66 is temporarily unable to participate in the battle.

"The bloodline is the foundation of the fierce beast. I didn't expect him to get to this point, and I have to come up with a desperate skill!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, the fierce light was revealed!

"Lin Chen, I have paid the price, now it's your turn to die!"

Prince Long Jinlong flew to the sky, a golden dragon flicked its tail, and fired countless golden lights to surround the surroundings, which actually blocked the retreat of Lin Chen and his party, and even their actions were delayed.

The crown prince opened the dragon's breath, and the dragon's teeth converged on the golden light waves. The breath of destruction exuded all the five robbery warlords!

Lin Chen burst into shock!

"Dr. Long, you are not alone!"

At this moment, Zhendexiu, Zhendechang, and Zhende should put away the weapons in their hands, and all the hands grasped the grip of the flying knife in the waist!

Lin Chen put away the red gun and flashed nine kinds of Sky Tribulation streamers in his palm, slowly condensing.

Seeing this scene, Lan Ruoxue's eyes shook in the audience!

Could it be that

Roar ~! Long Xiao was shocked, and Prince Longkou breathed the golden light waves, swept Lin Chen and his entourage!

"Heavenly Burst Dragon Breath!"

The golden light waves condensed into a beam of light, overflowing the power of extinction, and at the time of spitting and bursting, thousands of golden dragon shadows were disillusioned in the beam of light, and the remains of the dragon civilization suddenly came to the venue!

The prince Li Eye of Bingxin Palace was a little nervous, ready to tear the void and burst into the venue!

"Dr. Long, you are not alone!"

Lin Chen burst into tears, and the three avatars yanked his hands from his waist!

[Host activates 6th level recharge, 5th level penetration, 5th level hidden rune, and consumes 4 advanced rune energy.

call out! call out! call out! call out! call out!

The dazzling daggers flickered continuously, like a stream of snow flakes on the horizontal plane, which cut through the air, rolled up the sharp wind to the extreme, and swept the golden beam of light!

Ultimate Shadow Flying SwordThe Ultimate Four!

Individual saints are breathless!

The dark horse club shows another lore, the fourth orange-order combat skill!

The last fourth style of the flying knife is comparable to the orange-order combat skills!

The twelve handle flying knives are issued at the same time, this is one of Lin Chen's great tricks!

Jue Ying Flying Knife is the strongest state where all flying knives are concentrated in one burst!

"It's a powerful offensive! It's a little closer to the Five Tribulation Warlords!"

"No, it's too much difference. Even if you add that orange-level sword and orange-level sword skills, the black horse club will lose!"

"At least two more people will fall. They used the flying knife stunt to consume everything!"

The saints peeked through the situation.

In the next moment, the change is steep!


A knife scream burst like a dragon, and twelve knife awns flickered instantly, actually divided into five, instantaneous dozens of knife awns, the power is not reduced?

At that moment, the venue was like a meteor flying, the scene was gorgeous!

Crown Prince Dumbfounded!

The sage's face changed suddenly!

All the audience almost thought they had hallucinations!

Sixty handle flying knife?