My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 923

Vol 5 Chapter 923: The Highlight

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Chapter 923

The whole audience was shocked!

No one is shocked, no one is shocked!

Even the saints thought that the Black Horse Club had been forced to the end by the Dragon Clan Son, and their Xeon offensive was not an opponent of the Dragon Clan Prince!

But this one-handed "one-to-five" anti-nature method really scared everyone!

That's right, this is not a shocking level at all! It's a real "fright", fear!

Scared everyone!

They have never seen such a divine skill, and they can transform the same kind of combat skills into five kinds without losing power!

At least with the experience of all the people present, including the saints, no one has ever heard of this magical skill in the world!

However, there is a wave after another!

Black Horse Club seems to always be the most special kind of existence. Its not astonishing to die. Zhendejiu and Zhendeshuai draw their swords and cut them diagonally!

"Sword Fury!"

"Jingyue and God!"

Zhende handsome stepped into the sky, Zhende stood on the ground for a long time, the two shot at the same time!

Bang ~!

The sword flashed, thousands of miles! Moonlight flooded the audience, as if to cover the dazzling golden light!

Only the sage can see clearly, the swiftly slashing moonlight cuts into mansions again.

The anger that divides the heavens and the earth belongs to a sword, and suddenly the vertical splits to the bottom.

[The host launches the Orange Order Talent, Instant Light Split, all attacks are divided into five, and 8 intermediate talent points are consumed.

The moment the system popped up the light screen, I don't know which saint squeezed out of the teeth.

"Is this still human..."

Flying knives danced violently, his sword was like a rainbow, and his anger ran through the sky. Kill the moon and shine in the world!

The spark and energy explosion that shocked the moment the two forces collided seemed to collide with a new history!

Everyone froze!

This is true every time!

When everyone thinks that the "Dark Horse Club" has shown its true details, it is found again and again that it is just the tip of the iceberg! The tip of the real iceberg!

What about the four orange-level combat skills, compared to this "one-to-five" divine skill, it's not worth it!

Daoman cut off the golden beam of light, Jianhong shattered countless golden dragon phantoms, and the moonlight flashed to destroy countless dragon breaths!

However, it is not over yet!

The pupils of individual saints shuddered, and in the gorgeous explosion, there were five tears tearing the energy storm.

Chong Mang broke into the air, seemingly flashing nine-color afterglow, and hit the huge dragon body of Prince Long head-on!

Five pillars of nine-color light beams suddenly bloom between the world!

[The host triggers passive talent: torn, attacking the defense of the torn target.

[The host has perfectly triggered the passive talent: strong attack, power increase: 300%.

The nine-color beam of light radiates from heaven to earth, rotating and twisting, exuding all the atmosphere that destroys the family.

Five pillars of nine-colored light revolved around the dragon body of the dragon prince, gradually swallowing him to the end.

He is proud of the dragon scale defense, his prestigious noble dragon body, he retains to the last life-saving trump card, everything is quietly disappeared between the rotation and overflow of the five pillars of nine colors...

"Just kidding, this prince would be given such a thing..."

When the time comes to silence, standing in the field, only the people in the dark horse club, and the dragon body with three heads falling.

Lin Chen braced the ground with one hand, sweating like rain, gasping for breath, and pale as paper.

The wave of offensive just now exhausted all his strength, and all the cards and power were used!

The Tianyin Rune dispelled the breath of the'Nine Tribulation Stars', making the'Nine Tribulation Stars' the best time to break through the'Day Burial Dragon Breath' on many offensives and approached the dragon body of the Dragon Prince!

Lin Chens elemental attribute value is not as good as it is today, and the value is hundreds of times higher than that of the last use of Jiujiaoxing!

Also blessed with the Instant Light Splitting talent!

More importantly, this blow also triggered the tearing talent!

If the dragon's defense and many life-saving cards are not torn, perhaps he may not fall, and at most he will only be seriously injured.

It's a pity that the one who was defended by the talent'tearing' can only resist the five nine-robbery stars with the dragon body in the end, and finally only fall!

There is no doubt that this is definitely Lin Chen's strongest attack at this stage. And have the highest destructive power with certain luck nature!

Put at the level of the five robbers and emperors, this attack by Lin Chen may be considered a small achievement.

But putting the slightly more powerful Five Tribulation Warlords is definitely not too strong offensive.

Unless Lin Chen can guarantee to trigger the "tearing" talent every time!

"It's not enough, I have to become stronger. The strength of Prince Long is only equivalent to more than 60,000 geniuses in the genius list. A genius of more than 60,000 has let me do everything. This is my current limit!"

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, this attack still has no threat in front of the saint! Breaking through the ninth war emperor is imminent!

At this moment, the audience is silent, and the needles can be heard!

This scene is too weird...

No, it should be said that it is the behavior of the dark horse club, beyond the cognition and understanding of everyone present!

When everyone thought that they had seen through the Dark Horse Club, their ability to reveal time and time again subverted everyone's perception.

In the beginning, everyone only regarded them as another great pavilion.

Unexpectedly; from the appearance of the first two Qiyunlingzhi plants, to the killing of the sons of the Fourth Grade Chamber of Commerce with the sword of Zhende Shuai, to the casting of eighth-order embryos, and the control of ninety-nine red furnaces to refine the eighth-order saint Dan!

There are also the strengths of the quasi-sacred level pharmacist, the four orange-level combat techniques used in turn, the gorgeous nine-color beam of light, the extermination of the dragon prince, and the one that scares everyone. Magical skill!

Too evil! Each of the achievements of the Quartet Conference where the Black Horse Club is located is enough to be famous in any force!

However, all these achievements are concentrated on a few young people, especially this group of young people, and there is a leader who is almost against the sky...

At this time, Qin Shaotian, who was seriously injured and bandaged in the lower body, stared at the back of the teenager in the auditorium.

"No wonder Qian Yun will love him so much..."

Qin Shaotian's mouth showed a bit of bitterness.

He has lost so completely...

Or maybe, from the beginning to the end, as Lin Chen said, he did not consider himself as an opponent at all.


Thirty-six domainsA sky giant city.


A golden light dragon blasted from above the giant city, the cold and angry voice was shaking!

"Qi'er is dead? Isn't he going to perform the task of the dragon and blood jade, are these saints? Do they dare to shoot Qi'er?"

"No! The sky gold meteor pendant that this king left him did not trigger, which proved that it was not due to the power of the Holy Yuan. Qi'er brought the golden armor dragon guard, the five robbery and the emperor, and who could have survived him... the order continued To investigate all the messages of the Sifang Conference at the fastest speed!"


The venue was empty, Qing Sheng took a deep breath, forcibly held the trembling hand, and announced loudly!

"Team martial arts champion dark horse club! Earn points: 50,000 points. Exclusive rewards, you can choose a treasure that is ranked in the top 5 to 10 of the conference for free!"

The audience couldn't calm down for a long time, and the cheering did not start until dozens of results were announced.

Everyone knows that after today, a brand new legendary force will gradually rise in Xuanyu and Qiyu!

But the saints know more clearly that the next big thing!