My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 924

Vol 5 Chapter 924: What Is The Currency Suit?

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Chapter 924

[The host launches a 6th-level phantom rune, the ultimate return talent, consumes 63 million intermediate rune energy, and 20 million primary talent points.

To the surprise of the referees, the three people who had previously exhausted everything, such as Zhendexiu, returned to their heyday in an instant.

Seeing the three men calm down and looking alive, the referees looked like ghosts...

Is that human being

Having played so many orange-level combat skills in turns, let alone the skill of using the ultimate lore flying knife, how quickly has it returned to its heyday?

Lin Chen bit off another Long Qingguo, and his body injury quickly healed with Extreme Return.

With a wave of his hand, he took away the three dragon bodies, allowing the Dragon Emperor to urge the omnipotent engulfment supernatural powers in the Taoyuan capsule.

The Dragon Emperor first swallowed the fierce beast core, and then refined its dragon body flesh. The 6 millionth dragon vein began to agitate slightly, the light was free and glowing, and there was a potential for breakthrough.

Lin Chen withdrew the Flying Sword, and picked up dozens of attributed light **** dropped by the Dragon Prince and the Golden Armor Dragon Guard.

"I don't know what treasure is in the dragon prince's Nahua."

[The host gains 2 intermediate talent points, 3 advanced gold energy, 2 advanced rune energy, 2999 advanced qi blood, 2800 advanced qi blood, 4050 advanced qi blood...]

The high-quality gold attribute values of the dragon princes and the gold armor dragon guards. In this battle, Lin Chen gained 24 advanced gold energy. The gold robbery battle body is stronger than ever!


Lin Chen's body glowed with strong vitality, and his pure power soared to 40 million dragon power!

"If it were before, this time the body refining realm has to accumulate some more time to break through..."

Lin Chen clenched his fists, intoxicated.

Previously, he only had 39.99 million dragon powers, stopped the second robbery, and relied on the "ultimate moment" to temporarily break above 50 million dragon powers.

Now, after many fights, he has obtained a lot of advanced qi and blood attributes, and took many Long Qingguo. Lin Chen's physical bottleneck has been loosened by Long Qingguo's energy accumulation, and he has finally advanced!

"With the support of Long Qingguo, my physical training will be unfavorable and non-drug resistant, and can be taken permanently. It is a holy treasure for healing, really what a super baby! No wonder the three saints said Long Qing The value of the tree is worth two ordinary inferior luck plants!"

Lin Chen was very excited, and in a single thought, he poured all the remaining Tianyi Holy Water to the root of Longqingshu.

The splendid and splendid branches and leaves of Longqing started a new round of rapid growth!

During the conference, the Longqing tree has grown to a height of thousands of meters, winding like a dragon, and the branches are like a giant dragon, and nearly 200 longqing fruits have been produced in the whole body!

These are all given by worshiping a holy water, if not, you have to wait for thousands of years of accumulation.

After absorbing the Tianyi Holy Water this time, maybe it will really enter the peak period, and the speed of producing Long Qingguo will be more than doubled.

"This conference is successfully concluded, and there will be a sales meeting and banquet jointly organized by our organizer afterwards. The conference will end in three days, and the points held by all parties can be saved for the next conference."

Qing Sheng made a speech at the final conference.

Many saints have their eyes fixed! Lin Chen exhaled!

In three days, the "Black Horse Club" will be in three days!

"Senior Qingsheng, can the exclusive rewards of my team's martial arts be exchanged for that dragon blood jade."

Lin Chen said quietly to the Green Saint.

The latter was surprised-"Are you sure you want this thing? If this thing is not a destiny, it is equivalent to the waste stone in hand. There are many treasures in the top ten of the conference that have greatly improved you, are you sure?"

"Haha, I'm sure to exchange, and you can see it. The Zhende skin in my dark horse club is carrying the blood of the dragon family. Maybe he has luck with this blood jade. I occasionally like to fight luck."

Lin Chen made a haha, and Qing Sheng gave this young man a deep look.

He, standing in the light and shadow, still seemed very mysterious.

The sage is not so good. Although this child is young, Qingsheng never thinks he is the kind of luck gambler!

The strong will definitely understand the importance of luck, but never rely on luck!

"Little guy, the old man looks forward to your future achievements."

The profound meaning of the Green Saint gave Lin Chen a word, and gave him a low-level ring. Lin Chen touched his nose. Sure enough, the saint was not so good.

The blood crystal inside the jade box is exactly the dragon blood jade!

Why is Lin Chen obsessed with this dragon blood jade?

Because he didn't believe in what kind of **** he would be!

However, his system has bloodline functions, and the new version update has expanded his new bloodline list. Now Lin Chen is compatible with six bloodlines!

But he actually only has four kinds of bloodline power: Zijin pupil bloodline, Zhenyan purple phoenix bloodline, Tianyu Yinglong, Wanzai Xuanqing dragon. He can absorb two more bloodlines!

As long as he is holding this dragon blood jade, looking for a dragon clan that is in line with this blood jade, and then trying to obtain the blood line attribute of that clan, he can naturally inherit the inheritance of this dragon blood jade!

Fate? Fate becomes stronger, that's a fart!

His Lin Chen relied on his fist from the beginning to the end!

Do not believe in the miracle that came suddenly in the world.

"There are still 50,000 points. I want to exchange 10 pieces of alien crystals. After the senior helped me to exchange them, I sent them to my rest area. I would like to thank the senior."

Lin Chen surrendered his sectarian token and handed it to Qing Sheng, who was stunned and immediately shook his head and smiled-"Okay, no problem."

The first treasure in the conference is a volume of half-orange-level combat skills. Although Lin Chen can obtain it, he can exert the power of orange-level combat skills.

But what Lin Chen lacks right now is the means of countering the saints, rather than the half-orange-level exercises, he chose to exchange all of them for alien fragments!

Lin Chen stepped down and everyone came up.


"Squad leader!"

Seeing everyone worried, Lin Chen said seriously-"Then my own business, the sage's business, is not something you can intervene. Rest assured, I will be fine, but you want to keep a distance from me."

Leng Yueqi held Lin Chen's hand tightly, and the moon's eyes flowed through Bibo.

"If you have an accident, I will never die with the Dark Cabinet."

Bai Junhao and Ying Liang looked sharp-"We are too, if the squad leader has three lengths and two shorts, we will die with those guys in the end!"

"Brother Lin, don't fight hard with them." Shangguan Bihan Hao bite.

Yan Qianyun said nothing, staring at Lin Chen quietly.

"Okay, don't talk nonsense, maybe I will get out at once."

Lin Chen smiled and went straight back to the rest area.

All Saints in the Dark Pavilion stared at the direction of Lin Chens departure, and sent a belligerent voice to others-"Block all the two space channels outside the Wanri Square. Chance to escape!"

Ancestor Yin Gu Yin smiled-"The old man will stare at him personally, can't run!"


A quarter of an hour later, ten pieces of alien crystals exchanged by Lin Chen had been delivered.

He started the system to be completely decomposed, and then added five blue-level advanced nirvana!

"So, it's time to build my currency suit!"

Lin Chen mobilized Najie to come up with several kinds of materials, his face full of excitement.