My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 925

Vol 5 Chapter 925: Playing All Saints

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Chapter 925

The sale meeting after the conference was extremely lively, but more people chose to stay and watch the lively event.

The forces of the dark court parties VS the dark horse club!

If put in the past, countless people heard that a group of saints were about to encircle a young warlord. I am afraid that no one would believe it. This is simply a fantasy.

But anyone who has seen the first match of the team martial arts match, no one will think this is a fantasy, even take it for granted!

Because the people in the dark horse club are completely a group of monsters! No one can imagine how far they will threaten in the future!

Three days passed by.

The Quartet Conference ended in an all-round way, many saints of power began to evacuate, and some stayed to watch the show.

Within three days, a strange news came out of the odd domain. That is the sisters of the Qin family, Qin Miao'er and Qin Jueyan are inexplicably missing!

According to the exploration of the Qin family's holy realm, the two sisters seem to have been in an unexpected situation and are suspected of being taken away by the holy realm. Hereby they are rewarded with millions of silver holy yuan coins and rewards for relevant clues!

As soon as this news came out, many people were surprised, but the attention of the Quartet was still on the next highlight!

The vast majority of people stop at Wanri Square.

The perception of countless powerful people locked Lin Chen's rest area.

The looming line of sight in the sky is also intact, falling on the same area.

"The conference is about to break up, how is he going to move..."

"According to regulations, the saints cannot shoot in the Wanri Square, and it is not necessary to leave the square."

"I guess the strong man behind the dark horse club is about to be born, hey, let's wait to see the good show!"

There was a lot of discussion and attention. The sight covered by countless battles condenses in the rest area.

The most doubtful is the neutral saints who are on the sidelines. Their perception is comparable to that of mortals. There is no sign of the saints coming in a thousand square meters of space...

Could it be that this is the time, the strong man behind the dark horse club is not planning to show up yet?

Or, is there no backer or strongman behind the "Dark Horse Club"?

Rely on Lin Chen's group of young people to take the lead to compete with the Saints?

Inside the room.

"Time is running out, little one, you have to show me well..."

Lin Chen fed Elixir and smiled at the little shadow.

The purple electricity on the top of the small shadow is condensed with three words-"No problem"

Lin Chen's eyes were a little deep, and he exhaled.

"There are not many people who are hostile to me at the moment. I don't know that the conditions for launching the God-killers are met. I can't make trouble in the Quartet, but under the siege of the 16 holy realms, I have no chance to establish an enemy..."

"You have to be prepared for many hands, and the avatars must be placed in Taoyuan planting capsules for me to refining the silver holy yuan coins. It is really a battle!"



The door was pushed open, at this time, a figure walked out of the rest area generously!

Lin Chen!

He was so relaxed and free of stress that he walked all the way from the rest area to the south gate of the square.

"What is he doing, even if there is no defense running out?"

"No matter what, we have to cover him!"

"The people in the dark horse club are gone, only Lin Chen is left? Is it that he hid in his luck capsule?"

The master of Bingxin Palace and other people have dignified expressions and are on the verge!

Then he flew into the air and wanted to leave!

Bang ~!

The terrible power fell from the sky, the ancestor of the Ji family came first!

He walked in the air, the infinite divine prestige was like a transparent big hand, and pressed Lin Chen to death!

"Little bastard, let you give me two geniuses from Ji family today!"

Ji Laozu made a remake with a palm, and dozens of acres of giant hands of Holy Light grabbed Lin Chen!

Countless war emperors breathed cold air!

This is a blow with Shengyuan, Ji Laozu is real! Treat Lin Chen as an opponent at the same level!

Bang~! A cross of sword light!

The middle-aged man walked in the air, holding a three-foot green front, and smiled lightly-"Ji's old strange, this little guy can't let you move him."

Ji Laozu's face changed slightly-"The fourth floor of Yunhuang? Do you want to intervene?"

Responding to Ji Laozu, it was a holy light sword that swept across the sky and split the sky!

"Yunhuang Lou's kindness, I Lin Chen wrote down!"

Lin Chenlang laughed.

Bang ~~!

The dark mang flashed, and the two saints shot, or the strong man of the dark pavilion!


The White Dragon Gate Master and Qianmei Palace's beautiful women and elders stopped in the air!

"Really, so young people are trouble, remember to compensate us~"

The beautiful woman in Qianmei Palace threw a wink at Lin Chen, and someone whistled and smiled"Sure."

"Yes, do you have to interfere with us!"

"Qianmei Palace, Bailongmen, you are looking for death!"

The dark pavilion's double holy hoarse grinned, the figure twinkling and twinkling, traversing the void, and two groups of war broke out in the sky at once!


"Great, this is the battle of the Holy Land..."

Many warlords uttered their tongues, but the neutral saints looked dignified.

It's not over yet!

This time, the Dark Cabinet was the best of the pinnacles. Now it is only the individual saints of the three ranks of sects who stand in line, it is impossible to completely stop the Dark Cabinet!

Lin Chen flew into the air, and the cold drink suddenly reverberated into the sky!

"Lin Chen, it's time to return my grandchildren!"

"Crazy junior, my son Liao Yuanmo's life, you are more than you want!"

Ancestor of Red Eyebrow and Saint of Qingshan attacked at the same time. It was the second of the four holy saints who had besieged Lin Chen in Bingxin Palace!

The two Saint Yuan Fire Dragons roared and roared, and a blue light Shengyin shuttled through the empty pocket and fell directly to Lin Chen!

The frost was everywhere, and the goose feathers and snow were floating in the sky, the air of ice froze covered the sky, and a hundred-foot ice mirror was suspended upside down.

Bang! The fire dragon cannot penetrate the defense of the ice, explodes and extinguishes.

The ice realm blocked the attack of the two saints. The palace master and the old woman in gray shirt walked in the air. Shengwei was cold, like a ghost ice prison!

"Friend Lin Chen, the other's saint has not yet fully appeared, you have to be careful!"

The palace master passed on the instructions, Lin Chen nodded, stepped on the "dark step" and rushed to the sky, quickly away from many holy war circles!

"Huh? Where did the Dark Pavilion Ancestor go?"

"The Four Saints of the Dark Pavilion only came out of the Double Saints. Are there two others?"

Many saints are puzzled.

Wanri Square, north gate.

A man with a pale face and a weak figure just flew away from the north gate.


The space around the man was suddenly blocked and frozen, forming natural barriers and space boundaries!

The neutral saints who watched the battle suddenly changed their faces, looking at the location of the sky at the north gate!

"What's the matter with space bounding?"

"Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion is at the North Gate?"

A group of veteran war emperors were stunned and flew into the air, urging the fighting spirit to spy on the situation within the enchantment.


A burst of applause sounded, and an old man with a cane came out in the dark, his face was skinny, and his eyes rose with the grievances of the Dead Blood Sea Corpse Mountain!

Seeing the old man with crutches, the yellow-faced man stiffened.

"I have to say that your secret skill of the avatar can be described as fascinating, even the old man can't see through the true and false, and it is no less than the orange-level combat skills. The dark horse club, the background is really terrible. Lin Chen, if you Come back to my dark pavilion, there is a silver lining."

Everyone was shocked and looked at Lin Chen on the other side in shock and shock.

Is that just a doppelganger? how can that be!

There are so many saints present who haven't seen through. Can his avatar be disguised to such a degree?

"Among the saints killed by the old man, no one can have the mastery of your stupid stunt. If the old man had set the oldest mans strongest tracking technique and blood lock on him from the beginning, it really made you run away. Now!"

The ancestors of the Dark Pavilion stirred up thousands of waves!

"It's worthy of being an old monster who has lived for tens of thousands of years, and you have seen it through."

The man's expression smiled in a panic.

He unveiled the Thousand Fantasy Mask, revealing the face of a childish young man.

The faces of all saints are more exciting!

It was really Lin Chen!

With only one trick of avatar, he almost teased all the saints!

If it weren't for the Dark Patriarch's ancestors, there were many saints present, and nobody really saw his tricks!