My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 926

Vol 5 Chapter 926: Lin Chen Hit The Dark Patriarch Ancestor ?

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Chapter 926, Lin Chen Fights the Dark Patriarch Ancestor! ?

"Sure enough, it is an old monster in the killer world. My Huohulishan has been seen by him. Does it mean that when he first met, did he leave a trace of tracking on me? I didn't even notice it..."

Lin Chen was shocked, the first plan had failed! He wanted to rely on avatars to deceive the saints, it was impossible, only death!

"How about, Lin Chen, you have only one chance. If your dark horse club comes down to my dark pavilion and surrenders the ancient holy heritage, the old man can spare your life."

Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion still intends to recruit Lin Chen.


Lin Chen laughed loudly.

"Bring me down Lin Chen? What's your secret pavilion!"

Lin Chen's frantic mouth lifted up, waving with one hand, and the whole body of light circulated, Lin Chen wore a silver coat!

[The host launches a blue-level intermediate nirvana, and the devil is fighting the wind, and is locking the creatures that are hostile to the host.

Bang ~! All the saints in the audience, including the battle circle outside the space boundary, rolled up a light blue tornado storm!

The storm strangled the blade of gray light and wind, and the green in the gray, killing the cold, bursting out the sharpness that penetrated the bone marrow, forcing many saints to urge the Shengyuan defense and even retreat!

However, the blue light tornado storm is like the gangrene of the bones, tracing all the saints, and even the actions of the dark patriarch ancestry were slightly delayed!

"What the **** is this!"

"Be careful, this is the stern wind that can track our actions!"

At the moment when everyone was delayed, Lin Chen draped and exercised his mind.

There are countless folds on his silver coat, and each fold can fit just one holy yuan coin, and at this time the entire garment is actually filled with silver cane silver holy yuan coins!

"what is this?"

There is a sage horrified!

Lin Chen grinned.

"Special product of the dark horse club Tier 7 peak coin-operated suit!"

Then, a frantic fighting spirit appeared in the corner of his mouth!

"I'd like to see if your space enchantment can block my actions, can you also block the sense of Heavenly Tribulation!"

Between laughter, Lin Chen's "Coat of Charge" refining into the gleaming silver glow, the energy of countless Shengyuan coins was refining into the body by Lin Chen!

"Yes, you are dead!"

A sage in the dark pavilion became angry and tore the tornado, and was about to furiously shoot.

"No, don't shoot..."

The Pavilion of the Ange Pavilion burst into tears, and the sky burst with a bang!

The atmosphere of the endless disasters of heaven and earth came together, such as the disaster of the road, and the life of this disaster can not be escaped.

"This is a robbery of the emperor and he can't easily shoot it!"

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion scolded everyone, and everyone broke through the Tornado Tornado.

The robbery can't be intervened. If the robbery of the heaven and earth senses the intervention of the power of the holy realm, the sky robbery rises to a level sufficient to deal with the holy realm. It will also aim at the holy realm and launch an attack until the dead!

"I didn't expect this kid to have this hand, he was wrong, and he wanted to rely on Tiankai to deal with us..."

Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion's eyes narrowed, and there was a hint of troublesome taste.

As Lin Chen said, the space blockade of the Holy Land can completely block his actions, but it cannot block the perception of the number of Dao.

The war emperor's ninth heavy, for the five robbery.

Those who can practice to the Ninth Battle Emperor, are all those who occupy the heaven and earth luck. While they occupy the heaven and earth luck and get the chance, they are also owing the heaven and earth luck.

The owed luck forms a robbery, which is an unavoidable hurdle in life, unless it will never impact a robbery and fight the emperor.

The Five Tribulation is a gateway that has been tested by the Emperor of War to become a avenue of heaven and earth.

Only those who have gone through the five catastrophes can be qualified to attack the Holy One! Comprehend the road of life and death and achieve a holy land!

"Release the space boundary, everyone withdraws, don't give him the opportunity to sacred the heaven, he will be the lamb to be slaughtered.

Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion waved his hands, and the two holy realms clenched their teeth, lifting the space boundary!


The robbery cloud is surging, gradually converging to the vastness of the sky, covering the sky, and the robbery cloud is filled with the ultimate power of destruction!

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion retreated from a hundred miles away, his eyes narrowed.

When the robbery cloud rolled, it overlapped to form the nine-fold robbery cloud!

Just nine layers of robbery clouds, it is as high as ten thousand meters!

When the nine-color robbery took shape, all the saints were shocked and stunned!

How much luck did this kid owe to the world! Is it Jiuzhongtianjie?

"This kind of catastrophe, unseen, unheard of!"

"Nine catastrophes are happening together, and the world wants him to die in smoke!"

"The energy brewed in the Heaven Tribulation is casually taken together. Even the Three Tribulation Warlords may be injured. The Heaven Tribulation is too strong..."

All the saints in the dark pavilion frowned, and Lin Chen died, and if the inheritance of the ancient saint could not be solved, it might be destroyed by the heavenly robbers.

"This is my robbery cloud, how is it similar to my creation nine robbery mentality, even the attributes are completely the same."

Lin Chen pulled out the embryo of the sacred weapon, and the sevenfold superimposed ultimate moment was launched instantly.

Sigh~! Bang~!

Jiusei Tribulation Cloud took the lead in exploding a Gengjin Qimang, such as a long river horse practicing anger to cut Lin Chen.

The dark mangling shuttled, Lin Chen's figure flickered and disappeared strangely!

Bang~! The Heavenly Tribulation Jinmang burst and rolled up the Baizhang golden storm.


"It's so fast, it's more than a few dozen times faster than in the finals! Isn't it a shuttle to the void?"

The Dark Pavilion was shocked.

Tear ~! Lin Chen stepped on the purple electric black cloud, holding a red gun in his hand, and his whole body shone brilliantly with silver awns.

At the next moment, Lin Chen made a move to frighten everyone!

His hands slammed the guns in a sudden, the red guns burst down, and ran across the dark pavilion's head!


Countless strong men have scalp numbness, and their eyes almost fell to the ground. They once thought they were wrong!

How dare a war emperor take the initiative to attack the Holy Land?

The key is whether this holy land is the legendary dark patriarch ancestor! Legend of the killer world!

"Yeah, you die..."

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion sneered, with five fingers to probe, the Holy Power haunted, and was about to win Lin Chen with a single blow.


The golden robbery cloud fired out several golden awns, pointing directly at Lin Chen and the two!

"No! This kid is giving me a set. If I shoot, the energy of Sky Tribulation will skyrocket and turn to me for the first time!"

The elder ancestors of the Dark Pavilion have grown into elites, and the electric light flint understands Lin Chen's intentions.

Sigh~! Bang~!

Jinmang exploded, and even fell empty again?

"Good cunning boy."

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion stepped into the air to show his body, scolding with a cane.

"Ancestor, be careful!"

The Double Pavilion of the Dark Pavilion exclaimed, and Jiuzhong robbery moved quickly, and moved to the top of the Dark Patriarch's head!

Do not! To be precise, it should be moved to the top of Lin Chen behind the Dark Patriarch Ancestor!

Lin Chen punched out with a punch, triggering the "Strike" talent and slammed into the dark patriarch's waist.

Brush ~!

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion's easy torn void is another sneak flash, punching the void.

Dark mansions shuttle, Lin Chen is still immediately behind the dark patriarch ancestor!

All the saints were stunned!

What is the situation?

Why could a war emperor Lin Chen move through the void to catch up with the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion?