My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 927

Vol 5 Chapter 927: Fight To The End

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Chapter 927

"Dark horse, just for the back! Lao Wang Ba, reward you!"

Lin Chen laughed loudly, and dancing the red gun was another violent spin!

boom! boom! boom!

Heaven Tribulation took turns, Lin Chen madly shuttled the void behind the Dark Pavilion Ancestor, and madly beat the Dark Pavilion Ancestor all the way!


A lot of veteran battle emperors were so cold!

what's going on?

What kind of warlord is chasing after the ancestors of the Dark Pavilion?

What's wrong with this world?

"What's the matter, this warrior can shuttle through the void and keep up with the old man's speed?"

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion was shocked and angry, and his figure flickered back and forth.

Lin Chen followed closely, holding a red gun all the way crazy output!

"Hahaha, come on, why don't you dare to fight back? Isn't your **** holy land?"

"What is the legend of the killer world, I ah! Spicy chicken, there is a species to dry me!"

"Fuck, are all of you in the dark pavilion. Are you even a war emperor who dare not move? Come and hit me, beg for the grass! Wipe, your eyes are staring like an egg, who are you scaring? You move. Let me try?"

Many holy realms in the dark pavilion gritted their teeth, which is a naked shame!

This kid is really relying on his own Heavenly Tribulation, relying on the absence of any Holy Realm to dare to intervene in his Heavenly Tribulation, unscrupulous!

"But it's not right. According to common sense, this is impossible."

"How did Lin Chen travel through the void, he a war emperor does not have the ability to tear through the space of the Holy Realm, this is not the space crystal wall of the real world!"

The saints who stayed neutral were dumbfounded!

"No, you see, the black cloud under his feet!"

Lei Yin Jiansheng's eyes were sharp, and he immediately discovered the problem!

"His! It's the Shadow Clan!"

"It's still not right! Any creature added to Lin Chen will cause the strength of Heavenly Tribulation to increase linearly. How can he let Shadow assist him while Heavenly Tribulation is not affected?"

The holy realms are shocked! They couldn't see through Lin Chen's cards!

As everyone knows, the shadow of Lin Chen is the strongest'ultimate shadow' cultivated by the'Tao Sheng' after many experiments, it can avoid the exploration of the atmosphere of heaven and earth.

The level of life at the time of the birth of Little Shadow is "Innate Shadow"! If it lurks, it wont even be able to sense him!

With a bang, Lin Chen succeeded in a sneak attack and shot a sacred scene behind a holy land united with the Dark Cabinet.

The other party was unscathed, the Eucharist passed through the heavens, the earth and the earth, and the nature was infinite, which could not be hurt by Lin Chen. But this shot filled the opponent with humiliation and shame!

A saint was hit by the war emperor, that really can only be summarized by the word "shame"!

But he can only grind his teeth to avoid retreat, throwing a mouse away, as long as he shot Lin Chen, Tiancai will immediately turn his target to him!

boom! boom! boom!

The robbery cloud surged, this time it was the three-layer robbery of gold, wood, and water that launched the attack.


The little shadow carried Lin Chen, sparks and lightning along the way, perfectly avoiding countless attacks from the sky, and on the contrary, it appeared like a ghost behind a holy land, and the other party had no prediction!

"There is rain in the Jube area of Xiongtai, let me help you!"

Lin Chenxie smiled and shot at the saint's chrysanthemum area!

Bang~! Guns came out like dragons, and guns burst into flames.

"Explode! The chrysanthemum of the magic blue saint explodes!"

"Why does he like to play behind others so much!"

The sage was stabbed by Lin Chen, flushed with rage and thick neck, almost mad. Lin Chen immediately put his face up and said urgently, looking forward.

"Quick, hit me, hit me hard!"

Moqing Sage: ""

Bang~! Jiusei Jieyun burst into a deafening explosion again, and the Dark Pavilion Holy Realm burst into tears!

"Moqing, old ghost, flash away! Don't be the target of Sky Tribulation!"

The Moqing Saint, who was about to run away, was frightened and immediately recovered his senses, and quickly escaped into the void.

Brush ~!

Lin moved towards the two holy realms of the Dark Pavilion again, and frightened them to retreat!

"Hahaha, so hi! The little guy did a good job, reward you!"

Lin Chen laughed, and rewarded Xiaoying with ten seventh-order elixirs. The little shadow was cheerful, and Lin Chen's speed increased by three points!

Ji Laozu's pupils shuddered, Lin Chen attacked them!

"No, this kid is coming to us!"

The saints who are fighting the Holy Realm such as Bingxin Palace are dispersed immediately. It is not as simple as fighting against the Holy Realm to be provoked by the Heavenly Tribulation!

As soon as the words fell, a ghostly figure appeared behind Ji Laozu!

"Lao Wang of the Ji Family, give you a big gift!"

Lin Chen sneered. While pulling down the gun with one hand and smashing it down, he pulled out three flying knives and urged the "Unparalleled Shadows" with all his strength!

Brush brush ~~!

Daoman broke the wind, Ji Jizu raised his hand to block Lin Chen's shot, did not put his shadow shadow flying knife in his eyes at all, the body's desire retreated, and Shengli wrapped his whole body!

Next moment, tear ~! Holy blood splattered, rolling down several attribute light balls


Everyone in the audience was stunned!

Even Lin Chen was stunned!

Everyone saw that Ji Laozu's chrysanthemum area had sacred blood, and he couldn't help but cover the chrysanthemum!

I dont know which dear friend was so frightened that he shouted-"Ji's Patriarch Ju broke! My grass, this Lin Chen is so perverted!"

Below the saint, he was shocked and stunned!

Above the sage, it looks dazed!

Lin Chen actually hurt the Holy Land? Although it was impossible to take action because of the Heaven Tribulation, the Holy Realm was designed to prevent Lin Chens attacks, and it was effortless!

It's like a baby with a sharp wooden knife trying to cut an adult wearing a superb treasure, the two sides are not on the same level!

Don't say that using the Holy Element to resist, even if it is not used, it is not a problem to use the strength of the Eucharist to block the Warlord's attack!

[Trigger tear talent, tear the defense of enemy targets.

Lin Chen ecstatic!

"When I hit with all my strength, as long as it can trigger the tear talent, I can hurt the saint!"

Step into the sky and take away the light sphere of Ji Pao's attributes.

[Get 9 advanced rune energy, 7 ignition advanced energy, 12 intermediate talent points, 50,000 enhancement points.

Lying trough!

Lin Chen was shocked!

Even if it is causing skin trauma, the attribute value of the Holy Land drop is ridiculously high in quality!

The intermediate talent points he holds are only more than 290 points, and the drop of an attribute light ball in Holy Realm is directly 12 points!

"You, what did you do?"

Ji Laozu was shocked and angry, his defense had been torn apart by an extremely overbearing weird force! A part of the power in the flying knife penetrated his body!

After the real fight, Ji Laozu found out that this young man has endless means!

Brush brush ~!

Lin Chen has flashed dozens of waves of sky-tribulation attacks in succession, and crazy thoughts appeared in his heart!

"Fuck! Since I'm going to do it, why don't I be crazy? Since the tearing talent can help me hurt the saint, simply turn on the firepower and fight with them with the instant light splitting talent!"