My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 928

Vol 5 Chapter 928: Fairy Warlord? ?

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Chapter 928 ?

The warlord fights the holy land!

Previously, he thought that he could not hurt the Holy Land, but the talent of tearing talent can be different!

As long as you use the combat skills to trigger the "Tear" talent at close range, you can hurt

This may be Lin Chens only chance to fight the Holy Realm with Zhuanghuangxiu!


Lin Chen closed the gun, his waist was covered with flying knives, and the corner of his mouth was raised.

Brush ~! Little Shadow matched his intentions, the speed burst to the fastest!

His figure rushed behind Ji Laozu, and he was shocked that Ji Laozu broke his body and continued to shuttle through the void, but Lin Chen was chasing after!

Ji Laozu urged the defense of the Holy Power and yelled!

"Fuck, why do you always want to be behind Lao Tzu!"

"Don't talk nonsense, **** you!"

Lin Chen flicked his waist flying knife, launching two major attack runes and orange-level talent, "Instant Light Split"!

The three-handed flying knife bloomed from Lin Chen's hand, and the air flow was ripped with a brush!

Daomang trembles, splitting into fifteen curved moonlights in a twinkling twinkling, like snow flakes hitting Ji Laozu!

"That magic trick again!"

The saints' eyes were fixed.

clang! clang! clang!

All the twelve startled swords were blocked, the fighting collapsed, and the three-handed flying knife rolled down. Lin Chen took it back with one hand.

This time did not trigger the'tearing' talent.

Ji Laozu stepped back aside in a panic, Lin Chen continued to chase it down!

Bang ~!

The Nineth Heaven Tribulation followed Lin Chen, such as the jumping space, the golden wood, water, fire, earth, five elements, and the cloud of the heavens.

The power of the Golden Tribulation, the Wood Tribulation as the sea, the Water Tribulation, the Fire and Fire Mountain, the Earth Tribulation Wanyue, and the force of the violent Heaven Tribulation enveloped all directions, sweeping Lin Chen like a row of mountains and sea!


Lin Chen shouted, the small shadow size increased by one circle, the speed increased sharply, shuttled through the void, and it was able to avoid all the power of the sky-tribulation!

Lin Chen waved his suit and shook dozens of silver holy yuan coins to absorb and refine the small shadow.

Although its sky is high, its weakness is huge consumption.

"Come again!"

Lin Chen beckoned to take back the flying knife, and cooperated with the small shadow to avoid many heavenly disasters, and chased and killed all the saints on the scene!


"Damn, why is he always aiming at us behind us!"

"The power of Heavenly Tribulation is getting stronger and stronger, no one will shoot... I wipe, how did he come to me!"

All the saints panicked and backed away.

When Lin Chen cooperated with the small shadow to avoid the bombardment of the Sky Tribulation, he successively shuttled the void to attack the saints.

The Holy Realm didn't put him in the eye before, thinking that he was just a kid who borrowed the power of the Heavenly Tribulation.

But Ji Laozu's problem is different! Explain that he has the means to hurt the saint!

The 16 Sacred Realms united by the Dark Pavilion were once very embarrassed by Lin Chen, and were chased and killed.

Lin Chen continued to shuttle from Wanri Square to a more distant space.


Yueqing City is located in Wanli Square, Wanri Square. Created by the second grade sect Tianqing Xuanyuezong.

Today, a large-scale auction was held in Yueqing City. The crowds were surging, countless caravans gathered, and the strong gathered.


The sky exploded with no signs of alarm, and countless powerful men looked up and looked scared, and their faces were pale!

"The space is split, what's going on?"

"Is there a Holy Realm shot? My God, the crystal walls of space are almost broken!"

Some strong men waited for the line, and when holding their breath, the cracked space cracked out two figures!

Everyone stunned, immediately shocked and ecstatic!

"It's the magic blue saint! I've seen his portrait!"

"The other one is Yan Sheng. The "Tianxing Four Fires Act" I practiced was still adapted from his old man. Today I was lucky to see him, so lucky!"

Countless mortals shouted the might of the saints, they were not happy to take two breaths, the sky changed dramatically, and the faces of the two saints were extremely ugly!

Nine-color robbery clouds hang high, moving like giants moving from star to star.

The Nine-Color Tribulation Cloud comes to the world like a world disaster, and the extreme atmosphere of destruction makes many countless powerful people fear!

"Heaven, Heaven Tribulation?"

"The two saints brought the heavenly catastrophe? No, how could the saint go through the heavenly catastrophe!"

"His! It's Jiuzhong Heavenly Tribulation, the old man has never seen such a warlord's tribulation!"

When a group of powerful men air-conditioned.

Brush ~!

The young silver robe was wearing a silver jersey with his shoulders on his shoulders. He stepped on the black cloud, and there was no sign to appear behind the "Flame Saint"!

call out! call out! call out!

Numerous wind breaking noises screamed, and the teenager's hands bloomed a dozen blades of fierce, slashing towards the Flame Saint!

Poof~! Holy blood was thrown, Yan Sheng's thigh was cut by him, and his face was angry!

The young boy lit up and laughed when he received the attribute light ball!

"Hahaha, cool! It's so **** good to fight a saint, I like it!"

Hearing the laughter of the teenager, all the powerful people in the Moon City were stunned, with a look of suspicion in life!

what's going on? The war emperor hit the holy land? Still **** pressing the saint?

Is this world crazy or are we crazy?

The young man chased after the victory, his fist swayed, or his leg like a knife, swept across, continually shuttled the void to the side of the two saints, and suppressed the double saints, and the latter did not dare to fight back!

"Fuck, Lin Chen, after the day of the Tribulation, the old man will not be called Flame Saint without breaking your corpse!"

Flame Saint's body is extremely embarrassed, the attack is not, the defense is not, the boy's attack has only two results, either easy defense, or tearing the defense, I can't guess how to prevent his next move!

Bang ~!

The robbery cloud shook, and many celestial robbers were dropped madly, so that the defensive array was set up in the Moon City to block the aftermath of the robbery!

The two saints are waiting for the opportunity to escape, Lin Chen controls the shadow instantaneously to avoid the bombardment of the Heavenly Tribulation, and pursues the two saints quickly!

Lin Chen's heart burst into joy!

During the four-party conference, the gathering of all the saints was like a big stone pressed against his heart, and now everything is gone, and its right!

The harder you do, the more attribute values!

The robbery cloud quickly followed Lin Chens movement and left. The strong men of the Moon City had not yet recovered, and the sky flashed across the silhouettes and quickly moved!

"Quick! Be ready to cover Little Friends Lin Chen!"

"Don't let the kid run away, keep a good distance, and take him away after the sky-tribulation is over!"

Two teams of saints who broke through the sky and sky flashed into the sky, and the successive lineup of holy realms scared all the powerful men in the Moon City!

"Yes... It's the Shadow Saint's Double Saints!"

"My God, even the Dragon Skull Saint is out of the mountain? Why have we not received any news from here!"

"My mom, you look at the old senior led by the first team! How do I look like the legendary killer of the Dark Pavilion, Dark Patriarch Ying Tianmo!"

"Hiss~! Even his old man was born? Isn't this just a legend in ancient books? What day is it today!"

A lot of warlords are crazy!

what's the situation!

Do dozens of saints chase down a war emperor?

What the **** is this god!