My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 929

Vol 5 Chapter 929: To The End

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Chapter 929

Hoarfrost City is located outside the sea at the junction of the Profound Domain and the Strange Domain.

Today's Hoarfrost City is as quiet as ever, but it is shocked by a sudden thunder!

"Huh? Thunder, it's Thunder Tribulation!"

"No, it is Jiuzhong Tiancai? What is the situation and which peerless genius is doing it?"

The strong guarding the hoarfrost city was shocked!


When the earth-shattering loud noise rolled up, a silver-robed young man descended from the sky and stepped on the black cloud.

Immediately afterwards, the holy light shone like a smallpox.

The nine-layer robbery offensive weakened, and as if it had come to an end, it was about to dissipate.

Above the vast sky, the holy light rotates like a roulette, and it spreads out like a sky temple. The magnificent and magnificent, like a holy sign comes!

The war emperors, Yuan Zunjing, and staring at this moment under the hoarfrost city looked at this moment, and the inner shock was beyond words!

"Welcome to the Holy Drive!"

"I don't know which holy land can come to my hoarfrost city!"

"Honor of Hoarfrost City, I have seen Holy Realm Power!"

Many creatures in Hoarfrost City kneel down and worship the Holy Light!

Brush brush!

The vision of the sky temple shattered like a dream bubble, and dozens of holy lights dissipated, and sixteen saints emerged from them. Their temperament, charm and eyebrows all revealed the supreme divine power!


Countless people took a breath of air!

Sixteen saints?

Even the second-ranking sect, known as the ancient ancestors, is only a saint.

Saints in the void, the Holy Light shines supreme! Or the eyebrows are like electricity, and the holy pupil is shining with the undefeated thunder that shines through the ages.

Or step on a tornado of tornadoes, such as the king of the wind who lands on the earth, calls the wind and rain, and controls the world like a dream.

Or in charge of the Holy Bead, Qiankun is holding it, a pair of holy light eyes can see through everything.

Each of them is a saint who enjoys the admiration of hundreds of millions of souls in the world, and has the right to give one side, to be forever!

The history seems to be frozen at this moment, the sixteen saints actually surrounded a young man who was just a war emperor!

"Lin Chen, Heavenly Tribulation is about to dissipate, even if you hold the innate shadow, it is impossible to escape!"

"There has never been a war emperor who dare to make the old man so exhausted, I will break up every bone of you, young man..."

The sixteen saints either ridiculed mockingly, or faced with cold eyes and murderous intentions.

Seeing this scene, many young arrogances in Hoarfrost City are born of instinct despair!

What a desperate reality is that sixteen holy realms can encircle and fight against the emperor!

Just like the sixteen dragons surrounded a little white rabbit, Mo said that the opponent is not even qualified for making appetizers!

Bang ~! The nine-color robbery began to dissipate, and Ten Thousand Sacred Magnificence was glowing, locking Lin Chen!

As long as the Heavenly Tribulation has completely dissipated, the saints will take action as soon as possible!


Lin Chen laughed from the sky!

"If you want to eat my Lin Chen, you must break your teeth!"

At this moment, the hundreds of millions of spirits in Hoarfrost City were shocked by the young warlord's courage to show the minions of the saints!

Lin Chen opened his arms and danced with the wind, blowing his silver robe hunting, and the silver Shengyuan Yuan was turning into the rolling silver Tianhe into his body!

Finally, the dark patriarch Ying Tianmo's face changed!

"Could it be that"

Lin Chen shouted with laughter!


Sigh~! Bang~!

The nine-color **** thunder screamed, thousands of robbery clouds gathered together, and the faces of the sixteen saints all changed!

"Heaven is coming again? What's going on!"

"This kid has broken through the second robbery and the emperor! He broke two realms!"

"Just kidding, how can he break through two levels in this period of time? Is it possible that he is not able to practice the orange-order mentality?"

The saints have retreated, full of shock and doubt!

"It's his clothes! The silver sage yuan coins in his clothes have been filled. It turns out that he is still madly refining the silver sage yuan coins while he is crossing the robbery!"

Ying Tianmo's voice was hoarse, and there were still doubts in his eyes.

According to common sense, this possibility is simply not available!

Even if the mind is stronger, it takes a lot of time for a person to refine a large amount of silver holy yuan coins.

Not to mention the one-strike war emperor Xiu to span the magnitude of the second-strike war emperor!

In such a short period of time, it has just been promoted to the first emperor and then broke through to the second emperor. This is impossible!

[The host gains 15 points of advanced essence, 22 points of advanced essence, 11 points of advanced essence, 31 points of advanced essence...]

Lin Chen's system light screen is still frantically flicking at this time. The reason is very simple. He is frantically refining silver holy yuan coins from beginning to end!

It's just that, far more than the amount on the "Coat of Charge", Lin Chen's five avatars have been lurking inside the Taoyuan planting capsule to open the full-speed refining state of the "ultimate moment"!

Bless the talent of Ultimate Moment due to the power of the mind and magic of the elemental attribute value soaring!

While doubling the power of the mind, Lin Chen's body and five avatars were absorbing the silver holy yuan with super high-speed efficiency during the time they were in the robbery!

During this time, Lin Chen quickly refined two million silver holy yuan coins!

This number has caused Lin Chen's high-level combat spirit essence value to skyrocket by more than 200,000 points! It has doubled the value of the original elite attribute!

If it is converted into an intermediate essence, it is more than 20 trillion points...

As a result, Lin Chen broke through the first robbery, the second robbery and the emperor's repair at a speed unprecedented in history!

"Thanks to the breakthrough, if it were not for my tearing talent to hurt the saint, by picking up the attribute value of the saint's skin trauma, there were more than 70,000 more advanced essences, and the plan 2 almost failed, did it, Its sometimes wrong to play well!"

Lin Chen squeezed a sweat secretly, two million silver holy yuan coins, it is the pig that should break through, but for him it is still a line...

If it weren't for hurting the high-quality attribute light ball dropped by the saint, now Lin Chen can't call the second Sky Tribulation!

Bang ~!

This condensed robbery was several times more terrifying than before, and a cloud of nine-colored thunderclouds appeared in the sky.

The flash of thunder inside Thundercloud, even if the four robbers and the emperor are hit, will be extremely miserable!

"Little guy, can't stand it!"

Lin Chen sipped and passed on the small shadow.

His stature cannot completely avoid the sky-tribulation, everything has to look at the small shadow.

Brush ~!

Little Shadow didn't answer directly, but turned into a dark fog, enveloped Lin Chen, and transformed into a pair of shadow wings with a length of two feet!


Nine-color Thunder hacked like an electric python. Lin Chen couldn't care about studying the wings of the shadow. One shot of the dark wing, and a brush, the space was distorted.

Bang ~! The lightning burst and hit the air!

The pupils of the saint shuddered, and this kid traveled through the void faster!

"I won't run away this time, just one word, to do it with you!"

Lin Chen suddenly rushed to the sixteen holy realms!