My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 930

Vol 5 Chapter 930: Playing All Saints

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Chapter 930

"Seven Powers, Life and Death!"

Void rotates with a leg shadow, and the seven savage dragons' energetic blows strike the Dark Patriarch Ying Tianmo!

"Instant light split!"

Lin Chen injected full strength with one blow, when Ying Tianmo sneered, she sneered!

With a snort, he resolved Lin Chen's trick, which is comparable to the orange-order combat skills!

No, to be precise, it should be five tricks!

Lin Chen tried his best to launch the Orange Order Talent and Instant Light Split!

However, the "tearing" talent did not trigger.

Without triggering the tear talent, now Lin Chen can't break the saint's defense.

Sigh~! The Nine-color Thunder came and blasted again, Lin Chen and Ying Tianmo flashed, avoiding the attack of Heaven Tribulation.

Brush ~! In the dark wing continuous shooting, Lin Chen flashed back to Ying Tianmo, and pulled out the blue moon with a close sound, cutting across!

"Instant Light PartitionJingyue's God!"

Five peerless glimpses of the endless moonlight reflected in the endless moonlight, flashed vertically, still blocked by Ying Tianmo with one hand!

"Don't treat the old man as useless waste!"

Ying Tianmo grinned, but his arm suddenly cracked a bloodstain and dropped an attribute light ball!

[Host trigger talent: tear. Gain 8 points of dark energy,

Lin Chen Yixi, hehe smiled and said: "Will the famous legend of the killer world will also be cut by a little war emperor of mine, it seems that you are no different from the waste in your mouth!"

Ying Tianmo looks somber-"If it weren't for this day, the old man would let you die ten million times!"

"But it does! Are you angry, angry? Come and beat me, come~"

Lin Chen smiled cheaply, and he was so angry that the green demon was exposed!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

Nine-color Thunder came again!

What puzzled all the saints was why Lin Chen did not escape this time. Instead, he pursued here and kept chasing the Holy Lands!

The beaten holy realm is called a suffocation, is it? You can't fight back and run, you can't run too far, you have to monitor this kid, you can only be beaten passively!

What a shame they have had for a generation!

But thinking of the ancient holy heritage, they endured!

The strong men of Hoarfrost City looked suspicious of life!

It's so weird! A war emperor chased the saints and beat them all?

The deafening thunder was shaking in all directions, but Lin Chen was swiftly flashing like a ghost every time, no sky-tribulation was hit!

The master of Bingxin Palace and others also arrived near the Sky Tribulation, but did not dare to enter.

Lin Chen's eyes revealed a touch of light!

"It seems that the plan is quite successful. The only variable is the mark that the old guy of the Dark Pavilion laid for Lao Tzu!"

Time, back to a day three days ago.

A secret room.

"Are you Lin Chen?"

The three saints looked at the emaciated man in front of him in amazement.

These three holy realms are responsible for the single-person martial arts, and the three who bought Long Qingguo with Lin Chen at the beginning.

"It's true, it's not true. But I can make a transaction on behalf of Lin Chen and pay 30 Long Qingguo."

The man laughed.

The Three Saints frowned, and the white-browed old man said, "What trade do you say?"

"After the outbreak of the war, you must send me to the dark island for the first time, as fast as you can!"

The Three Saints are shocked!

The dark secluded island is located on the edge of the border between the mysterious and the strange land. There are many fierce beasts on the island.

The most frightening thing is that the island seems to have fallen through some Xeon existence, causing the disorder of space to collapse and the crystal walls of space to be extremely strong.

Even ordinary saints entering the dark island cannot travel through the void.

Moreover, according to rumors, there seems to be holy beasts on the island...

"30 Long Qingguo, if you just **** you alone, it will be ok, but the fastest estimate is about half a day..."



Under Lin Chens violent attack, Yan Sheng and Ji Laozu successfully triggered a tear, respectively, and obtained a large number of high-quality attribute light balls!

However, the robbery began to dissipate!

Nine-color Thundercloud gradually thinned, and it became less and less!

"I've got a leg, and I'll peel him off later!"

"Yes, he can't bring in the third Sky Tribulation anymore!"

The saints can be described as fists, staring at Lin Chen in a murderous way!

Finally! After six hours full of shame, they can finally concoct this little king!

No worries about Heaven Tribulation, any saint can win him with just one move!

At this time, Lin landed on the tallest building tower in Hoarfrost City, and the small shadow was temporarily hidden back into the Taoyuan capsule.

In front of everyone, he raised his hand and snapped his fingers!


"Someone in Lin is not aimed at a certain person. I just want to say that the sixteen saints here are too ugly! The dark horse club is so handsome!"

There was laughter spreading in all directions, and we hadn't waited for everyone to react. At this time, the looting cloud of the Nine-Color Thunder Tribulation finally disappeared.

Lin Chen broke a ray of space above his head and enveloped him instantly!

[The host launches super-dimensional teleportation, consuming 29 intermediate talent points and teleporting coordinate No. 5 in space.

Brush ~!

The beam of space flashed and Lin Chen disappeared!

A horrible silence in Baishuang City, only Lin Chen's "handsome" echo...


The eyes of the saints almost fell to the ground!

what's going on?

Can this kid's shuttle void also jump out of their perception?

Ying Tianmo's pupil trembles!

He is the only one who can lock Lin Chen's position. At that moment, Lin Chen jumped to the other side of Wanri Square and traversed a very long distance in an instant!

"That direction is...not good! He is going to enter the dark island!"

The age-old Ying Tianmo thoughts like electricity, and instantly reflected the use of Lin Chen, immediately waved his hand!

"Everyone comes with me, this kid can't escape!"

brush! brush! Brush ~!

The holy land of Bingxin Palace and other holy realms were immediately blocked, and the holy men such as Flame Saint and Ji Laozu were directly blocked!

"Let's go first, don't be entangled by these guys, once let the kid enter the dark island, we will be out of our control!"

Ying Tianmo flawlessly considers the saints such as Bingxin Palace, and directly brings the eight holy realms that can move together to tear the space and shuttle through the void.

"Little guy, we can do so much, it's up to you to leave the rest..."

Looking at the direction in which Ying Tianmo and others left, the master of Bingxin Palace sighed, and then began to focus on dealing with the opponent in front of him!

Hoarfrost City ushered in deathly silence...

Where is this young war emperor sacred? He even played around with dozens of saints, and finally succeeded!

"He just said, the dark horse club..."


A sea area is full of fog.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen flashed to the side of the Dragon Emperor, frightened the three saints, and then he was shocked.

"Lin Chen? It turned out to be you?"

"How will you be here!"