My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 931

Vol 5 Chapter 931: Lin Lin Who Fled At Full Speed

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Chapter 931, Lin Chen Fleeing at Full Speed!

"Lin Chen, how did you come here?"

When the Three Saints were surprised, their expressions suddenly coagulated.

They clearly felt that a strong killer locked Lin Chen, and even their level felt a bit creepy.

Its the Dark Patriarch Ying Tianmo!

"There is no time to explain, this is the reward. Come on, seniors, you are neutral. If you are found to help me escape, you will also be targeted by the dark cabinet."

Lin Chen put the agreed 30 Long Qingguo in Najie and threw it to the Three Saints.

They glanced at each other seriously and said-"Little boy, take care."

The three saints come from different forces. If they help Lin Chen in the clear, the forces behind him will be targeted by the dark cabinet, involving a wide range.

Lin Chen let the disguised Dragon Emperor go to negotiate with the Three Saints from the beginning, let them take away the Dragon Emperor after the war, and then delay to live the Saints.

Doppelganger transferred the tiger away from the mountain, the Heaven Tribulation took the opportunity to hold, and the Dragon Emperor stole the dragon and turned the Phoenix.

Lin Chen's pursuit of all the Saints can be described as three hands, but there are still many accidents.

First, he did not expect Ying Tianmo to actually see through the avatar, leading to early exposure, the Three Saints did not have enough time to take his dragon emperor to the dark island as planned.

Lin Chen said goodbye to the Three Saints and kept the "Ultimate Moment" open throughout!

This time, the super long-distance use of the "super-dimensional transmission" talent consumes nearly one-tenth of his talent points...

"There is not much distance left from the dark island here, and it is right to rush through it! To avoid the sky-tribulation and cooperate with my attack, the small shadow now runs out of power and can no longer overdraw it to act..."

Lin Chen glanced at this moment, Taoyuan planting capsules left more than three million silver holy yuan coins.

The Little Shadow is quickly swallowing the Elixir, absorbing the Silver Shengyuan Coin to make up for the injury.

Its consumption is too serious, almost affecting the future potential.

Lin Chen urged the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing, randomly stuffed a panacea, madly stepped on an infinite dark step, and swept to the deepest part of the sea with the fastest speed!

Lin Chen became the Queen of the Ninth Battle, and the Purple Phoenix Wing's bonus to his body was actually very small, but now the mosquito is as small as flesh, Lin Chen tried everything to act!

Nine Tribulation Eyes can vaguely feel that Ying Tianmos monstrous anger is approaching himself!

"Too late, my Zijin pupil and mental power have already noticed the specific location of the dark island, not far away!"

Lin Chen madly stepped on the "infinite dark step" and rushed over, getting closer and closer to the dark island!

When there were only two thousand miles left, the vision was abrupt!

"Lin Chen, let the old man catch up anyway, die!"

Ying Tianmo stepped on a snow-white round roulette, tearing through the space, and behind him were eight saints!

"Space holy artifact?"

Lin Chen's pupil trembles, Ying Tianmo actually holds the rarest space treasure!

Bang ~!

Ying Tianmo probed his hands, his five fingers broke down, the mountains and sunken, glowed with holy light, and turned into a vast and ferocious dark gas poisonous python swallowing the world!

The poisonous python exudes the magnificent divine power, directing at Lin Chens spatial orientation, and the place where it passes to arouse a raging storm!

The Eight Sacred Realms flickered in an instant, and they attacked Lin Chen, and some expanded the space boundary, and some made an angry move towards him.

They will no longer give Lin Chen any chance!

Lin Chen didn't say a word about launching nirvana one after another!

[The host launches blue-level intermediate and advanced nirvana skills-Hell Blue Burial, Hell Ice Sha, Split Sky Sandstorm, Yin Demon Wind, Xuanji Split Wind,]

Lin Chen took out five kinds of must-have skills in one breath!

He had no choice!

There is a double pressure of Yingtianmo this holy realm, the ordinary one or two tricks can not stop the eight saints he leads!

After all, Qinghong flowed with hell-like rolling anger, vast as pillars, and suddenly fell down from the top of all the saints!

The ice is like a winding dragon circling, setting up a massive ice wall, constantly freezing the blockade of the dark gas poisonous python, the giant wind crackling blade roaring past, and the force of the terrible sandstorm entraining the torn space rolls up the flowers.

After a roaring squalid wind and a windy wind, the many nirvanas of Xuntiandi were born, blocking all the saints!

"Damn, what the **** is this?"

"Be careful, these attacks can't be avoided, it's very weird, we focus on defense!"

As strong as Ying Tianmo was also caught off guard by Lin Chen's sudden combination of nirvana, and repeatedly started defensive combat skills to block.

If it is an ordinary attack, it is impossible to delay the nine holy realms at the same time, but Lin Chens nirvana has the characteristics of 100% hit, and the forcing saints have to resist with holy force!

With the prestige of the nirvana, the space barriers blocked on the sea are shattered and Lin Chen flees!

Now he doesn't have the help of Heavenly Tribulation. The saint's random moves can make him take a break. If he is close, he is looking for death. Now the first thing is to rush into the dark island.

Only by entering inside can one get rid of the saint's control.

In the dark island, the sage cannot travel through the void or block the space!

"It would be great if I could meet the conditions for using the talents of God-killers, but under the premise that the sixteen holy realms surrounded me, I didn't have time to establish an enemy..."

Lin Chen was not willing to grind his teeth.

Once Lin Chen also provoked a large number of war emperors and Yuan Zunjing during Yuanzun Realm, and finally made a comeback with the talent of God Killer.

But at this time the situation is not comparable to the past, the sixteen saints can suppress him with a shot.

If it wasn't for the natural disaster, he didn't have a chance to act at all. The'God-killer' talent is based on the strength and number of enemies encountered by the host to determine the strength of the talent.

The last time Lin Chen fought against the false god's cultivation of the Holy Realm was the price of upsetting the entire Kyushu, or did the enhanced version of God Killer reach that level.

If it is launched rashly this time, without enough enemies, it is impossible to ensure that you can have the power to step into the holy land.

Without the cultivation of the Holy Realm, facing the sixteen saints, becoming a five-robbery warlord is also a dead end!

Lin Chen put a lot of Long Qingguo in his mouth, and his cheeks rose like a hamster.

In any case, immediately chew Long Qingguo to treat the injury.


An aggressive holy realm came from the Sanpin sect "Burn the Holy". His signature defensive combat skills took the lead in blocking all the must-have skills and caught up with Lin Chen.

"Little bastard, admit your fate..."

Burning Shengao shot with a smile, before the words were finished, when the blue flame condensed in his hand, a gray and white rune was born, and the town ghost sealed the Holy!

[Launching a 6th-level slow rune consumes 90 high-level rune energy.

The figure of Burning Saint suddenly came to a sudden. This time, even if his Holy Strength was guarded, he was slightly delayed by Lin Chen, a large slow rune, and stagnate in the void.

Tear ~!

A phantom avatar of Lin Chen tears off the "Thousand Fantasy Mask" and rushes out of the Taoyuan capsule.

Despite the life-and-death-like leg, "Life and Death" is swept to the neck of Burning Saint, and one leg blasted him!

The attack was successful, and the opponent did not cause any injuries and was kicked into the sea.

Lin Chen was terribly creepy, and his back was cold!

A boneless palm protrudes from the void space in front of Lin Chen's face and grabs Lin Chen straight!

Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion Ying Ying Mo!