My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 932

Vol 5 Chapter 932: Lin Chen At The End Of The Road

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Chapter 932, Lin Chen at the End of the Road!

Ying Tianmo's second break away nirvana, instantly stopped Lin Chen, palm through the void, and grabbed Lin Chen's face!

[Launching a 6th-level slow rune consumes 280 high-level rune energy.

Lin Chen stepped back in a dark step and waved with one hand, instantly exhausting a quarter of the advanced rune energy and playing an unprecedented super slow rune!

The gray and white rungs appeared like ghosts and burst in front of Ying Tianmo.

The square space where Lin Chen is located is particularly solid and stagnant, and the dry palm has a slight pause!


Ying Tianmo heard a surprise!

This legend of the killer world can't help but move, can the little war emperor condense his space?

Brush ~! Lin Chen stepped away from the "dark step" and retreated!

At the same time withdrawing his leg, Lin Chen's palm suddenly condensed the origin of the Nine Tribulation, and the Nine-Colored Stars suddenly flicked out of his palm!

When the nine-color stars flung out, they shook slightly, from one to five, and the instant light splitting talent started!

Lin Chen didn't have any reservation at all for the face of the devil. When he met, he directly greeted the'Nine Tribulation Stars'.

Because this is a powerful player with more than two levels of Holy Realm, second only to the Holy Prison criminals when Lin Chen blessed the double orange order talent!

The "Nine Tribulation Stars" that Lin Chen thought was the second robbery battle and the emperor Xiu Xiu, the power of the outbreak was more than five or six times stronger than in the team finals!


The five stars of the Nine Tribulation that shone with nine colors of starlight entered the sea like a mud cow, and were touched by the divine power of the dry palm, and they instantly collapsed and vanished into nothingness!

The two sides are not a grade at all!

But Lin Chens killing trick is not Nine Tribulation Stars but a must-have!

[The host launches blue-level intermediate and advanced nirvana skills: Bahuang Burning Flame 2 times, Qingyue Destruction Day 2 times, Qianyang Burning Day 1 time, and Que Yin Storm Thunder 1 time!

Bang ~!

The situation is changing, and the moment Ying Tianmo is about to break free of the 6th-level slow rune, there are thousands of huge offensives that lock the nine holy realms around the scene!

"Yes, how can it never end!"

"How did this child get these ghost energy!"

The saints who had just defended the first wave of nirvana could not help but yell.

The combined nirvana power is not trivial, if it is one, they can resist and move the void to force Lin Chen.

But Lin Chen didn't get soft at all. One shot was six or seven kills. Under the coordinated bombardment, they were forced to resist hard and give Lin Chen flawless attention!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen gritted his teeth fiercely, rushing towards the dark secluded island with only a thousand miles away.

The island is full of fog, all eyes are on the territory covered by the island, vast and vast, the area is extremely huge!

"Lin Chen, you are determined to die, and the old man will succeed you. The old man will kill you even if he is injured!"

Ying Tianmo was furious.

Lin Chen gritted his teeth, bulging his cheeks-"Damn, this old king **** to kill me..."

When the opponent was planning to resist the power of the nirvana, a cloud of black emerged from Lin Chen's waist, condensed into a pair of dark wings, and with a slap, Lin Chen was pulled into the void and shuttled through the void at speed!


Lin Chen was happy, and his face was solemn.

Little Shadow completely overdrawn and took Lin Chen with him. Lin Chen was the only human race he could rely on.

"Stinky boy, you can't escape!"

Ying Tian Mo shouted.

Brush ~!

Finally, the small shadow's desperate move dragged Lin Chen into the misty dark island, and fell into the misty clouds of the dark island, disappearing.



Falling into a dark forest on the island, the small shadow lifted and Lin Chen's possession, burst into a painful groan.

"Little guy, that's enough, go back quickly, and then I'll fix it."

Impressed by Lin Chen's heart, he quickly took it back into the Taoyuan capsule.

He stepped into the air and looked around.

All aspects of the dark island are the same as the outside world. The only difference is that there is a sense of oppression in the space here, and the crystal wall of the space is extremely strong.

In Lin Chen's perception, there are still many seventh-order peak beasts wandering around the island, the breath is extremely brutal.

Some fierce beasts are approaching him. The breath of some fierce beasts is no less than that of the three robbers and even the four robbers!

Roar ~!

The two trolls poisonous rhinoceros stood several tens of feet high, crushed the earth's veins, and emerged from the jungle on the island. The green rhino horns above the head, flowing the blue veins, turned the **** and violent pupils to lock Lin Chen!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The two behemoths saw Lin Chen, a stranger family, and rushed away without saying a word, and they collapsed many towering giant trees.

Brush ~! Lin Chen took a dark step, an extreme shadow flying knife screamed out, volley hit one leg with seven strengths in one, and volley kicked the giant rhinoceros.

It is Lin Chen who is now the second emperor of the Second Tribulation Warfare, and there is no one solution to the two big guys, but they are wounded and two qi and blood attributes are dropped.

"The two ends are comparable to the poisonous rhinoceros of the three emperors and warlords. Is it such a hard guy as soon as they come up?

Lin Chen looked dignified.

"Sure enough, I hate being more grass-tolerant than me. Now it's not time to fight them. Only running away now is a victory!"

Lin Chen quickly stepped on the dark steps, dressed in "dark robbery fighting spirit" to urge the "innate shadow tactics", to eliminate the breath of the whole body, full speed into the interior of the dark island.

His cheeks still drummed like a hamster, and in this ghost place, he had to be prepared to heal at any time.


"That kid went in?"

"Oops, we cannot perceive the space of the dark island, we cannot perceive the situation of the space below..."

Nine Saints hesitated around the end of the dark island.

They have been holy for millions and millions of years, and have been used to walking the void and tearing the space forward.

If you suddenly can't control the space, it's like the bird has broken its wings, instinctively instability.

If they encounter special circumstances, they can only rely on body style and their own speed of flying in the air.

"I can still sense the position of the kid. The five of you are guarding outside the island, and the three of you, enter with me!"

Ying Tianmo sighed with a deep voice, his cultivation was the strongest, and he was confident and calm in dealing with anything.

He ordered the dark pavilion "shadow" and "devil" double saints, plus a saint-burning saint that could burn everything, and the four saints teamed up to deal with it even if there were any accidents.

Things are involved, once Lin Chen is deep into the dark island, he may not be able to catch him back!

Brush ~!

The Four Saints rushed through the fog and descended to the dark island.

When he felt that the space in the dark island could not be torn, the four saints frowned.

"Here, this kid really wants to get inside!"

"Kill the past!"

The Four Saints stepped on the body and dazzled fast!


"Oops, I forgot that I still have the imprint of the old dark cabinet!"

Jiu Jie's eyes felt the murderous behind him, Lin Chen's face slightly changed.

In his original plan, he did not expect that he would be locked to death!