My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 933

Vol 5 Chapter 933: Desperate Trump Card

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Chapter 933

Ying Tianmo is a ruthless character in the killer world, and his means of seeking out enemies can be described as fascinating. Lin Chen simply does not know how to lift it.

The most critical phantom doppelganger cannot be used as a target to attract the attention of the other party!

Enough to be a real avatar does not work!

Bang ~!

Four huge and terrifying breaths came from behind, and all the cruel beasts were suppressed and shivered!

Desperate! Lin Chen has fallen into a real desperate situation!

This battle is even more disparate than the war of the false gods!

Lin Chen's trump card is not enough to break the current despair.

Life and death desperately, King's Land, the instant light split, God Killer, five types of runes, all are not enough!

Although "Destiny Life and Death" is strong, it is not enough to make Lin Chen transform into a holy state, unless it is the Five Tribulation Peak Cultivation can try.

"Junlintianxia" has the possibility, but now the other party will not give him time to hunt down the beasts to accumulate energy value!

The potential of Instant Light Splitting is infinite, so it depends on the true strength of the host!

And the only God-killer talent has no prerequisites for launching at all, and it is wasteful to use it rashly!

"There are three more tricks for nirvana. It can only be delayed for a while at most. There are less than 640 points of advanced rune energy. In front of the four holy realms, the slow runes will be used once or twice..."

"Do I have to rely on the gap between the nirvana and the slow rune to sneak attack, and then put all my hopes on the tearing talent? What a joke, I want my own destiny to count on luck to turn over, then I might as well commit suicide. Now!"

In the face of life and death, Lin Chen's consciousness is running at a rapid speed. He has almost turned over all his cards and did not find the same possibility to turn over!

"By the way, that complete inferior light system crystal!"

Lin Chen opened an exquisite jade box, shining through the bright light crystals like the most beautiful gem in the world, like a splendid polar star, and the quiet dust was sealed in the jade box.

This is the only complete crystal left to Lin Chen in the inheritance of the Ancient Saints. Lin Chen originally planned to enter the Holy Land or the Five Tribulation Peak Cultivation to try refining, but now he can only use it to desperately!

"Decompose this piece of crystal, then use the decomposed special attribute value to make a batch of nirvana, and then cooperate with the nirvana that I have at hand, and then start the desperate life and death and their desperation... This is probably me Has Lin Chen struggled in the end..."

Lin Chen is very clear that although the complete inferior crystal is strong, it is impossible to rely on it to kill or defeat the four Holy Realms!

"Damn, if you want to kill me, you have to lose some meat!"

Lin Chen's eyes flashed with fierce fierce mans, like a lone wolf forced to die, and he had to tear off a few pieces of meat from his enemies!

Just when Lin Chen was about to issue an order to let the system break down the optical system, his brain exploded!

Brush ~!

Lin Chen was flying at a very high speed, and the ghostly angel took out a golden wristband, and his tremor tremble...

God of War Bracers! !

This thing is one of the most mysterious items obtained by Lin Chen!

He wore it once and was almost shocked by it!

But there is no doubt that the moment when wearing the God of War Bracers, Lin Chen did have the strength to fight against the Holy Realm, and the pure power was outrageously strong!

"I am much stronger now than I was in the ancient temple, but it still looks like a ants compared to it, but if I can hold it for a long time, maybe it will not die once I use it..."

But if it fails, let alone Tu Sheng, Lin Chen must first be broken into meat sauce by this thing!

When Lin Chen felt a tenth of his breathing hesitation, the fierce murderous energy was like a tornado storm, and Lin Chen shrouded in an instant!

The Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion led the three holy realms, as if they had been killed from the void hundreds of miles away!

"Ancestor of the Dark Pavilion?"

Lin Chen was shocked and immediately issued an order.

"System, play all my must-do skills!"

[The host launches blue-level advanced nirvana skills: sky-yin ice erosion storm, quey dark thunder, and sky-sand storm. Four hostile targets have been targeted.

The violent killing skills appeared in the stormy ice storm, dark thunder, cracked blade sandstorm, the momentum is fierce, trying to destroy the world, all kinds of offensives have destroyed many forests, tearing the fog!

"These strange attacks again, be careful!"

"The attack can't be avoided, hard against the past!"

"Hahaha, Lin Chen, this offensive is not twice as good. Are you going to run out of water? The old man will abuse you!"

Ying Tianmo laughed in the sky, glowing with fierceness hidden for thousands of years, his heart was already angry.

Being played around by such a junior, he had long wanted to abuse Lin Chen so that he could not survive to survive!

While the Four Saints were delayed by the nirvana, Lin Chen gritted his teeth and suddenly chewed the large amount of Long Qingguo contained in his mouth.

"Fuck, fight!"


Lin Chen put on the Bracers of God of War!

boom! boom! boom!

The invincible absolute supernatural powers of the heavens immediately attached Lin Chen, and the power that emerged from the bracers of the God of War seemed to push him up!

boom! boom! boom!

It just releases a ray of momentum, cracks the ground, and lifts the ground blocks on both sides! Overturn countless obstacles!

Lin Chen's body is full of gold, with a pair of eyes glowing the golden light of the God of War, producing some illusions, such as wearing armor, wearing a gold armor, wearing a magic cape on his shoulders, and a golden light on his head!

Four holy horrors! His breath of pure power soared to 90 million, breaking billions of dragon power in an instant, and he was still rising continuously!

At this time, Lin Chen leaked a little bit to explode the heavens and the world, and the invincible momentum of my only respect!

In Lin Chen's arm, the meridians, flesh, bones, everything become bright and overbearing golden yellow, releasing the sun and moon sinking divine power, as if a drop of essence blood can fill thousands of miles of mountains and rivers!

Endless power burst from the arm, this energy is the ultimate pure power!

I do not know how many times higher than Lin Chen who used the **** killer and sun **** talent in the past, so strong that he can explode the space plane of the Holy World!


At the next moment, Lin Chen was immediately shocked to bleed, and he swallowed and chewed Long Qingguo crazy, his expression full of shock and shock!

"Finished, shall I be shocked by it?"


Deep in the dark and quiet island, the beautiful and delicate figure shadowed slightly, her beautiful and charming smile revealed a trace of doubt.

If the skin of the child is condensed, the green silk is bundled up, the hairpin and jasper, and the slender waist, the perfect curve seems to break through the orange-red dress, which can be described as a charming beauty that reverses all living beings.

"Huh? What an overbearing power, is it possible to say that there are people besides me on the dark island?"

"However, with such unbridled display of power, are you not afraid to disturb the gluttonous holy beast... Hee hee, there must be something fun, go check it out first!"


Sword monument somewhere.

A black robe flicked away, and the blood stains wet the clothes.

The black robe even had a very disordered breathing. There was a violent gasp under the cloak, and along with the rapid breathing, the rounded arc of the jade in front of him continued to tremble, seemingly suffered a very serious injury!

"A strong sword, in time, will surely surpass the sword **** of the human race... Lin Xingchen, this person may be the number one bane of my demon race. Unless the body is out of the customs, it will be difficult to kill this person..."

"First withdraw into the southern realm of the Holy Realm, the avatar still has important things to carry out, and it can't die..."

The black robe tears the void, escapes into the space crack, and disappears...