My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 934

Vol 5 Chapter 934: Mars Mars

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Chapter 934 Mars!

Dark island, marginal area.

Within the golden light bracers, an immortal divine light burst forth instantly!

A thousand times, five thousand times, ten thousand times, fifty thousand times, one hundred thousand times! 200,000 times!

Lin Chen was shocking!

so horrible! The pure power in his body is still rising, not only hundreds of millions of dragons, but also a strength to break through the sky!


The golden light of the world is like the star sand of the moon, and a crazy surge from Lin Chen's body!

"What it is?"

"This kid's pure power seems to have transformed to the point of refining the Holy Realm!"

The Four Saints in the vortex of the three must-have siege are horrified!

"Something's wrong, get rid of these ghosts and get out!"

Ying Tianmo shouted, he felt the crisis of life threatened in Lin Chen's body!

This sense of crisis, he has not even sensed some extremely powerful Holy Realm triple!

Sigh~! A gray and white rung descended from the sky, nearly a hundred feet huge, releasing the blockade of Qiankun and suppressing the taste of eternity!

Ying Tianmo's pupil trembles and immediately drinks coldly-"Be careful!"

Bang~! At the moment when the gray-white runes exploded, their body shape and holy power became extremely slow, the space became nearly frozen, and the bombardment below the nirvana was more difficult!

This is the 6th level slow rune that Lin Chen has done all the rune energy.

But time won't be long, now Lin Chen is insecure!

The strength that emerged from the God of War bracers was almost beyond his control, like the wild horses that were unruly, or the dragons were suitable...

"No! I can't control it anymore. The situation this time is only a little better than last time. Last time it was five seconds. This time I am afraid that in 30 seconds I will be crushed by the force and die.... "

Lin Chen was so anxious that he raised his right arm with difficulty, even making a fist very difficult!

Poof~~! Lin Chen's entire body and skin began to crack wildly, spattering a lot of blood!

[Continue to start the limit return, consume 1 intermediate talent point, 2 intermediate talent points...]

The energy of the Ultimate Guiyuan Talent and Long Qingguo are like rolling rivers and rivers, and crazy repairs nourish Lin Chen's injury.

If not, Lin Chen is very difficult to maintain reason at this time!

This kind of feeling is like a violent beast rushing into his body, making it chaotic and broken!

"It's a fight! If you don't kill these gangs of **** today, they will also chase Lao Tzu, the system, and start desperate life and death!"

[Consume 39 intermediate talent points, lock on enemy targets, and launch a desperate life and death talent.

When the blood blurred his sight, Lin Chen aimed at the "Burning Saint" and launched the "Fate of Death" talent!

Sigh~! As soon as the desperate life-and-death talent started, Lin Chen's body burned orange-red flames, and the life energy began to pass! But his strength has skyrocketed dozens of times!

Lin Chen struggled with all his energy, and his body was spurting blood all the time. His'coin-filled suit' madly sprang up countless silver holy yuan coins inside the Taoyuan planting capsules, which made Lin Chen quickly refining and brought more surges. energy!


Lin Chen's hysterical roar broke out, and finally fisted the fist wearing the God of War bracers!

Like holding millions of giant dragons, this force is extremely difficult to control, but it is enough to destroy the world!

"Fight it out! They will be dead after punching it out!"

Lin Chen burst into roar that burned everything!

His body is gradually increasing in strength with the characteristics of the "Death and Death" talent, and Lin Chen wants to punch this world-destroying punch!

Immediately before the punch, Lin Chen's heart and the source of fighting spirit burst into tear-like pain; the pain made him breathe air!

"This punch can't be beaten! I will die without a hit! The strength of the Ares Bracers is still rising, using all of its strength, my flesh and shell body is not enough to withstand, and the explosive force shattered me at the first time!"

Lin Chen's thoughts are like electricity, and once again encounter difficulties!

In this one-thousandth moment, his mental thoughts pondered many thoughts!

No matter if the Four Saints die or not, the Lin Chen will die no doubt!

"But, what should I do? If I don't fight, I will die. I don't have the rune energy to use the slow rune again, and the desperate life and death are also launched. I have no way out!"

"Fight! The fight can be the same, fucking, I'm going to pull you back if I die!"

Lin Chen was about to die together and saw his fisted fist suddenly startled!

A touch of aura hit Lin Chen like thunder!

"Grass, I'm so stupid! I don't have to use fists!"

Click~ The five-finger gold armor of the Ares wristband was released, Lin Chen grasped the wrist with his left hand, and pressed his thumb against the **** with difficulty, making a "finger-finger" gesture!

Endless dragon forces converge in the finger, and the space crystal wall breaks inch by inch!

At this moment, the four saints who are about to break free from the rune of slow runes are horrified!

There was a sense of crisis in their hearts!

"Die to me!!"

Lin Chen was bathed in blood, suddenly slammed and snapped his fingers!


The golden fingertips exploded at the golden awn, and the billions of dragons that shattered the galaxy burst into anger!

Tear ~! Bang ~!

The pure power of terror concentrates on one point and explodes the infinite energy to sweep everything!

Right in front of Lin Chen, all things were only flashed by golden light, annihilated into nothingness in an instant, and the edge of the entire island was torn in half in an instant!

The crystal wall of the space is broken and divided into two halves, such as a sky abyss across the sky, the saints have not even uttered wailing, they will suddenly disappear into nothingness!

Bang~~~! !

The end of the Tian Yuan shocked Wan Jinhui!

This finger tears the sky!

This finger smashed the void!

The sky collapsed and the space shattered. The power of this finger tore the island area in front of Lin Chen into two!


Massive attribute light spheres, such as the scattered flowers of the celestial celestial body, have fallen one after another. Such a massive attribute value is a saint's fall!

The previous four saints died without dross!

The God of War pointed to destroy the world!


In the dark island;

"How do I feel an extraordinary sense of oppression on the island..."

All the saints frowned, and when they looked at each other, they suddenly slammed in the dark island!

Tear ~~! The sound of space tearing echoed above the sea, and a golden glow of mansions exploded from the dark island; all the way, it crushed all the way, and destroyed everything!

This terrible Jin Hui was so terrified that the holy land outside the dark island was pale!

Jin Hui disappeared, and the space crystal wall cracked a shocking abyss...

Bang ~ Bang ~ Bang ~

Under the cracks in space, the sea surface is sinking, and the sea surface of the ocean is torn into a crack that can't be seen at the end, dividing the entire sea surface into two!

"what is this"

"What, what kind of attack is this, there is such a terrible existence on the dark island?"

The saints were horrified!

If this golden glow hit them positively, there would be absolutely no scum!

There is such a terrible existence on this dark island?

"Don't... is it said that the strong man behind the dark horse club shot?"

The saints' backs chilled for a while...

Brush ~!

At this time, the space fluctuated, and an extremely embarrassed figure fell out of the cracked space.

He stepped on the space roulette, covered with blood, and his right arm was missing!

It was the dark patriarch Ying Tianmo!

At the time of the previous great deal, he first broke free from the slow rune and used all the energy of the space holy implement to achieve a difficult space shuttle and escaped!

Even so, he still paid the price of one arm and a serious injury to his body, on the verge of death!

"Should my ancestor?"

"What happened, what happened inside? Did a strong man come out?"

The saints quickly asked, Ying Tianmo's face was extremely ugly, bleeding at the corners of his mouth, gritted his teeth-"It is Lin Chen."

The faces of the saints have changed again!