My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 935

Vol 5 Chapter 935: Orange Girl

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Chapter 935

Seeing Ying Tianmo's injury, the faces of the saints are particularly ugly and unbelievable!

Lin Chen?

He is a war emperor, how can He De force the former Ange Patriarch to such a degree?

"Should I be old, burn them..."

A holy realm trembled.

Ying Tianmo is extremely gloomy-"Dead."

The remaining five Holy Land scalp exploded!


Did even the shadow demon double saint and burning saint of the dark pavilion fall?

Four holy siege, one war emperor, three dead, one seriously injured?

Since the thirty-six domains of the Holy Realm, no such strange thing has happened!

Their golden rainbow awns appeared in their minds, and they were all excited!

If you are hit by that golden glow, you can really bomb the saints to the bones!

Ying Tianmo sat down cross-legged to heal the wound, somber.

"Go in! The boy shattered my mark left on him after he used his killing trick, but now is his weakest time. Now he can seize the opportunity to win the inheritance of the ancient Saint!"

The corners of the five Holy Realms...

Damn, looking for death?

This kid now has the means to kill the Holy Land in seconds. Isn't they going to die?

"My dark pavilion has already entered two holy realms. You think I will use my life in the dark pavilion to lie to you that you will not succeed. Now it is the last step. In case he was swallowed by a beast, ancient The holy heritage is gone!"

Sitting on knees in response to Heavenly Demon, Shengli stabilized his injury and suddenly sneered!

His injury was too heavy, and half of his foot stepped into the ghost gate. If Lin Chen still had the strange attack that could not be avoided, it would really fall into it.

The Five Saints hesitated.

"It's time for hesitation now. The secret of the kid is not inferior to the ancient sacred heritage. The orange-level combat skills and the anti-celestial **** skills, don't you all want it!"

Ying Tianmo was so angry that his teeth tickled!

Five sages and one stagnation, thinking of the black horse club's "divine skill" divided into five, gritted his teeth!

"Fight, now!"

"You can be found in the direction of the space crack, hurry up!"

Brush ~!

Just do it, the Five Saints immediately rushed into the misty dark island.


Dark island and fringe area.


The fascinating girl who charmed all beings concealed her lips, her eyes were colorful!

She witnessed the terrifying worldly "finger" of the teenager in front of her!

Just one finger to kill the Three Saints and fled one!

"Holy Realm Triple? No, maybe the Quadruple Realm may not be able to achieve this power, just rely on one finger...too powerful, how holy is this guy..."

The orange clothes are amazing.

At this time, the split foundation was divided into two, and Lin Chen was covered with blood and fell to the ground.

Let the sky light be suspended, including one five-light supreme treasure chest and three orange crystal treasure chests!

Lin Chen's eyes were dizzy, and he didn't even have the strength to charge the attribute light sphere.

The God of War bracers dropped, restoring the simplicity of the past.

The weird thing is that its golden light is a bit dim.

At the next moment, it began to burst out of a weird suction, and actually began to absorb the attribute light ball scattered in the void!

Even the Wuguang Supreme Treasure Chest and Orange Crystal Chest are also absorbed by it!

Lin Chen was almost mad!

Does this thing even grab a lightball with him?

"I'm yours, my attributes and treasure chest..."

At the end of the crossbow, Lin Chen, who was seriously injured, witnessed this scene was greatly stimulated, and was mad at the spot...

That's all the attribute light **** dropped by the three dead realms!

The God of War Bracers form a vortex, which absorbs the colorful light spheres. The light is introverted, and the appearance is unchanged, but it has increased by one point!

The small shadow came out of the Taoyuan capsule and worriedly circled around Lin Chen's body, and the purple electricity above his head condensed into a big "?"

At the next moment, the little shadow turned suddenly, his eyes stared in a certain direction, and he shivered.

In the darkness, the girl moved her slender jade legs, struck orange clothes like flames, walked in front of Lin Chen, and picked up his bracers of God of War.

Little Shadow seemed to perceive something, but he didn't dare to act lightly...

The lady hesitated a little, and gently put the Ares bracers on her hands, and found nothing abnormal.

"Huh, it is neither a holy weapon nor a war weapon. Why can it be so terrifying..."

The orange girl played for a while and muttered: "It's boring, this is not interesting at all, is it a one-time holy weapon that runs out?"

Brush ~!

The little shadow and the orange girl stared into the distance at the same time, seeming to perceive something.

"There is a holy land entering the dark secluded island, this guy should have caused it..."


"What about people?"

"Don't Yingtianmo say here, why don't you even have a ghost?"

The Five Saints stunned when they reached the starting point of the space crack.

They released the Holy Power to explore around, there was no sign of Lin Chen at all, only some brutal aura of evil beasts.

"What should we do, shall we withdraw first? This kid is too weird..."

The two holy realms hesitated, and there was a fear in their hearts about the golden goddess!

In the face of a creature that can explode and kill itself, most people can't keep calm, and saints are no exception!

"No, now is the best time."

Suddenly, an old man in blue holy realm spoke.

"According to Ying Tianmo's words, this son has been seriously injured when he performed his killing trick. This powerful trump card, the old man does not think he can use it for a second time in a short time."

The old man in blue has a profound meaning-"There are too many secrets in this child, even if he masters any one, he can break through the current bottleneck. Now the dark cabinet is hit hard, and other holy places are involved. If we win Lin After Chen, go backhand to find Ying Tianmo, everyone should understand what I mean..."

A word to wake up the other four saints!

That's right!

Now if they can win Lin Chen, they have the opportunity to swallow all the secrets of Lin Chen alone!

Because the Dark Pavilion involving all forces has been hit hard, the Shadow Demon Shuangsheng fell, and Ying Tian Mo was seriously injured!

In addition, Lin Chens secret is more than the original plan of the ancient holy heritage, it is worth their risk!

"However, in case there is a big force behind the dark horse club..."

There was also a holy situation worried.

"Both were forced to such a degree. The backers of their dark horse club had not yet appeared. There were only two possibilities. Either there was no backers at all, or they could not come because of certain conditions!"

The old man in blue smiled yelled-"You, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, now have no time for everyone to consider."

All Saints looked at each other and nodded seriously!

joint! Take away Lin Chen and deal with the Dark Pavilion!

The Five Saints can be described as having their own ghosts, and they entered the dark island and carefully explored the trail of Lin Chen in the vast island.

A quarter of an hour after the departure of the Five Saints, two figures flashed and floated to the void...