My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 936

Vol 5 Chapter 936: Qi Yunling Planting Seeds

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Chapter 936

"The edge of the island is split in half, and the crystal wall of the dark island is torn..."

"How is this possible, Holy Realm Triple has no such destructive power!"

The breath of a man and a woman is also a holy place!

The rich and charming lady has a sharp look, and her eyebrows lightly sighed-"Is it said that someone is mixed into the dark island? Who is so bold, or is someone aware of my transaction?"


Two days later.

During this period of consciousness, Lin Chen seemed to feel the whole body was torn, bones, meridians, flesh and blood, seemed to be peeled off and torn again and again!

However, it seems that the crushed Long Qing flesh is pushed into Lin Chen's mouth every time, which makes his vitality continue to recover at an amazing speed.

In addition, Lin Chen had previously taken a large amount of Long Qingguo. His physical strength and vitality were extremely strong. Within two days, his injuries had recovered a lot.

"where am I"

Lin Chen opened his eyes hard.

Then, what he recalled for the first time was that he missed the attribute light sphere and those two five-light treasure chests, orange crystal treasure chests, and swearing on the spot!

"My grass! Lao Tzu's attribute value and treasure chest!"

Lin Chen shouted excitedly and was about to get up, sore in pain!

After the spiritual thoughts were swept away, Lin Chen discovered that the surrounding area was cold and barren, located in the valley.

"Finally waking up, what kind of treasure chest and attributes are you talking about?"

The girl was sitting on the edge of the cliff, her teeth biting the berries, shaking her legs like snow-white jade.

The moment I saw the girl, Lin Chen's first look was stunning!

Amazing to the point where Lin Chen stayed for an instant!

He has seen many beautiful women, such as the gorgeous Bai Ruoyan, the cold and gorgeous Leng Yueqi, the light and elegant Ning Qingxuan, the gentle and water-like Yun Manqing, the beautiful and beautiful Shangguan Bihan, the ancient and spooky moon Lin Lin, Yan Qianyun, who dreams like a dream lover in countless men's hearts, etc.

But he has never seen a beautiful woman like a girl in front of him!

The hot and fierce devil figure, the beautiful and pretty girl face, but the temperament between the eyebrows is charming and mature. When looking at the beautiful eyes, he can see a man surrender with his sight!

Just like a girl with a beautiful and pure face like an angel, but she has a devil figure that can't be moved away from the eyes, but with a smile, she exudes the charm of the inverting sentient beings, enchanting to the extreme!

The most beautiful fairy! Almost everyone including Lin Chen, the first impression of this woman is a fairy!

At the next moment, Lin's pupil shrank!

Because he saw that the charming little demon girl slender hand is still playing with his bracers of God of War!


A small shadow emerged from the Taoyuan capsule and rubbed Lin Chen.

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly and scolded the little shadow---"Why don't you take my things back, you guys who don't want to fight!"

Little Shadow grieved, and purple electricity condensed on her head-"Because she is too fierce and too big."

Lin Chen was stunned, sitting up against the cliff with one hand, and justice looked at the girl. The orange veil was almost bursting, and the corner of his mouth was twitching-"Who can stand this!"

"Hey, Lin Chen, what is this thing about you? Even the Holy Realm can be beheaded, but why can't I see what materials are cast."

The orange girl was puzzled, Lin Chen was shocked-"Do you know me?"

The girl raised her eyebrows-"Don't you read the gold list on your body, the genius list Lin Chen."

Lin Chen covered her chest and pursed her lips-"You, you touched me! I'm in the crotch of the list! You are responsible!"

Brush ~! The girl's beautiful shadow flashed, her finger twitched Lin Chen's chin, and she smiled enchantedly, inverting all beings-"How do you take responsibility?"

Lin Chen scolded the goblin, grinning.

"Give me back my baby first, it won't work if you ask for it."

The girl raised the bracers of the God of War and shook a wave of ups and downs, and said with a smile: "I like your big baby very much. If you want to take it back, you have to do me a favor. When it is done, I will give it back. you."

Lin Chen stunned, baby? Hey, since he is the only one who is flirting with others, it is really the first time that she is being flirted with a girl today!

"What can I do for you? Or return my baby first, change the day, you can find me again after you figure it out~"

The girl smiled and said, "I've figured it out already. Your current physical condition can't change the day. It's better to choose the day than hit the day. Let's just say it today."

Lin Chen: "So, what are you going to do today?"

Girl: "Go deep into the dark island and find some fun and baby."

Lin Chen swallowed: "How deep? I dont have any specialty, just specialty."

The girl smiled: "It depends on whether you can hold on while you grow up, because I need your little shadow to help, this little guy only listens to your orders, and I will give you your special baby afterwards. ,how about it?"

Lin Chen pondered for a moment.

"Done, it's a word!"

"and also"

Girl: "Huh?"

Lin Chen: "How are you?"

The girl blinked and smiled: "Everyone else is looking for your saint. You have entered the dark island. You must seize the time to recover. Men must be tough enough to be called pure men~"


After six hours, Lin Chen took another 20 Long Qingguo successively, and launched the "Extreme Return" talent seven times in a row, the injury healed!

The girl looked at Lin Chen's eyes as if she discovered a new species.

"You are really a monster. Although there is Long Qingguo, you can be healed in such a short time after suffering that kind of injury..."

The girl knew what she was when she just found Lin Chen, her body had half a meridian, her bones were all cracked, and her internal organs were badly damaged.

If the ordinary genius is injured like Lin Chen, and wants to not affect the future talent treatment, at least a few months or even six months to get out of bed.

Lin Chen was completely dead when using the God of War Bracers!

If you don't have the "Extreme Return", you can quickly heal the injury, plus a large amount of Long Qingguo, a healing sacred product, superimposed fatal life and death, burning life surge power, and burning huge amounts of silver holy yuan energy.

One of the above factors is less, he can't support the 30 seconds of wearing the Ares bracers!

"I'm still a bit scared when I think about it now, but I really walked away from the gate of the ghost door. Fortunately, I didn't hit that punch in the end, but instead used the finger..."

Lin Chen exhaled, but he looked forward to it more!

Wearing the God of War bracers, he can kill three holy realms with one finger!

What if you can fully control it?

The top priority is to recapture the God of War bracers from the girl.

This young girl gave Lin Chen a vague sense of crisis. Lin Chen couldn't see through her. She dared to enter the dark island alone.

"Alas, it's a pity my attribute value..."

Lin Chen was very sorry and opened the system.

At the next moment, the light screens listed in the system made Lin Chen's mouth open as if he were a ghost!

[The host opens the Wuguang Supreme Treasure Chest and obtains the seed of the next best luck planting plant: Chijin.

Lying trough?

The seeds of luck?