My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 937

Vol 5 Chapter 937: Immortal Feathers

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Chapter 937

[The host opens the Wuguang Supreme Treasure Chest and obtains the seed of the next best luck planting plant: Chijin.

[The host opens three orange crystal treasure chests and gains: 500,000 enhancement points, 300 advanced skills, 100 advanced rune energy,]

Let's plant seeds with good luck!

Obtaining the third Qi Yun Ling planting seeds will mean that he can start to learn the secret technique of cultivating alien crystals inherited from the ancient saints!

Lin Chen was excited and ecstatic!

"Did you say that the God of War bracers did not absorb my attribute light ball before?"

Lin Chen quickly opened the system, and then blurted out with a black face: "I am grass!"

[Tiandao Picking System 6.0 Version

Host: Lin Chen-Cultivation: Emperor of the Second Tribulation-Advanced Essence: 399500 points

Ultimate Strength: 40 million Dragon Power-Advanced Qi and Blood: 438566 points.

Advanced spirit attribute value: 74 points

Advanced skill essence: 2570 points-advanced rune energy: 100 points.

Intermediate Tiandao value: 3625 points-Intermediate talent point: 110 points.

Blank attributes: 1.03 million points-Enhanced points: 3.84 million points.

Advanced elemental energy: 89 points in fire, 63 in soil, 60 in wood, 78 in gold, 88 in water, 79 in thunder, 75 in wind, 54 in light, and 81 in dark!

Qigong Status Bar (Whether Open)-Blood Vessel Status Bar (Whether Open)

Passive talent bar (whether it is open)-nirvana bar (whether it is open)

Active Talents: (Purple Order) Omen of Thief, (Purple Order) Fatal Bloodthirst, (Purple Order) Super Dimensional Teleportation, (Purple Order) Ultimate Moment, (Purple Order) Extreme Return, (Purple Order) King's Landing, ( Quasi-orange level) Fatal life and death (cooling time: 3 days), (orange level) instant light splitting, (orange level one-time) **** killer, (orange level one-time) sky-turner (1/2) fragments

Character Rune Column (Whether open)-Talent Combination Skill (Whether open)

Except for the growth category's attribute value, all other attribute values have dropped by a large amount compared to the previous ones.

Especially the rune energy, if it hadnt been for opening an orange crystal treasure chest, it wouldnt even have any at all!

"Damn, it seems that the God of War bracers have not absorbed the attribute treasure chest, and the attribute light ball has been robbed of it. What the **** is this thing, not a holy weapon or an artifact, but I still grab the attribute light ball with Laozi... "

Lin Chen gritted his teeth and was robbed of the light ball? He didn't dare to think about such things before.

"If I can absorb the attribute light **** dropped by the Holy Land, I can still rush to the Four Robbers and the Emperor in a single breath. It will not be a loss of 100 Wait a minute!"

Lin Chen suddenly remembered something!

He opened the [treasure bar] and found something!

Upgrade the key! Lin Chen also received an upgrade key when he received the talent fragment of the Sky Invader!

[Does the host use the upgrade key?


[Activate the upgrade key and enable the upgrade function. The host needs to meet the following conditions to complete some system function upgrades: 3 million strengthening points, 5000 advanced exercises, and 6000 intermediate sky values.

[Collect enough attribute values to upgrade the system strengthening function and increase the strengthening upper limit level to: +15.


Lin Chen was air-conditioned!

Enhanced function upgrade? Up to +15? What is so ridiculous!

+13's "Nine Tribulation of Creation" has made Lin Chen a qualitative transformation, and the power of the mind has been increased by 240% overall.

How much will +15 increase? Even with the enhancement effect of +13, each level of enhancement increases by 70%, and +15 can soar to at least 380%!

"It's a blessing to be put to death and then to be born. The attribute value can be collected again, but there is only one life."

After the Heaven Tribulation, Lin Chen attacked many holy realms, triggering the "Tear" talent damage and the element attribute value obtained by the holy realm nearly doubled!

In addition, Xiu Chen has broken two realms, and now Lin Chen is extremely strong!

Even in the face of the tough four robbery and emperor who have been troubled in the past, you can break your wrist!

Lin Chen opened the Taoyuan planting sac and planted the new red gold tree.

Without Tianyi Shengshui, Lin Chen could only cultivate dozens of gold Shengyuan coins and a large number of silver Shengyuan coins to cultivate red gold tree species.

Lin Chen now has 3.7 million silver holy yuan coins, 194 long qingguo, 145 gold holy yuan coins, restoring small shadows, and breaking through repairs. He has spent a lot of resources on various emergencies.

But Lin Chen does not need to worry for now. The two luck plants that entered the peak period will produce more than two million silver holy yuan coins every day, how much!

This is the essence of the "peak period" of Qiyun Lingzhi. One inferior Qiyun Lingzhi can support the entire second-rank sect and two can support the fourth-rank sect.

Lin Chen is the only one who has the best of both worlds. He puts it bluntly that his wealth is on the top of the genius list!

"Hey, there is a holy land near us."

The girl turned to look at Lin Chen.

"No problem, you can start."

Lin Chen urged the innate shadow tactics, escaped into the dark night, the girl was surprised, then urged the body to flash, and the two left quickly.

The small shadow returned to Linchens Taoyuan to continue the healing, and the two escaped from the valley.

"What is your goal for my help?"

While the two were sneaking, Lin Chen asked seriously.

He didn't release his own avatar. It might be more convenient if he acted as an avatar, but he wanted to keep his cards and hide himself more.

Because it is a special case now, when the rune energy is only 100 points, and there is no nirvana, Lin Chen has no means to contend with the sage, and must be careful.

"I want you and me to go to the deepest part of the dark island, where there are more than two holy beasts. We will go through the territory of one holy beast to reach the realm of the other holy beast, and then steal one. ."

The girl spread out a picture scroll, depicting the lifelike phoenix pattern, which is a phoenix feather.

"This thing is an undead phoenix feather. It fell into the hands of the holy beast in this dark island. I need your shadow to sneak into the void to steal this thing, because the space of this dark island cannot be torn by ordinary saints, but you 'S shadow is the qualification of the innate shadow, and can still shuttle through the void in the spatial crystal wall of the dark island."

"Originally, I will try to sneak into its territory. After you join, maybe the success rate will increase a lot. If it is found, I will try to delay the holy beast, depending on whether you can get in."

Lin Chen took over the scroll, and the charm of Undead Phoenix Feather felt a little throbbing about the blood vein of the True Flame Purple Phoenix inside him.

"No problem, my wrist will be returned to me when it's done."

Lin Chen nodded, the girl seemed to know the dark island very well, but Lin Chen now had to rely on her.

The saint has already infiltrated the dark island, and there may be a holy realm sitting outside. Now is not the time to leave the dark island.

"Oh, what's the girl's name?"

Lin Chen asked, the girl smiled and said, "Cut, it doesn't matter what the name is, just call it whatever you like."

Lin Chen stunned, then jokingly said: "So called baby?"

The girl giggled-"As you like~" After finishing the talk, she flung a wink, and Lin Chen secretly called a goblin!

The two acted swiftly, deep into the interior of the dark island...