My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 938

Vol 5 Chapter 938: Sister Qin Miao'er ?

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Chapter 938, Sister Qin Miaoer! ?

Outside the hoarfrost city, after the melee of the Holy Realm lasted for half a day, the two breaths came like a king coming to the world, and came suddenly, breaking the trend of the melee of the Holy Realm!

One of the men in the gold robe was angry and scolded-"Where is Lin Chen?"

"He is...Lian Wanjin of the Sipin Chamber of Commerce!"

"This guy is really coming quickly. For his own son, he didn't even care about the big business at hand. Hey, this is not his wealth-loving personality."

The Holy Realms of the two sides are separated, either surprised or frowned.

Another holy man, with a sharp eye, an overbearing state, and a holy sword, looked at all the holy land in the audience indifferently!

The force of the sword that he exuded vigorously made Bingxin Palace and other holy realms dignified.

This is a powerful sword repair that is no less than Lei Yin Jian Sheng! The real saint in the sword!

"Chairman Wan Jin, the little king and eight eggs of Lin Chen have been chased to the dark island by the Dark Patriarch Ying Tian Mo. These are Lin Chen's companions."

"Isn't this the elder of the Peerless Pavilion, Qin Family Sword Saint Qin Zhentian?"

The magic blue saint asked politely with a fist, Jiansheng glanced at him, and said indifferently-"That kid dare to hurt a few days, I will abandon his dark horse club with a sword! Where did the other people in the dark horse club go?"

"Others have long disappeared, but all of them stayed in the boy's air-transplantation sac. All the geniuses in the dark horse club have not appeared since he closed."

Qin Zhentian frowned, and looked at the holy realms, his five fingers tore the void, and walked the Jianguang shuttle space to leave. The direction of his departure was the dark island!

Lian Wanjin followed, and more holy realms converged towards the dark island!

On the periphery of the dark secluded island, the mist is lingering, the phantoms are frequent, and the strange islands where extraordinary creatures can enter.

In a space crack located on the periphery, three people, two olds and one young, two olds, one male and one female, and the other beautiful lady are dreamy and hazy, so beautiful as if they were Yan Qianyun!

"It's really nothing but you Nizi, but first of all, we can only look at the situation and may not be able to help the little guy."

The old lady spoiled and taught Yan Qianyun with a blame-like tone.

The old man in white caressed and said-"Our fortune teller has always remained neutral, once the shot will affect the power behind you, Xiao Yun'er, don't expect too much from us."

"The two elders, please allow Qian Yun to be capricious this time, I really don't want him to have a problem..."

Yan Qianyun begged, the second old sighed helplessly, waved his hands, and cut off the heaven.

The second elder shot, and even Ying Tianmo had never felt the existence of the three.

"This kid is really fate. The old man can't deduce his position on the dark island."

"Huh? What's the situation, then Ying Tian Mo Lao Gui was seriously injured!"

"His! What is this situation, who has the ability to hurt him!"

The two elders looked at each other in horror.

"Let's watch the changes, first look at the situation."


In the dark island, in the gloomy mountains, there is an exquisite palace like a gem casting!

A shadow darkly sneaked from the darkness, Lin Chen was full of dark robbery fighting spirit, perfectly hiding his breath.

The little demon wore a hazy and illusionary dress, thin and light like a cicada wing, but completely eliminated her breath, which is no less than Lin Chen's "innate shadow trick"!

Lin Chen was surprised, and the two were mixed into the palace.

Lin Chens innate shadow recipe and the shadow family seem to be in the same vein. Although they cant shuttle through the void, they can perfectly cover their breath. Except for special means such as Yingtian Demon, most of the holy realm cant see through these secret skills!

"System, I want to learn the eighth change of "Sura Nine Changes"!"

[Consumption of 13 advanced exercises and spirits, began to merge the memory of practice, into the doppelganger.

Lin Chen started the system to learn the eighth change from the conference. What is different from the past is that the "Nine Huang Changes" that Lin Chen obtained before were all incomplete.

Although the order of each change is correct, there are always some details and essence, which makes the secret method itself not perfect enough, which makes Lin Chen enter a serious state of weakness.

Although Lin Chen overcomes this shortcoming by virtue of strong physical training and vitality, the flaw still exists,

The volume of "Sura Nine Bright Changes" available from the conference perfectly records the essential elements of one-level to eight-level changes. If Lin Chen uses "eight-level changes" in the future, there will be no more flaws and the power will be even higher!

Lin Chen once again lamented the power of the 6th-level phantom rune. All the cultivation memories are handed over to the avatars to merge and absorb. He can do more things by himself. It is a kind of cheating!

Behind the palace, there is a powerful space boundary, and even the saints cannot be forcibly opened. The only way is to enter through the palace.

The two went deep into the palace without disturbing any fierce beasts.

Lin Chen and the little demon rushed all the way to the top window of the palace.

When looking at the scene in the palace through the window, Lin Chen was surprised that there are still many young people in this palace!

Even more mysterious is that these human races have individual genius list geniuses! Extraordinary qualifications!

They were handcuffed with special materials, and they seemed to have become maidservants here.

"This time, as long as we pass the palace, we can sneak to the depths of the dark island."

The little demon giggled to Lin Chen-"This is the territory where the holy beasts that live on the dark islands live. It likes to devour human race geniuses and captive human races. I heard that there are occasional races where human races hunt each other. , Extremely funny."

The little demon girl pointed to a seductive young woman in the hall. Her dress was exposed, her face was good, her figure was hot, but her only shortcoming was that her mouth was too big. The grin of her mouth could extend to her cheeks, which seemed eerie and weird.

Her opposite is actually a holy land of human race!

At this time, the two sides are talking, Lin Chen and the little demon girl can only slightly urge the fighting to hear their conversation.

"Shao Qing, this time a saint sneaked into the island, wouldn't it be you who brought it."

It was the voice of the young woman.

"Ma'am and I have been in business for so many years, don't you believe my reputation?"

The sage of the green shirt laughed.

"Huh! If you dare to play black and eat black, the old lady swallows you first!"

The young woman frowned and warned, and then asked-"My goods, how is this harvest?"

"Hey, the harvest is very good. This time, a lot of Tianjiao was taken away. There are also little boys you like and female geniuses who like to eat..."

As the two negotiated, the little demon nodded to Lin Chen-"Good opportunity, while they are talking about business, we go around behind the palace and lurk!"

"no problem."

Lin Chen nodded. He was not a kind-hearted person. He was unable to protect himself at the moment. He had no plans to save the human race in the palace.

When Lin Chen was about to detour, the conversation in the hall made him stiff!

"Earlier, I heard that your wife is concerned about the female geniuses in the genius list. I also specifically turned to two girls on the genius list, Qin Jueyan and Qin Miao'er of the Qin family. Their names should be heard. Spicy, a soft water, Mrs. Bao is satisfied!"

When the chattering of the sage in the green shirt was so lively, Lin Chen froze in situ!

Qin Miao'er, Qin Jueyan?

Are they being trafficked here?