My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 939

Vol 5 Chapter 939: Beautiful Men?

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Chapter 939

"These two nizis have worked so hard for me, they are pure blooded virgin girls, you should like them, ma'am."

The sage of the blue shirt waved, and two blue waves of holy light condensed, and the two beauties were staying in the holy light!

"This holy power can only protect them for a while, and it is the life-saving means left by the saints in their family. However, with the means of the wife, it should not be melted for three days, and then the internal people will be slaughtered by the wife. "

The sage in the green shirt smiled, and the young woman's eyes lit up, "Well! Sure enough, it's a good qualification and physique, one water and one fire, it's great, you didn't disappoint me!"

The second female show eyes glared, but more of it is fear and tremor. When the Bibo Shengguang dissipated, it was when they died.

Even the two women never thought that they would encounter Qi Feiming, who was a strange domain name with a strange domain name, on their way to the Sifang Conference.

This person stole many sectarian treasures and was wanted by many forces. Unexpectedly, he even sold humans!

Although the family's'Bihai Shengguangsha' was launched in anxiety, Qi Feiming could not resist the Holy Land, and the two sisters were taken captive.

"It turns out that the news sent out at the end of the Sifang Conference is true. The two sisters were abducted and sold here..."

Lin Chen frowned.

Save or not?

At the moment, it is difficult to protect himself, Lin Chen is not allowed to save people at all, and his means and cards to counter saints are almost exhausted!

Even now his strength has skyrocketed, Lin Chen still has little resistance against the Holy Realm. These are two very different levels of beings!

But if not saved, Lin Chen's heart may have to leave magic barriers and demons!

The obstacles to spiritual practice are far more than the bottleneck of spiritual practice. Lin Chen has always followed his original intentions, so even if he fails, he has never encountered a demon.

To be frank, he and his sisters met each other, and it was really not a deep friendship. Lin Chen was not a person who could not walk after seeing a few beauties.

But when the two women were in the ancient temple, when all the geniuses and arrogance pointed at him, when the most dangerous situation threatened their lives, the station chose themselves...

"What's wrong? Now is a good chance to rush through the palace."

The little demon wondered.

Lin Chen exhaled, his eyes became particularly sharp, and said seriously-"No, I will save the people before I leave!"

The little demon girl stayed for a while, looked at the hall, her beautiful eyes were rippling, and she smiled charmingly: "I can't think you like this type. Which one of your sisters is your favorite?"

"They have a little friendship with me and just left, I have no idea."

Lin Chen shook his head, but the little demon's reaction was beyond his expectations.

"Save it if you want to save it, but first of all, it's a matter of yourself. I won't do it. You only have two days at most. We have to hurry."

The little demon's answer surprised Lin Chen-"Are you afraid that I will affect your whereabouts?"

"What are you afraid of? Great risks are often accompanied by huge benefits. If you save someone, I'll go find some other fun."

"It's a matter of words, within two days, after you save people, you will be free!"


After completing the transaction, Qi Feiming left 190 young and fearful Tianjiao and the Qin family sisters.

"Gquack, swallow you up, my sacred heart can go one step further!"

The gluttonous young woman opened her mouth with a red tongue, brushed it and swept it through the ten arrogant entrances, and the meaning was still unfinished"Well, this batch of goods is great, but it is still the main dish! Put it on the melting altar first, make it hard Lian! Come back to eat you later!"

The gluttonous young women swept away the sisters and their second daughters. The remaining young arrogants were shocked. They wanted to run but were sealed up in battle. They could not even fly in the air.

Lin Chen became a shadow and sneaked all the way.

The gluttonous young woman brought the sisters of the Qin family to the 9th floor below the ground. Lin Chen followed her all the way. There was no cave in the ground below the palace.

A red altar with hundreds of feet was placed here, and the two sisters were taken into the altar.

Lin Chen secretly panicked.

"There is a natural space enchantment here, so a cunning sage beast, if I hurriedly approached just now, I am afraid that it will cause a reaction of the space enchantment and expose the trace instantly."


The altar was ignited, and the red fire began to burn violently from the surface of the altar. The second woman's light barrier gradually softened and collapsed!

"Without three days, less than six hours, the Holy Light that shelters you will have to be refined into nothingness, little darlings, none of you can run away!"

The gluttonous young woman cracked her mouth and chuckled wildly. The expression of the two goddesses changed greatly and she was at a loss.

"Well, go back and eat those little guys first. I have endured it for a long time. I can't stand it anymore. My body is about to break..."

The gluttonous young woman slobbered and left, exiting the ninth floor underground, letting the red flame on the altar burn violently.

This flame is very mysterious. It is more like a special energy burning at high speed than a flame. It is absorbing the holy element protecting the second daughter.

Lin Chen's eyes lit up, the flame of the red altar filled with a lot of red attribute bubbles, all with special attribute values!

"Sister, could we really die here..."

Qin Juefang's heart palpitated, and his flowers looked pale.

Qin Miao'er Hao teeth clenched, holding the sister's jade hand.

"Small Shadow should be able to pass through this space enchantment, but the two sisters who rescued the altar from the altar would startle the glutton and must lead her away."

"However, after escaping, how can I ensure that she will not return in a short time..."

When Lin Chen fell into contemplation, he suddenly shot his thigh!

"Isn't there a ready-made holy land entering the dark island, **** him! Mother, as long as she is a mother, I don't believe that this rich and handsome dark horse will be all that can be done, beautiful men plan!"


A large dense room in the palace. A group of young and handsome young men and strong young men fell to the ground all around, spitting foam and twitching.

The corners of the young woman's mouth were covered with blood, and she slapped the unconscious boy on the bed with a slap, scolding-"what is not useful!"

The young woman looked around the room and was incompetent. The violent and fierce engraved in his bones again appeared on his face, and his breathing began to rush and become heavy!

"My wife is so hungry and unbearable. I'm so anxious to look down."

The teenager pushed in the door, smiling, with a beautiful face, like a crown jade, like a jade-faced scholar without hands.

The young man has a beautiful appearance but a tall figure, and Yuyu Xuan'ang, but Wen Wenruya is a bit wild, making the hungry and thirsty young woman with heavy breath shine!

"Who are you... um? You have the breath of the Dragon King Qingtian Gun! Are you a dragon? Come here!"

The gluttonous young woman who was stunned by her desires didn't even take care of the teenager's origins, so she grabbed him and attracted him!

This young man was naturally transformed by Lin Chen's avatar! But he showed his true face!