My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 940

Vol 5 Chapter 940: Hey Hey?

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Chapter 940

Outside the dark island, the sea is surging, and sits cross-legged in response to the devil.

Brush ~! The space splits, two figures arrive, one sword is fierce, and the other is golden.

Ying Tianmo's pupil shuddered and said in a deep voice-"It turns out to be both of you!"

"Yin Tianmo?"

"You old ghost is still injured?"

Lian Wanjin and the Qin Family Sword Saint were shocked, but this old ghost's strength was better than them, but he was seriously injured at this time?

"Well, the good thing that the dark horse club is doing, the old man has called me to several other holy places in the dark pavilion, then Lin Chen is the target that my dark pavilion wants to take.

Although Ying Tianmo was injured but did not retreat, even Wan Jin's face was particularly wonderful!

The dark horse club still has the inside to hurt Ying Tianmo? What is the origin of Lin Chen?

Lian Wanjin, as sly as a fox, instantly realized that something was wrong!

"You old ghost is more cunning than anyone else, you are seriously injured and you still don't leave, it seems, I'm right!"

Even Wan Jin laughed and rushed into the dark island, Ying Tianmo's face changed!

The Qin family sword saint Qin Zhen hesitated a little, and also turned into a sword light to escape into the dark island!

"damn it!"

Ying Tianmo gritted his teeth, because of his injuries, he dared not act rashly!


Inside the dark island; south, surrounded by gloomy.

The south is bloody, and countless beasts have fallen!

Fifth figures flew across the void, and the mountains traversed like a rainbow, and they were the five saints who first entered the island to capture Lin Chen!

"I searched around, but I can't see it, what's going on?"

"Considering that the kid was seriously injured, it is impossible to escape our pursuit..."

"Swallowed by fierce beasts? No, all the fierce beasts we passed through were all ripped apart, and none of them swallowed the human race..."

"Go on is the gluttonous territory of the dark island, this big guy is not easy to deal with, but here is its home field!"

"It's not easy to deal with a search, I don't believe that the five of us can't help it!"

The five holy realms rushed towards the territory of the holy beast!


In the palace's secret room; Lin Chen's avatar was grabbed by gluttons!

His aura makes fame and intoxication fascinated, burning himself!

Dragon King Optimus, only the killer possessed by higher dragons.

Long Qingguo has a pure dragon's breath. Although it is a healing sacred product and a body relic, it also has a more important role!

People who have taken Long Qingguo for a long time may have a certain probability to obtain such great killers as Dragon King Optimus.

Dragons are kinky, and the powerful dragon family can have more than 3,000 in the harem. Lin Chen has taken a lot of Long Qingguo, and has already transformed his body into a strong dragon family.

In addition, he is pregnant with the blood of the two dragons, and the dragon king Qingtian rifle is only a matter of course. It can be said that the black horse club "Everyone" has this goddess artifact!

In addition, Lin Chen's physique and aptitude are excellent, and the growth holy beast grows up to this point. His favorite is to eat the human race with excellent potential.

Therefore, the young people in front of them can choose whether to eat or eat in bed for young women!

However, when Lin Chen was about to fall into the hands of the young woman, his eyes fell, and he launched the genius of the harbinger!

[Consumption of 2 intermediate talent points, steal stealing omen talent gain: 50000 advanced qi and blood.

boom! Lin Chen's pure power skyrocketed by 1.2 million dragon powers, and at the moment of falling into the young woman's clutches, the avatar outlined a smile.

"Super-dimensional transmission!"

[Consuming 1 intermediate talent point, the host initiates super-dimensional transmission, and transmits to space coordinate 6.

Brush ~!

The avatar disappeared!

The young woman was stunned!

"Space moves? How is it possible, how can anyone use the space shuttle in the space of the dark island?"

When the gluttonous young woman's desire was furious, she found that the young man's breath was still in the palace. She couldn't help grinning, her scarlet tongue swept away.

"Baby, no matter what your origin is, you can't escape my palm..."


"Is this the gluttonous palace, the seventh-order ore casting palace is really a big deal!"

"Well, in ten or nine of Lin Chen's boy fell into her hand, she just forced her out!"

The five holy places arrived outside the palace and looked around.

Suddenly, the blue saint shivered and his expression appeared ecstatic!

"Feel it, I explored the boy's breath!"

As soon as the words fell, the boy's angry laughter echoed in the palace.

"Come chase me, chase me, I will make you hehehe~~~~~"

The five holy realms have black faces, shit, how dare this kid dare to be so leisurely?


The blue saint slammed open the gate of the palace, without a word he rushed into the hall with the four saints.

In the palace hall, a naked young woman in stripped clothes is pushing the teenager down to the ground, before she has time to open...

"Oh, ma'am, it seems that someone is going to disturb us and be happy."

Lin Chen grinned.

The corners of Wu Sheng's mouth were slightly pumping. No wonder this kid broke into the dark island so fearlessly, that he actually hooked on the gluttonous holy beast of the dark island?

The gluttonous young woman was stunned, shaking out a few snow waves, charming and hot, but with a dignified look!

"Lin Chen, die!"

"A holy beast cannot protect you!"

Bang ~!

The power of the Five Saints is soaring, the Holy Light is like a rainbow, and the whole palace is crumbling!

Five holy realms instantly aimed at Lin Chen's avatar and the young woman!


Underground altar, shaking constantly.

Lin Chen's eyes squinted"It was a fight, but she didn't have time to lead the gluttons out. In case she immediately succumbed to the five holy realms and handed over my avatars, she might return here at any time... I can't control so much Now, save people first!"

At the order of Lin Chen, a small shadow sprang out of the Taoyuan capsule and turned into a black cloud to cover Lin Chen, brushing through the space boundary.

At the moment when the "Congenital Shadow Technique" was lifted, the figure was revealed, and the two women on the altar were stagnant!

"Lin Chen?"

"Lin...Mr. Lin Chen?"

When the second girl exclaimed, Lin Chen will unlock the Qianxian mask and release all her avatars!

Doppelganger holds azure blue moon, Qingtian holy sword, the ultimate moment to launch!

"Sword Fury!"

"Jingyue and God!"

Brush ~! The orange light sword rainbow slashed across, the mirror moon blade screamed, and a gap was split from the red flame of the red altar!

Sigh~! The other two avatars took a dark step and rushed into the altar along the gap. At that moment, the avatars burst into flames and were burned by the special flame on the altar!

Before being burned to the end, the two avatars slammed into the blue light barrier with one leg, blasting the two women from the center of the altar like a ball!


The avatar turned to ashes in half a breath, the two women were shocked!

The flame of this altar is very special, even the divine power of the Holy Land can be burned and refined, and Lin Chens avatar could not hold even a breath!

Fortunately, people have been rescued!