My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 941

Vol 5 Chapter 941: Fighting Home Robbing Two People Group

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Chapter 941

"Mr. Lin Chen, this is..."

Qin Miao'er was anxious and worried, Lin Chen sipped coldly-"It's just my avatar, don't talk nonsense, lift this divine power, I will take you away!"

The sisters glanced at each other, palms closed, the divine power dissipated, and the lotus foot fell to the ground.

The two avatars put away the eighth-order swords and swords, and immediately unfolded their body, all the special attribute bubbles in the altar were swept away!

[The host obtains special attribute values: 40,000 points of heart-burning torch, 100,000 points of heart-burning torch, 80,000 points of heart-burning torch...]

At the same time that the attribute value was rushing, Lin Chen grabbed the second daughter and rushed out of the altar.

Shen Chen, who did not return his head, said-"Don't resist, I will put you in my luck transplantation capsule, and let me solve the next thing."

Brush ~! The suction of the Taoyuan pouch at the waist broke out, and the second woman was included. When they saw the two plants in Linchen's Taoyuan pouch, they were shocked and moved!

Even the Qiyun capsules are open to themselves, which means that Lin Chen has unconditional trust in their sisters!

"Roar~! You thieves, dare to touch the old lady's things!"

An angry roar that ripped through the clouds shook the entire palace, Lin Chen raised a brow-"Is it found, but I'm not afraid."

Lin Chens two avatars acted one after another, urging the innate shadow tactic to hide its breath and hide its shape!

Then, Lin Chen broke a space light above his head!

[The host initiates the super-dimensional teleport, teleporting to the 3rd space position, consuming 1 intermediate talent point

Brush ~!

When he appeared again, Lin Chen was in a courtyard behind the palace, crushing the goblin to give him the jade of war.

After a while, the goblin hurried into a rainbow, and his expression was a little exaggerated-"It's a pity that the old lady was not entangled with several holy realms, I have found her treasure house! It is actually located in the position of the space boundary , Old tyrant!"

Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly...

This little goblin is really brave! Dare to touch the treasure house of others!

"There are a lot of abnormal crystal fragments in the treasure house, plus two eighth-order holy mines, what a loss!"

Lin Chen's pity on the goblin's pity!

"You mean, there are a lot of abnormal crystal fragments? Then engage him, I will go to empty her treasure trove with you now!"

Lin Chen was excited. If there were a large number of alien crystal fragments, he could make more nirvana, and he didnt need to be too handy in the face of the saint!

"However, the gluttons have stopped fighting with those holy realms. We are now in the past. She may be killed at any time. Are you sure you want to go?"

The goblin blinked and turned his curiosity to stare at Lin Chen.

"I have a way to delay all of them!"

The two said to do it, and hurried to the secret passage outside the courtyard.


On the other side; the palace hall.

"Hahaha, Lin Chen, your kid finally fell into our hands!"

"Damn, I have ten thousand kinds of lynchings that can abuse you until you speak!"

The Five Sacred Realms will bind the avatars into the void, and grin madly, with a hearty heart!

After being played by a war emperor for so long, the sage must also have fire!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, so are you happy? Do you think that I will just come out and catch you?

Lin Chen smiled and smiled, then raised an eyebrow at the top of his head-"Look at you."

The Five Saints wondered, knowing that two ghost-like figures emerged from the darkness directly above the palace. Their temperament, appearance, and breath were completely connected to Lin Chen!

Wu Sheng dumbfounded!

Three Lin Chen?

Lin Chen's doppelganger grinned.

"The Dark Horse Club reminds you friendly, catch ten thousand people, and stabilize the first one. The sneak attack is not standard, and the ancestors have two tears."

The third avatar shrugged. "Laozi's body has long been hidden by me, but you still want to catch me?"

The five saints were so angry that the seven saints breathed smoke, the blue-clothed saint's five fingers grabbed the void, and the holy light floated from three people instantly.

"It's really fake, shit, go find that gluttonous man!"

"Beware of fraud, just in case, Cicada Saint, Wu Sheng, the two of you are looking for each corner of this palace! Let's find the gluttonous!"

The Five Saints acted quickly.

In the underground world; when the gluttons hurried back, they found that even the red flame of the entire altar was extinguished, and their eyes were split!

"Damn human race, dare to steal my things! Who is it, the old lady will swallow him!"

When the gluttons were angry, they jumped out of the darkness and embraced the waist of the gluttonous young woman.

The young woman was surprised, was that young boy Lang Linchen?

"Bang bang bang, I'm so scared, they are coming over~"

The doggy looks like a frightened little dog, with a look of "fear", but a sullen grin on the corner of his mouth.

Bang ~! Shengwei is coming!

A sneer came out-"Damn, it really is on you, gluttonous, honestly surrender the body of this child, otherwise you will die today!"

"Pretend to be a big-tailed wolf, do you really think the old man is afraid that you will have an eighth-order holy beast?"

The three saints stormed into the underground world!


One hundred meters below the ground of the palace, a cave was cast. The cave was vast and splendid, and the inner treasures were splendid. This place is the nest of the treasures!

Lin Chen released a small shadow, and the black cloud condensed into a dark mist to cover Lin Chen and the goblin. The small shadow flew and dragged the two through the space boundary!

"Little guy, good job!"

Lin Chen gave Xiao Shadow two seventh-order elixirs with a single flick, and stepped out of the dark step to rush into the cave.

At the bottom of the cave, there is no cave! It's bigger than the Scarlet Altar!

There are many heaven and earth treasures everywhere, tens of thousands, dazzling, dazzling!

The glutton is one of the lords of the corner of the dark island. A large number of high-level beasts want to obtain its refuge, and they must turn in countless tributes. These are one of the tributes!

In addition, there are ten counters lined up. Bottles and cans contain a large amount of panacea, all of which are of the seventh-order grade. More than 500 pieces have been visually observed. The small shadow saliva seen is direct, and the purple electricity condenses above the head- "True fragrance".

Lin Chen explored the counters a little, 100 pieces of 7th-level top-level treasures, 5 pieces of 7th-level peaks, 10 exercises, all of which are top-quality best-of-breed works of fine arts, and four volumes of Danfang!

There are more than one million silver holy yuan coins, nearly one hundred gold holy yuan coins, and a total of 12 alien fragments in a treasure box!

There are also two eighth-order holy mines!

The space of the Najie ring is limited, and even the high-level Najie ring can only hold about 300,000 silver holy yuan coins, so the treasure here must be most of the treasures!

"Wow, get rich!"

The goblin blew a whistle, glaring his eyes, and seemed to like this kind of fighting a family to rob peoples treasure trove.

The two looked at each other and laughed like a child!

Close! Collect them all, these are all cultivation resources, no one would think that cultivation resources are few!

The two men harvested one meal, the panacea all belonged to Lin Chen, the silver Shengyuan coins all belonged to the goblin, and the Jinshengyuan coins were divided into half.

Because of the need to feed the little shadow, Lin Chen's elixir storage is almost exhausted.

After discussing with the goblin, she only needs one piece of alien crystal, leaving 11 pieces to Lin Chen. But the price of compensation is: exercises, weapons, large amounts of medicinal materials, and goblins take most of it.