My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 942

Vol 5 Chapter 942: Like Water

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Chapter 942

All the tricks in the treasure house must be done by goblins. Eighth-order sacred mine, one per person.

In terms of weapons, Lin Chen only took one sword of "cutting the moon" and one sword of "qingming", and two seven-tier peak weapons.

Because the value of the alien crystal fragments was too high, Lin Chen compensated the goblin forty bottles of Qingyao jade dew. She only let Linchen pass. Fortunately, Qingyao tree produced enough Qingyao jade dew. .

As the two were about to leave, Lin Chen's eyes suddenly froze!

Just below the end of the cave, there is a strong blood red attribute light!

"There are high amount of attribute values over there!"

Lin Chen was shocked and rushed over immediately!

The goblin looked forward and followed Lin Chen.


In the underground world beneath the palace; the holy beast and three holy realms are drawn!

The gluttonous young woman grumbled violently and hoarsely said-"The old lady doesn't know this kid, you can't find death! Intentionally trouble the old lady?"

Fear of splitting-"Sister, how can you lift your pants and don't recognize people! That night you said that you really like my specialty, and even said that even ten saints would help me settle!"

San Sheng's face grew darker.

It can be seen that the anger in the eyes of the gluttonous young woman is not a disguise. The three saints are full of doubts!

What is the real situation? Does this gluttonous man really seem to not know Lin Chen?

Did Lin Chen use them to kill each other?

But Lin Chen did not know the holy beast, how could he dare to step into the territory of the eighth-order holy beast?

What if she and Lin Chen are in the same group if you let go? The gluttons are more familiar with the dark island than they are. If she runs away with Lin Chen, it will be extremely difficult to find her even if the Five Saints join forces!

The mystery! All mystery!

As if falling into an endless swamp, the three saints' hearts fell into hesitation, both forward and backward are doubtful!

This is the effect Lin Chen wants!

His phantom avatar has always been the ace of the ace, this time without the blood mark of Ying Tianmo, he can play the Four Saints!

"The old lady doesn't know you, die!"

Gourmet shot with a palm, smashed the avatar.

"See you, the old lady has nothing to do with this kid, get out!"

Seeing that the other party has five holy realms, Gao Qiang resisted the inner violent temperament.

However, the Three Saints did not act!

"It seems that you still don't intend to admit..."

"Well, fierce beasts are always beasts, even if you practice close to our realm, until you explain it!"

The choice of the three saints is to make mistakes and not let go!

There are Cicada Saint and Fog Saint outside, they do not believe that Lin Chen, a seriously injured person, can run away! On the contrary, it is necessary to solve the uneasy factor!


The sound of a violent explosion was heard from outside the palace, and his eyes were narrowed. In that direction, it was its cave!

"It turns out that you want to move my treasure, human race, to death! Roar~~!"

The gluttonous young woman burst into roar and released the gray light engulfing the wind and the clouds, and an ancient relic was born!

It is like a black iron, with a claw like a tiger, a tail like a cow, a posture like a horse, scales on its limbs, and a gray body free from the whole body. It looks fierce and fierce, and has a gnarled tooth with thousands of blades.

The two hundred-foot-long figure was like a mountain cross, standing in front of the Three Saints, so angry like a dragon.

If placed in the space between Kyushu and other mortal worlds, this ancient holy beast has a body size of more than 200,000 feet, and it can break down the big floorboards with one paw. The authentic archaic relics!

Dang ~! As soon as the main body of the gluttony was present, the blue clothed saint lifted his palms, and the holy force stirred into a collision of hard metal, and he could not help frowning-"A hard body..."

"The old lady swallowed you!"

The gluttonous light was exposed, the mouth opened bursts of dozens of devouring light, and the many holy skills of the Three Saints were revealed, and the two sides rolled up the war!


When the holy realms were in full swing, Lin Chen discovered the earth-shattering secret in the cave!

The skeleton of Baizhang is engraved with Xuanqi's bone patterns, and the surrounding is full of high-level qi and blood attribute light balls!

"This is a gluttonous skeleton that is about to break through the eighth order, but it was eaten before death. It didn't even leave the fierce beast core..."

The goblin knew the secret at first glance, and wondered how strange it was-"No wonder the nymph is so powerful, the most poisonous woman's heart, this one may be its husband or its relatives, but the mother swallowed it. The male and the female stepped into the eighth-order holy beast realm."

The remains of this corpse could not be placed in the Nahua, so the young women accumulated it together with many treasures.

[Get 3580 advanced qi blood, 2999 advanced qi blood, 5000 advanced qi blood...]

Lin Chen put away all the high-level qi and blood attributes of the light ball, a total of 90,000 points of advanced qi and blood!

The massive influx of qi and blood energy made Lin Chen have to urge the Dragon Emperor to share the refining and chemical reform!

The Dragon Emperor who swallowed the Dragon Prince has absorbed a group of advanced qi and blood, and his pure power has climbed to 69 million!

The true strength of the Dragon Emperor is even stronger than the Golden Armor Dragon Guard carried by the former Dragon Prince!

[Decompose eleven pieces of alien crystals, consume an intermediate sky value of 44 points, and obtain elemental attribute values: 7 advanced fire energy, 8 advanced earth energy, 6 advanced wind system energy...]

[Get special attribute value: Qianyang 25 million points from the fire...]

[Consume all special attribute values, 105 intermediate sky values, and start making blue level advanced nirvana...]

Lin Chen's thoughts were so fast, the moment he obtained the attribute value, he decomposed and made a nirvana. In one go!


The space enchantment outside the field was severely attacked, and the goblin smiled at Lin Chen: "There is a holy realm that finds here and is attacking the space enchantment~"

Lin Chen grabbed the goblin and smiled awkwardly-"Go!"

[The host starts the super-dimensional transmission, carrying the target +1, doubling the cost, consuming 4 intermediate talent points.

The two flashed and disappeared in place!

Bang ~!

The space boundary is broken, the cicada holy breaks into the sky, and his face changes slightly!

"What about people? The old man clearly feels that there are two more figures!"


Brush ~! The two returned to the palace courtyard again, and the goblin once again lamented the mystery of Lin Chen's means, which could actually use space to move in this dark island!

"Hey, if I give this thing back to you now, can you kill them all?"

The goblin took out the God of War bracers and shook it.

Lin Chen smiled: "It should be possible."

The goblin smiled charmingly-"I don't believe it, I'll give it back to you after finishing the job for me."

"Lin Chen?"

A wrath came, and the middle-aged man stepped on Wulong and traversed it. When he saw Lin Chen, he immediately pointed it out, and Wu Mang shuttled to Lin Chen!


One finger of Wu Sheng filled the entire courtyard and rolled out hundreds of feet of horror pits, but the figures of Lin Chen and the goblins disappeared out of thin air!

"Where did it go? Oops, was that the body just now!"

Wu Sheng's face changed, his palm crushed the seal, and immediately notified the other four saints!

Lin Chen has controlled the congenital shadow recipe and has already escaped with the goblin. This is the purpose of Lin Chens invasion into the dark secluded island. In the dark secluded island, the Holy Land cannot block the space and it is difficult to limit his movements!

"Innate Shadow Tips" will be like a fish here!