My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 943

Vol 5 Chapter 943: Lin Xingchen

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Chapter 943

"Phantom Doppelganger, all spread out!"

Lin Chen launched a 6th-level phantom rune, so that all the avatars launched the congenital shadow trick, dissipated their breath, and burst into the four sides of the palace!

This can disturb the sight of the Holy Land to a greater extent, and the highest priority is to avoid a positive conflict with the Holy Land!

Lin Chen's previous record of the God of War Bracers is difficult to duplicate.

The ability to seriously injure Ying Tianmo and kill the Three Saints in a single stroke is largely due to the three major nirvanas and the strongest 6-level slow runes played by exhausting all the rune energy!

The power of the two trump cards only caused subsequent delays, leaving the Four Saints with no chance of retreat!

Otherwise, Lin Chenguang is suffering and struggling to control when wearing the God of War bracers, the Holy Realm is enough to kill him!

Although Lin Chen has the nirvana in hand, the advanced rune energy is only 100 points!

If there is no means to delay the saints, even if the God of War bracers are used, it is difficult to hit the Holy Land.

"Oh, system, can my blank attributes be exchanged for advanced rune energy!"

Suddenly, Lin Chen asked the system.

His blank attribute has millions of points. If all can be converted into advanced rune energy, then there is no need to be afraid of the Five Saints!

[The level of the blank attribute is different from that of the advanced energy. If it is forcibly converted, the existing blank attribute value of the host can be converted into 11 points of advanced rune energy. Is it converted?

Lin Chen: "...Farewell."


When the dark island stirs upside down, strange domains and mysterious domains, one after another, shattered the news of the heavens, alarming the geniuses of the two domains for a long time!

"The Dark Horse Club was born, slammed the Tiange Pavilion, and killed the dragon prince? Winning the team martial arts championship?"

"All the geniuses in the Dark Horse Club are suspected to be quasi-eighth-level pharmacists? There are more than one orange-level stunts, or will they have the potential to become fifth-rank sect?"

"Its deputy director and genius list ranked only more than 80,000. How dare he challenge the Dark Patriarch Ancestor and be surrounded by 16 holy realms?"

Countless news spread like overwhelming, from the strange domain to the mysterious domain, and widely spread to the thirty-six domain!

The name of the dark horse club, the famous genius list!

In a certain area of the Holy Realm, hundreds of thousands of indistinct clouds, a magnificent red palace like immortal miracles, standing between the heavens and the earth, burning the flames of Huanghuang.

The glamorous lady in a red robe sat in the courtyard at the back of the shrine, holding the gold list, and listening quietly to the subordinates' information about the dark horse club.

Behind the glamorous lady stood on one knee and stood a few handsome and beautiful geniuses, all of the extraordinary geniuses in the top 30,000 geniuses!

"Fight all the saints and win the conference. Destroy many genius list geniuses and establish the Black Horse Club with one hand. It is suspected that all geniuses are quasi-eighth-level pharmacists. It is a bit interesting to kill the dragon prince..."

When the glamorous lady flicked her sleeves and retreated from her subordinates, she protruded a small head behind the screen in the courtyard and turned her curious eyes.

The beautiful and delicate body stretched out, showing the exquisite curves, the beautiful lips lifted, and the smile was like a flower-"Xiao Nizi, don't practice well and run out and play tricks."

The little girl hiding behind the screen threw out her tongue and jumped up and down to the lady in the red robe, asking curiously-"Sister, did my master come to the Holy Realm! I just heard his name Hey~"

The red robe and beautiful jade finger scraped Qiong nose of Xiao Nizi and smiled-"Master who opened and closed his mouth, how many times do you have to master every day and night after coming here, we have so many holy holy flames Realm, which one is not better than the stinky kid, why do you just talk about him like that, I have to envy my sister."

The little girl shook her head, shook her twin ponytails, and muttered-"I don't want them to be my masters!"

"The other elders teach long stories, and they don't have the pleasure of being taught by the master. Huh, those stinky brothers and stinky elder brothers also bullied me with the name of testing combat skills, and I was beaten all honestly!"

A little girl's pink jasper's cheeks had the look of'Mastering the Truth', and she shook her pink fist fiercely-"Master has taught me, whoever dares to bully me, I will fuck! It's right!"

The red robe and the beautiful lady couldn't help crying and laughing, this little aunt's grandma really had the devil's magic!

"You awakened the blood of the God of War, and suddenly joined the Shenyan Palace, which occupied a lot of cultivation resources. The sisters and brothers must have been dissatisfied. However, the rules of my Shenyan Palace have always only trained the strong. You rely on strength Conquered them."

The red robe and beautiful girl rubbed the little girl's hair spoiledly, and a few geniuses on one knee kneeled beside them heard the panic! The brain exploded!

Wushen bloodline?

The bloodline of one of the strongest god-level bloodlines in the legend? Known to be comparable to the Son of God, the Wushen bloodline?

What kind of fairy is this little girl? !

The little girl rolled her twinkling eyes, whispering-"Well, sister, can I go out and find a master..."


The lady pinched the little girls white ears and shook her head and smiled: "Well, let you go out in March, but you have to always bring the flame star stone I left to you, and crush it if necessary, I will be there By your side."

"Okay! I know my sister is the best! You can go to the master!"

The little girl kissed the profile of the beautiful lady in red robe, and trot away happily.

"By the way, remember that geniuses who are below 40,000 under the genius list are not allowed to shoot, in case they are killed by two or three times, but no one will give you an aftermath!"

Kneeling geniuses twitched their mouths...

"Get up, and in view of the fact that the information you brought is acceptable, go to the temple to get paid."

The red robe and the lady flicked their sleeves, and the few geniuses on their knees were ecstatic!

After retreating from the screen, the red robe and her gaze stared into the distance of the clouds, and at the very far point of the gaze, there was a group of eternal flames like the sun shining on the palace of flames!

The red robe lady muttered to herself.

"Lin Chen, can you catch up? It is not enough to rely on the performance now... Your opponent is not the ants of the genius list, not a few first-class Saint-level pharmacists can make up for it. ..."


Above the dark misty island, there stood the glorious and immortal holy palace.

The shape of the palace is like a phoenix flying toward the sky, wings spread out, the peach garden forest, pavilions lined up, Shenghui shines like a place where saints live.

"Is this the Phoenix Palace..."

Lin Chen stared at the behemoth in front of him, wondering.

After he and the goblin passed through the gluttonous palace, they crossed the space boundary and rushed to this point at full speed.

Now the Five Saints are still spinning around in the palace, especially when Lin Chen's five avatars are one after another and escape, the Five Saints are very happy to catch!

As everyone knows, Lin Chen's body has already reached the other side of the dark island!

"I feel the location of the treasure house here, let's go!"

The enchanted face of the goblin was full of excitement and excitement. With a wave of his hand, the two'thief kings' sneaked into the palace of the phoenix.


The dark fog filled the sky.

A sword light traversed straight and appeared across the sky.

The young man came with his sword, his face cold and arrogant, his face pale.

The most beautiful young man in white is his golden eyes, which are extradited like an eternal starlight, like a pupil with nine stars hanging over it, holding a sword monument, sword world, sword world!

At this time, he covered the blood on his chest, stepped on his sword and entered the dark mist, a pair of golden eyes with insight into everything, muttered to himself.

"The demon clan's strongman really has some skills. This seems to be a dark island. It is said that there is a holy phoenix inhabited, and its blood marrow and phoenix feathers are taken out to heal me!"

The youth is submerged in the dark fog, and the final point of the dark fog is an island shrouded in darkness!

This young man in white is Lin Xingchen, who wiped out the star-spirited palace with a sword!

At this time, he went straight to the dark island!