My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 944

Vol 5 Chapter 944: Half Orange Step Body Method?

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Chapter 944 !

Inside the Phoenix Palace; a handsome man in a phoenix sun and moon robe toasts and laughs.

"Hahaha, come on, beautiful people, don't get drunk with me, no one can leave today!"

"Ten Thousand Years!"

"St. Power!"

A group of graceful and clever people danced in dance poses, the clothes were like tulle, and the snow white waves were clearly visible, which caused the handsome man to hug several beautiful women and knead for a while.

"This life is really happy, there is a palace, there are a group of beautiful women, there is another one hundred million, simple and unpretentious, simple and boring, I like it."

Someone Lin passing by quietly surprised.

He was in a state of dissipation of the innate shadow tactics, and the man in the phoenix robe in the temple did not notice him and the goblin.

That handsome man, nine out of ten is the owner of this palace, Hong Yan Holy Phoenix!

"You can run in and join them now, I don't care."

The goblin put on his God of War bracers and chuckled, like the clouds of smoke from the spring of March, wearing a somewhat dangerous charm.

"Of course, I'm just talking, these women, which is not as good as my elder sister."

"Smelly shameless, who is yours, you are thinking about fart eating, and the thought is pretty beautiful."

"What? I was thinking of you just now. You actually said that I was thinking of farts. How can you scold yourself like this, elder sister, girls should cherish themselves!"

"It seems that you not only want to be beautiful, but also itchy!"


The two quarreled all the way, and went deep into the front of an unremarkable attic in the palace, but Lin Chen saw the aurora of the attribute light ball inside!

"What a dazzling light, it seems to be the attribute light of the Gongfa class!"

Lin Chen licked his tongue, and when he was looking forward to entering, the goblin stopped him!

"There is a hidden space ban here, and the big guy triggered us and found us!"

The goblin pointed to a space symbol outside the attic. If there was nothing, it exuded the power of space, forming a dense line of space, covering the entire attic.

As long as a thin line of space is touched, it will attract the attention of that holy phoenix!

Lin Chen released a small shadow and asked, pointing at the attic.

"Little guy, can you get it done."

The goblin also looked at the little shadow. It both nodded and shook its head.

Purple electricity condenses on the top of the little shadow-"You can enter alone, but you can't take people."

The two stared at each other, Lin Chen said to Xiaoying: "Then leave it to you, go in and move out the things inside one by one, remember, pick the expensive ones first! I will give you a lot of rewards !"

As soon as the little dark shadow shined, he rushed into the void, wandering into the crystal walls of space, passing through the thin lines of space.

The two were outside the pavilion and were waiting for their turn.

Soon, Little Shadow moved out of an eighth-order holy mine!

The little goblin said in a rare anxious way: "Little guy, this is not this, you first find the Phoenix Feather in a box, this is it!"

She took out the scroll and looked at Xiao Yingying. Xiao Yingying looked at Lin Chen. After Lin Chen nodded seriously, Xiao Yingying rushed in again!

Brush ~ brush ~ small shadows rummaged in the secret room, among the many silver holy yuan coins and mountainous treasures, finally turned out two green boxes, containing a fuchsia feather feather, very gorgeous.

The dark cloud-like figure of Little Shadow condensed two paws, and grabbed it excitedly, just preparing to move.

Dang ~! A thin line of space is broken!

Little Shadow was shocked, and then he recovered, and there were two space filaments under the green box. As long as the green box was moved too much, the space filament would break!

But it didn't notice it! Missed!

In the Phoenix Palace, Hongyan Shenghuang, who turned into a humanoid, instantly had a fierce eyes, igniting a purple flame, and he was completely drunk and murderous and awe-inspiring!

"A thief has mixed into my palace? Dare to move the sage's phoenix feather to find death!"

Outside the pavilion, Lin Chen and the goblin are still on guard, and the face of the goblin changes slightly!

"No, the big guy was alarmed!"

Bang ~!

The burgundy flame turned into a sea of fire and burned to the sky, rushed to the sky, and a man with burgundy wings was flying at a speed, and coldly said-"He Fang Xiaoxiao, get out!"

Hongyan Shenghuang lifted his hand and tore his claw marks like hooks, purple flames rolled, sharp and hot, swept out the hundred feet of claw blades, and withered and decayed, attacking the outside of the pavilion!

"Let the little guy hide, let me delay this guy, you can help me get things!"

The goblin pushed Lin Chen away, revealing his figure, and the slender jade hand circulated the red lotus flame, his fingertips flicked away, while tearing off the pavilion space ban, at the same time, he flew a red lotus into the sky, hitting the claw marks of Hongyan Saint Phoenix!

Bang~~! Bang ~~!

The flame tornado swept across the sky, the holy flame burned all over the sky.

Hong Yan Sheng Huang was startled, and immediately smirked with wickedness-"Hahaha, a beautiful peerless beauty, since here, don't leave today, stay with me here!"

Lin Chen was dumbfounded!

Holy Land?

This little goblin turned out to be the power of Holy Realm?

"I wipe it, why does it make me feel so sad! Now all the emotions that can be played on the island are holy places..."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched, and the goblin secretly whispered-"Come on, I may not be able to completely block it!"

The space ban has been torn apart by the goblin, and Lin Chen rushed straight into the treasure house.

Rumble~~! The sky outside was dim and dark, and the goblin and the holy phoenix were fighting together.

Hong Yan Holy Phoenix decisively revealed the body, transformed into a huge purple phoenix with three tails, and he was overbearing with the prestige of the prestige, and the world's prestige, and he showed his true strength as soon as he appeared. He seemed determined to capture the goblin!

She was born with lotus flowers, slender and graceful, and she could avoid the attack of the Holy Phoenix every time she danced.

Lin Chen broke into the pavilion, and at this time the little shadow was at a loss, panicked, saw Lin Chen enter, and quickly returned to Lin Chen's side.

Lin Chen grabbed the two green boxes, and cut the space lines arbitrarily, and the Holy Phoenix outside was shocked!

"And a thief?"

Bang! Fingerprint Zhentian, one finger cracked down, with a bang, exploded behind the Holy Phoenix and knocked it down!

"Your opponent is me. If you don't want to die, concentrate on me."

The goblin chuckled and ran across to the Holy Phoenix.

At this time, the goblin and the holy phoenix didn't notice that a sword of energy spread across thousands of miles, striking in a vertical direction, and was rushing towards here at an incredible speed!


Lin Chen in the pavilion took two'Undead Phoenix Feathers' and looked around the interior of the pavilion, which was filled with silver holy yuan coins, ten pieces of eight-level ores, and a lot of treasures!

Lin Chen opened Taoyuan capsules, all received according to orders! If it is an ordinary strong man, there is absolutely no room for so many treasures, but Lin Chens Taoyuan capsule planting space is huge, it is not worth it!

As for his system space, only the things produced by the system can be placed in the system space, such as the God of War Bracers, otherwise other things cannot enter the system space.

When Lin Chen collected many treasures all the way to the top floor, the orange gleaming property light ball shone here!

This is the attribute light ball of the Gongfa class!

Lin Chen was so excited that he grabbed the orange light ball!

[The host obtains a light ball of the power attribute, and after absorption, it obtains: Half-orange step body skill "Dragon Flash"