My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 945

Vol 5 Chapter 945: Lin Chen Vs Lin Xingchen?

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Chapter 945, Lin Chen VS Lin Xingchen? !

Half-orange physique is awesome?

Lin Chen was shocked. His strongest body method now is +13 "Infinite Dark Step". This body method can play the speed of the purple top-level best body method with his mind and ultimate moment talent!

However, the body technique of the half-orange stage is completely different!

The Purple Step Body Method and the Half Orange Step Body Method are two concepts!

Moreover, in Lin Chen's hands, if the half-orange step body method is strengthened by the strengthening function, the bonus of the mind method, and the increase of the ultimate moment talent, it will be infinitely close to the orange step body method!

The only regret is that the Rune of Charging can only be applied to the attacking combat skills, otherwise Lin Chen will play the magic power of the Orange Order body method!

"I have another way to save my life! Find a time, take the time to learn this method!"

Lin Chen suppressed the ecstasy in his heart, and quickly left the pavilion, flashing his body, and rushed out of the loft!

At the next moment, what Lin Chen saw from the outside world made Lin Chen unbelievable and his pupils were trembling!

Huge Yanshan's holy phoenix holy phoenix fell to the ground, the blood of holy phoenix flowed into a river!

Its body and sperm and blood are scattered with the purple-red attribute light sphere, which is the brilliance of the blood vein attribute light sphere alone!

Its phoenix flame is gradually extinguished, and the holy phoenix family, known as the extremely strong vitality, actually fell here on the spot!

Before he died, his gaze was filled with unbelievable, muttered words-"Awesome...sword..."

"The goblin killed it? No, no! Who is it?"

Lin Chen was shocked when he saw the faint sword energy remaining in the split of the head of Hong Yan's holy phoenix!

A young man in white stood proudly above the body of Hong Yan Shenghuang.

The young man in white with one hand pumped out the blood pith of Hong Yan Saint Phoenix, and pulled a dozen-foot-long purple blood pith into an energy essence!

The goblin fell on a cliff, her beautiful appearance and temperament. At the moment, her flowers were pale and her robe was messy. She was cut by multiple sword marks, exposing jade-like white skin and blood stains.

The goblin trembled and said-"Lin Chen...Hurry to take the undead Phoenix Feather, go..."

Lin Xingchen seemed to feel something, and looked at Lin Chen's spatial orientation, saying indifferently-"Unexpectedly, there is still a ants."

Lin Chen was shocked! This person can actually see through his'innate shadow trick'?

He dispelled the dark robbery and showed his true shape.

At this moment, two fateful eyes of a thousand reincarnations looked at each other awe-inspiringly!

Lin Xingchen stared at the silver robe boy in the distance, and a very strange feeling appeared in his heart.

His golden pupil radiated a few wisps of anger, and he was puzzled.

This young man, to him now, is very weak.

But somehow, he couldn't afford to be slighted!

He didn't have the smell of weak ants, but there was a kind of one that threatened his spirit!

The youth in white looks slightly strange.

"I'm afraid of this kid? I'm afraid of a ant who hasn't even reached the Holy Land? Joke!"

Lin Xingchen felt absurd and sneered again and again!

His generation of arrogant arrogance, despised countless geniuses of the Holy Realm, he did not even look at the entire Holy Realm! It is a true born supreme, shouldering the glory of the God Realm!

In this way, will he be afraid of a war emperor? It's a joke!

Lin Chen's inner shock is no small!

He pulled away the lining, and under the robe, nine birthmarks like stars gleamed faintly?

This is Lin Chen's birthmark. When the Su Guanshi of Shen Wuzong picked him up, it was in a bright moonlight night.

In the night, he was only wrapped in a ragged robe with the word Lin. Lin Chen, who was a baby at the time, had a faint starlight with nine birthmarks on his chest.

In the future, the Su Administrate named it: Lin Chen.

The word chen comes from the reaction of the birthmark to the stars.

The word Lin comes from the worn-out robe draped on Lin Chen's body.

This birthmark is in Lin Chen's memory. The nine birthmarks will only emit a little light when facing the full moon or the bright night of the stars, which is useless.

Lin Chen's blood is even more mortal, but today he has a little reaction to the white-clothed youth in front of him?

"Mary ants, you come out of the pavilion, presumably to come for the undead Phoenix Feathers too. Hand over the undead Phoenix Feathers, I will spare you undead, you can get out immediately."

Lin Xingchen pretended to be extraordinary, and actually asked Lin Chen to hand over the undead Phoenix Feather and spare him!

This is his arrogance! Conceited arrogance!

He never put any genius in the Holy World in his eyes!

If a warlord is beheaded here, proving that he does not have absolute confidence in his potential and future, it will create a great obstacle to his state of mind!

Will Lin Xingchen fear a war emperor? joke!

Lin Chen took a dark step, rushed over the cliff, blocked by the little demon, hugged her in her arms, and the beautiful lady's face turned slightly red.

Lin Chen embraced the goblin's slim waist with one hand and smiled indifferently.

"If I hand over the undead Phoenix Feather, I don't know if I can take her away."

Lin Xingchen sneered-"She, offended me, will definitely die. Do you think you are qualified to negotiate with me?"

"Oh? You are hanging out."

Lin Chen smiled, searching back and forth from the sprite of the little goblin.

"Hey! What are you doing, you touch it there!"

The goblin whispered coldly-"Dare you dare to take the danger?"

"Cut, my Yueqi and Ruoyan sisters are much prettier than you, less pretentious, and I'm getting my big baby back."

Lin Chen touched and found the God of War bracers, and said in his heart, "It feels so good, it's really a goblin. I'm afraid that only Yueqi's body is comparable."

Even though he was seriously injured, Lin Xingchen still held his arms in his arms, staring at everything, and the cold pride between the eyebrows was extremely arrogant, overlooking Lin Chen-"Ant, do you want to resist me?"

"Don't fight him, you are not his opponent!"

The goblin said anxiously, Lin Chen pulled her to the side, "Women don't intervene in men's affairs."

Lin Chen's overbearing attitude surprised the goblin.

He can obviously leave the undead Phoenix Feather! Why do you want to stay here desperately?

Lin Chen held the Bracers of the God of War, and the evil spirit smiled.

"You look very hungry, knowing that I didn't intend to hand over the undead Phoenix Feather, but I didn't stop my action."

Although the goblin used herself to steal the "Undead Phoenix Feather", it is true that she saved herself.

Lin Chen, after using the God of War bracers, is the end of a strong crossbow, just like Little Shadow.

Without the goblin's sake, Lin Chen had long been a food for the fierce beasts in a coma. In his bottom line, he did not ignore this one for the life-saving benefactor!

"Because you and I are different, you are just ants on the ground, no one cares what the ants want to do. In my eyes, it is all a matter of pinch to death."

Lin Xingchen's eyes were chilling indifferently!

Lin Chen laughed awe-inspiringly!

"That's really thank you! In my eyes, you are the same! I face everyone the same, life and death are bearish, and do it if you don't agree!"

Lin Chen stuffed a lot of Long Qingguo, and the overbearing smile seemed mad!

At the next moment, Lin Chen put on the bracers of God of War fiercely!

Bang ~!

Shenhui shines, the golden light floats! Lin Chen's eyes shine through the world!

The invincible momentum to dominate the heavens and the world, broke out from the bracers of God of War!

Lin Chen wore the golden light of the gods, like a **** of war!

At this moment, Lin Xingchen's face suddenly became particularly exciting!

Unexpected showdown; Lin Chen VS Lin Xingchen?