My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 946

Vol 5 Chapter 946: If You Kiss Me Again..

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Chapter 946, If You Kiss Me Again...

Boom~! !

Ten thousand golden radiances surged out of Lin Chen's body, fluttering and dancing, and the silver robe rolled and hunted, releasing the glory of the world!

He dissociated the illusion of divine light, like the **** of war in helmet and armor, and the prestige of war dominated the heavens and the world!


Almost instinctively, Lin Xingchen clenched the sword in his waist instantly!

Lin Chen's momentum has soared hundreds of thousands of times in an instant! Leap to a whole new level!

"what is this"

Lin Xingchen's eyes fixed on the God of War bracers on Lin Chen's arm, his expression dignified-"So, this is why he threatened me. I didn't feel anything strange about this thing just now... "


Lin Chen collapsed into a paste again, and many blood stains ran all over his body.

God of War Bracers, he is still difficult to control!

Lin Chen was already ready, launched the "Ultimate Moment", seven changes! "Extreme Return" talent, used again and again!

With previous experience, Lin Chen is no longer obsessed with punching!

He was bathed in blood and clenched his fists against the clock to make a "finger"!

A sense of crisis suddenly enveloped Lin Xingchen, his body was about to move, but Lin Chen repeatedly predicted his reaction, suddenly cold!

"Fuck you a coercion. Didn't you just pretend to be forced? Why did you want to run now? Is it that there is no kind of seed, and there is a kind of catching Lao Tzu's finger!"

Lin Xingchen's cold and proud face suddenly appeared a look of anger!

Even such a low-level act of aggression stimulates his arrogant heart!

"Different ants, dare to yell at me, die!"


The Excalibur is out of the sheath, and the Sword Yin reverberates in the sky of Jiuxiao Town, stabs the entire dark island!

"What sword is that..."

The eye of the little fairy trembles, and the sword in Lin Xingchen's hands is very mysterious.

From the sword handle, there are more than a dozen vessels connected to Lin Xingchens arm, which is very strange, as if the sword is part of him, more like a living thing!

"Yes, that's how it is, coercion can't beat someone Lin!"

Lin Chen grinned, bleeding at the corners of his mouth, countless Shenhui Golden Mansions condensed his fingertips, he snapped a finger!

A golden glow projectile went away, almost instantaneously!

Bang~! Tear ~!

The peerless divine power to explode the parachute crystal wall is condensed a little, and the ultimate power and speed are condensed into a golden glow!

God Mang Jinhui tore the space crystal wall of this dark island, and lashed Lin Xingchen!

Lin Xingchen raised his sword and stood, holding his sword against the palm of his hand.

"breaking Dawn!"

Bang ~! The wind and clouds gathered into a little starlight, and the extreme sword light illuminated the dark mist of the dark island. The blade of the sword was the sharpest sword light, and a sword burst into anger!

Dang ~! Bang~!

The moment when Jian Guang's sharpest point collided with the Jin Hui who had gathered hundreds of millions of dragons, shattered the entire sky!

History meets at this moment!

boom! boom! boom!

It is almost difficult to destroy with words of space hurricane, crush the entire Huang Palace into pieces, smash the dust, explode the mountains, and explode the faint golden afterglow and the scattered afterglow of sword gas starlight?

"It is this power, that day he instantly killed the power of the Three Saints. I don't know if it is useful for this monster!"

The elf elaborately stretched to the extreme!

This young man is a real monster!

One sword cut the Holy Phoenix, two swords defeated her!

Among the demon she has been in contact with, there is no demon monster with this kind of strength!

Even more frightening, this person seems to be seriously injured!

at last


Lin Xingchen's mouth was bleeding, old injuries plus new injuries, and he couldn't resist it at last!

Due to the injury to Lin Xingchen, dozens of high-quality attribute light **** rolled down on the sky!

Lin Chen at this time is no better than Lin Xingchen!

His whole body continued to collapse, blood spewed out and was on the verge of death!

Lin Chen hardly had any hesitation, gritted his teeth fiercely, and hurriedly gathered his second finger!

"not good!"

Lin Xingchen was shocked!

"Give me, die!"

Lin Chen roared, and it was a rallying of the cohesive force!

The second Shenhui Jinmang burst into the sky!

Poof~! Tear ~!

Jin Hui tears the void, the stronger the power, the faster the speed!

Lin Xingchen didn't have time to avoid it at all, set up the sword horizontally, the star flowed in the vast starlight, received the sun and the moon, cut the half of the sword rainbow...


Jin Hui's mansions, condensed by pure power, knocked out the afterglow of the sky, and the foundation of the entire Phoenix Palace was cracked by inches!

The strong wind that shakes Yuntian rushed up to the sky, which actually diluted the countless dark mist that enveloped the dark island, making the moonlight pouring down from the outside!

A five-color dazzling Supreme Treasure Chest is suspended, and it is another Five-Light Supreme Treasure Chest!

Brush ~! Starlight shuttle, carrying the blood pith of Hong Yan Shenghuang to shuttle through the void escape!

"Little devil, I remember you! Dare to let me hurt Lin Xingchen, he will surely pay back his blood in the future!"

The sound just dropped, and the starlight had long since disappeared.

Lin Chen knelt on one knee and spit out the blood on the floor, the seven tricks bleed, and the bones of his body heard a cracking sound of "Kaka".

The goblin hurriedly supported him and quickly unfastened the bracers of the God of War for him, anxiously said: "Lin Chen, are you okay, don't scare me!"

Lin Chen's eyes glanced at the goblin, and even the power of speech was lacking, and the highlights in his eyes gradually dimmed...

"Damn, I never thought I would die here..."

Lin Chen sighed inside and used the second finger of the God of War bracers to make his body shattered by the erupting force.

Even the heart and the life wheel of qi have broken apart, and there is no surgery! But if you dont use it a second time, you wont be able to repel that strong enemy!

"He just said that his name is Lin Xingchen, and he is the same surname Lin as me. My strange birthmark also responded to him. Does he have anything to do with my life..."

"Unfortunately, I am going to die here. It doesn't matter what my life is..."

"Well, he was destroyed by the force just now, what to do..."

The demon was meticulously anxious.

Suddenly, she flashed her eyes and excitedly said-"Lin Chen, don't die first, where did the undead Phoenix Feather you stole go, it still has a chance to save your life!"

Lin Chen still had the strength to speak. When the whole body cracked and separated, Xiaoying quickly took out the two green boxes from the Taoyuan capsule.

The little goblin was delighted, and immediately opened Qingxia and put one of the "Undead Phoenix Feathers" on Lin Chen's chest. When a trace of fighting spirit was urged, the undead Phoenix Feathers burned up and Lin Chen bathed in the flames of Phoenix Feathers.

However, the goblin hasn't had time to be happy yet, and the pretty face has changed again!

"Oops! His vitality continues to collapse, and the repair power of the undead Phoenix Feather can't keep up with the speed of his collapse, and his has entered a state of death..."

The goblin was full of regret. Unexpectedly, Lin Chen would die because of her. She had always been bold, but she never expected to kill such a young talent.

When a suspected miraculous force is about to explode from Lin Chen's body...

At this time, the flame of the undead Phoenix Feather burned Lin Chen. Although he could not save him, he absorbed all the purple-red attributed light **** near Hong Yan Holy Phoenix!

"Woo, Lin Chen, don't you die!"

The goblin's grievances made me cry!

"You just can run just now, why do you want to look back, can't you just leave the undead Phoenix Feather, you are stupid!"

"If you kiss me again, maybe I will be alive this time..."

Lin Chens voice came, and the goblin subconsciously wiped her tears and said-"If I kiss you, will you come"