My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 947

Vol 5 Chapter 947: I Have A Friend Who Doesnt Want To Work

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Chapter 947

In the southern part of the dark island, there are five saints and gluttonous wars in the front, and then Qin family sword saint Qin Zhentian and Lian Wanjin infiltrate!

Bang~! Bang~!

Two tremendous sounds shaking the dark island echoed into the sky, attracting the attention of Lian Wanjin and Qin Zhentian!

"What's the sound? It actually came from inside the dark island..."

"Something wrong, the Double Holy Realm may not be able to make such a terrible momentum in the dark island, the situation has changed, go and look inside the dark island!"

The eyes of the Double Saints condensed and rushed into the depths of the dark island!


"Stinking Linchen, dare you lie to me?"

The goblin raised his hand and wanted to give Lin Chen a mouth. He said immediately, "Hey, I'm an injured person. If you hit me, what if you kill me again!"

The little goblin realized that Lin Chen was bathed in the flames of the undead Phoenix Feathers, with a purple flame!

"This... what is this?"

The goblin was suspicious. Just now she had determined that Lin Chen's injury was too serious, and even the undead Phoenix Feather could not be saved.

"It seems that I have another opportunity..."

Behind Lin Chen, a red light unfolded, and the translucent phoenix wings around the faint red light began to evolve!

Lin Chen turned on the system light screen, and as expected, after absorbing Hong Yan Shenghuang's attribute light ball, the system popped up the light screen continuously.

[The host obtains 120,000 points of the blood of Hong Yan True Phoenix and 100,000 points of the blood of Hong Yan True Phoenix...]

[Because the host is in a special state where the power of the undead Phoenix Feather is burning and repairing the flesh, the blood veins of Hong Yans True Phoenix and the hosts True Flame Purple Phoenix are fused...]

His blood flame of the real purple phoenix actually merged with the blood vein of the true phoenix of Hong Yan?

Under normal circumstances, the True Flame Purple Phoenix bloodline is not as good as the Hongyan True Phoenix bloodline. The former's growth limit is both an eighth-order primary holy beast, and it is rare in a family.

The peak of the growth of the blood veins of the true phoenix of Hong Yan is the eighth-rank peak, and its ancestor is the Taishi Yanhuang of the mythical beast. Although the ancestors are the same, the branches can be different.

However, Lin Chen was in a state where the flesh and blood body collapsed, and took the opportunity of the burning of the undead Phoenix Feather as an opportunity to merge the bloodline attributes of Hong Yan True Phoenix and the blood flame of True Flame Purple Phoenix.

Double Phoenix Nirvana was reborn, and only then pulled Lin Chen's life back into the ghost gate!

"Damn, if you dont arrive at the Holy Land, use the God of War bracers to find death. The second finger will shatter my vitality directly. This time, there will be an undead Phoenix Feather plus bloodline fusion, and there will be no **** next time. Luck!"

Bloodline fusion and immortal Huang Yu are constantly repairing Lin Chen's body. When he can't move, he finds a five-light supreme treasure box that the young man in white has dropped this time!

As for the attribute light ball... or absorbed by the God of War Bracers!

Lin Chen stimulates the heart once every time he sees it. The attribute light sphere no longer belongs to him only. There is nothing really going to be able to release this God of War bracers.

Lin Chen summoned the Dragon Emperor and took away the Five Light Supreme Treasure Chest.

When the system light screen pops up, his expression is gradually dull, his mouth wide open, and his face is unbelievable!

"Why do you open your mouth so much? If you don't leave, those holy places should find us!"

The goblin said grumpily, apparently holding a grudge against Lin Chen who had just teased her.

Lin Chen ignored her and stared at the system light screen with his eyes!

[The host opens the Five-Light Supreme Treasure Chest and obtains the orange-level passive talent fragment: Extreme God Possession (1/4).

[Orange Tier Passive Talent Extreme God Possession: The power of the Orange Tier combat skills made by the host with a large bonus without any consumption and without any conditions (applicable to combat skills, not applicable to some special exercises and mental methods) Bonus: unknown. Ask the host to collect the missing talent fragments, you can know all the information of the passive talent.

Orange rank passive talent fragments?

Lin Chen's mouth was trembling...

The Supreme Treasure Chest dropped from Lin Xingchen actually opened orange rank passive talent fragments?

He didn't dare to think about this thing before!

"If you can superimpose this talent and the Rune of Charge, you just don't know how much you can increase..."

Lin Chen couldn't care about thinking, so the little goblin took him away without saying anything, and said to her-"There is already a sacred realm that has crossed the gluttonous territory, we should go!"

Lin Chen froze: "Go? Where?"

"Of course it is to go outside the territory of Hongyan Holy Phoenix. As long as we go to the Southern Region, these guys can't catch up with us."

The goblin took the remaining "Undead Phoenix Feather" and returned the God of War Bracers to Lin Chen, carrying him leaps and bounds all the way, knowing the secret island.


On the way, the goblin vomited blood again, and the blood stained her robe, poignant and enchanting.

Lin Xingchen had two swords in her body, and the sword gas invaded her body, causing great damage.

It is still not enough to rely on the restoration of Yinshengyuan and Jinshengyuan coins, and the seven dragon fruit that Lin Chen gave her.

The restoration of the Eucharist is by no means easy, unless Lin Chen takes all the Long Qingguo produced by Long Qingshu, but this will delay Lin Chens many matters, and he has another option.

"Eat it."

Lin Chen bathed in the flames of the undead Phoenix Feather handed out a bottle of jade with a seal.

The elixir contained in the bottle can't help moving even the goblin!

"Yipin Shengdan, how do you have this?"

This is the eighth order Saint Pill! Even her identity is extremely difficult to enjoy, Lin Chen is only a genius list genius, how can he be an eighth-order Saint Pill?

"Don't think that I have nothing but handsomeness. I have several eighth-level pharmacists working for me."

Lin Chen grinned, and the goblin spit out the lilac tongue: "Braughts are not afraid of blushing."

The goblin took a deep look at Lin Chen, who was not a hypocritical person, and took over Sheng Dan's clothes.

Wow~! The Eucharist is nourishing, bright and beautiful, and the scars healed with naked eyes.

Those meridians, Shengyuan, which were ripped apart by sword qi, began to quickly make up, such as the seas and rivers, the power of Shengdan, extraordinary!

If Lin Chen took it, his body could not bear such a huge amount of energy.

Lin Chen gave her such a precious medicine to her, proving his trust, and the trust of the two rose sharply.

While holding the Lin Chen, the goblin stuffed something in his arms.

"Well, this is my Zixia Ling. If you are free, you can come to the Zixia Wanggu in the South Region. The name of your aunt is enough to make you eat spicy and spicy in Zixia Wanggu!"

Lin Chen smiled and said: "Is it so good, then I will go in two days, I want to find the most beautiful girl there to accompany me for a few nights!"

"Cut, Zixia Wanggu is the most beautiful grandma..."

"Then you come?"

"Think beautiful! No way!"


At one hour, the energy of Sheng Dan allowed the goblin to recover while driving Lin Chen. The two arrived at the end of the territory of Hong Yan Holy Phoenix, and the dark fog dissipated slightly. Here is the route from Lin Xingchen to the dark island.

Lin Chen, still bathed in the flames of the undead Phoenix Feather, suddenly asked the goblin, "Yes, there are so many forces in the Holy Realm, which forces are in control of the Holy Prison? Is there a way to get in?"

After Lin Chen arrived at the Holy Realm, the only thing he had the biggest contact with now was the little demon in front of him.

Perhaps, I can get some news about her in prison.

Lin Chen has always been obsessed with the orange-order mentality "Tai Yi Fu Tian Jue"!

Goblin is surprised-"What are you asking about this, do you want to go in?"

Lin Chen scratched his head. "I have a friend who doesn't want to work. The car was stolen. I want to find a chance to go in and want to visit him."

Goblin: "?"