My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 948

Vol 5 Chapter 948: Fushikuni

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Chapter 948

"Holy Prison does not belong to any forces, to be precise, it belongs to the gods."

The goblin uttered an astonishing saying, "Holy Prison detains the most horrible criminals in the Holy Realm, but the gods see nowhere, and there is a Judgment Tribunal to replace the gods all year round. Their existence is the most independent existence in the Holy Realm."

Lin Chen's expression was solemn-"I heard that there was an escape from the Holy Prison. What happened?"

The goblin shook his head: "That's a special case. In addition, in the history of the holy prison, there is no one who can escape from the prison. It is said that the devil woman appeared in the holy prison out of thin air, and it seems that even the holy prison approval committee did not know her. Where to enter."

"She was alone from the nineteenth floor of the holy prison to the first floor, releasing countless criminals. It is said that she also took some hidden powers. This thing even my master talked about the color change, only faintly remember Master has revealed that the demon clan women and the gods of the Holy World have to deal with each other, and the outcome is not known..."

"That's it..." Lin Chen's pretending face didn't change color, but his heart shivered a few times!

Damn, has the woman in black ever confronted the true god?

Being able to break into the holy prison alone and force the gods out, she is most likely also a... god?

"Lao Tzu is stared at by a god? My grass, what the **** is this luck......"

Lin Chen was cold and sweaty. He thought that cultivation had reached the holy realm, at least a little bit against the mysterious woman. Now it seems that the holy realm is not enough!

Lin Chen, a serious goblin, said: "If you really have any acquaintances caught in the holy prison, I advise you to stop thinking about it. It is an eternal hell, and no one can come out, similar to the previous upheaval, The holy prison has become more guarded, the only way to get in is to be caught in..."

"I'll ask, rest assured, I'm not the one who likes to find death."

Lin Chen smiled, and the goblin flirted with white eyes-"Who knows, some people look weak and can't help the wind, fighting, but life and death are bearish, and do it if you don't agree."

Holy Prison, Lin Chen must go. The nine devil eyes of Kyushu also need the unique nine-brake nails of the Holy Prison in order to suppress it. Otherwise, Kyushu must be in disarray in the world after a hundred years.

"Taiyi Futian Jue" also determines Lin Chen's future. The orange-order mentality is his strongest capital against many powerful men!

"Perhaps, I can find the mysterious woman. She entered the holy prison with her own strength. Maybe she has a special way to enter..."

Lin Chen looked at the looming magic mark on his palm and smiled bitterly in his heart.

Bang ~! The space shook, and Lin Chen's bloodline showed a new energy!

[The host's True Flame Purple Phoenix bloodline is integrated with the Hongyan True Phoenix bloodline, bloodline energy value: 47.5 million points.

Bloodline fusion is complete!

"My Phoenix Wings have also evolved, and the fighting power of the Dragon Emperor and I have increased by a few points. In terms of speed, there should be no faster than me at the same level."

Lin Chen put away the purple-red phoenix wings and reached the end of the dark island with the goblin!

A ray of sunlight penetrates the sea, the place is surrounded by the sea, and the sea is vast.

Behind the dark secluded island, a dark mist filled.

"I still have something to do. If you take this with you, I can perceive your position within a certain distance."

The goblin handed him a jade slip, and Lin Chen accepted it, and the goblin smiled and said-"You are very good to me, this friend, my little demon! I will cover you in the future!"

Lin Chen sneered: "OK, hahaha."

The goblin also has an appetite for him.

When the goblin left the air, she smiled at Yan Ran, charming and peerless, and waved-"Lin Chen, don't you die, I'm waiting for you on the list of evildoers, otherwise the next fight will be boring! "

Lin Chen shook his head and smiled, walked out of the dark island and flew into the air.

He opened the Taoyuan capsule and released the two sisters.

"Master Lin Chen, are you okay!"

Qin Miao'er looked at Lin Chen for the first time.

"It's okay, we escaped. But the crisis has not been lifted, and the holy realm of chasing me has not stopped, so we have to hurry..."

Lin Chen smiled, Qin Jueyan's heart shivered, and wondered: "Slay your holy realm?"

"Talk while walking..."

Lin Chen and his sisters briefly explained the situation of the dark island.

The second daughter was shocked and scared, Lin Chen even provoked a large number of holy realms?

But if it were not so, they would not be rescued as a result!

If it were not Lin Chen, their sisters would have to be buried in the mouths of gluttons!

But this time, the dark island, Lin Chen harvested quite a lot, the treasure house of Hong Yan's true phoenix, all the goblins were given to Lin Chen, making his background a little richer.

But the most important thing is the information he encountered and learned!

The Ares Bracers are still full of doubts.

But this thing must be Lin Chen's ultimate killer!

Not to mention a punch, Lin Chen wears it with one finger is the limit, two deaths!

Lin Xingchen? Where is this person sacred, and his birthmark will have a weak reaction to this person...

What is more terrible is that this person's strength is simply so strong!

His life fluctuates as young as the genius list, but the genius in the genius list is in front of him, even the shoes are not worthy!

Hongyan Shenghuang, who was extremely powerful, was beheaded with one sword, and the mysterious goblin was defeated by his two swords.

At that time, Lin Xingchen seemed to be seriously injured?

Unless he is extremely arrogant, he will die with the bracers of the God of War!

"The mystery to be solved is really difficult. My strength is still too weak. If I have the strength of the Holy Realm, it would be right to directly blast these guys. How can there be so much fart!"

Lin Chen put away his feelings and kept flying the "innate shadow tactics" all the way to eliminate the breath.

This place is in the south, with many seas and islands like pearls.

Lin Chen wore a Thousand Fantasy Mask and turned into a handsome man.

The second woman was surprised for a while, but he could perfectly disguise as the "Zhendeshuai" in the dark horse club?

He carefully disguised the second daughter, as long as he found the site of the fourth-grade power, he could generally find a large space channel, which could be sent back to the Xuanyu or the strange domain.

Lin Chen also solemnly instructed the second daughter to stay away from him at all times and return to the strange domain.

The goblin can leave the dark island so quickly because she has a map of the dark island and enters the dark island after passing through the strange land.

And those holy places, Lin Chen is not sure when they will rush out of the other side of the dark island...

The three of them flew all the way for half a day and landed on the territory of a Fu Shengguo, a holy country of the fourth grade.

The Holy Kingdom is an ancient kingdom in the Holy Realm.

The establishment of the Holy Realm, like the establishment of the sect, must hold the Qiyun Lingzhi and the Holy Land.

The holy country does not have one grade, because the ancient country without the sanctuary has long been destroyed in history.


A small island on the edge of Blue and White Island, a pavilion was cast nearby.

A group of elders and children lined up here to receive the Elixir, or to cultivate resources, or to thank and thank you, and queue up.

"Don't worry, everyone will have panacea. This epidemic will definitely be controlled!"

In front of the long line is a medical hall. There is only one woman in white sitting, elegant and ethereal, with a slender and light figure, like Yingying Liuzhi.

Wearing a cloak, she did not show the true content, and in turn distributed the Elixir and herbs to the elderly and children in line.

Poof~! Splashing water, a group of youths with respect to the world came back and laughed excitedly.

"Grandpa, we have hunted the barren fish! By eating the bones of the barren fish, we can stabilize the epidemic in everyone!"

Bang ~!

As soon as the words fell, the sea surface stirred up a shocking wave, and a monstrous giant was struggling with countless barbs, grievously emerged, and uttered eloquently-"I can have a full meal again, quack!"

The faces of the young people are shocking! Is it the seventh-order saber-toothed dragon fish, has it tracked them all the way?

Swordtooth dragon fish rushed to the group of young people, Yuanzun Realm's speed is far less than the seventh order beast!

Brush ~! The woman in white turned into an afterimage, her hand flicked lightly, opened a combat barrier to block the bite of the dragon fish, and quickly pushed away everyone, shouting-"Go to the guard commander in the city to help! Everyone, leave here!"

The young men gritted their teeth and fled. The faces of all the old and young women were shocked!

"Princess, don't! Run away!"

"The Princess is in danger, come back soon!"

This dragon fish power broke through 9 million dragon powers. The woman in white was unable to block it for too long, and the combat gas barrier was torn by a sneer!

The woman in white trembles with a delicate body, and the dragon fish bites down. The fierce and **** hurricane blasted the woman's cloak.