My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 949

Vol 5 Chapter 949: Princess Get Married

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Chapter 949

Bang ~!

Saber-toothed dragon fish stopped in place and could not advance half a point. When the dark robbery dissipated, a silver robe appeared in front of the woman in white.

"It's all right."

The young man asked without looking back. The woman responded-"Well, the son is careful."

The voice just fell.

Tear ~!

The juvenile's fingertips flashed with light, the dragon fish was divided into two halves, blood and blood collapsed, and flesh and blood separated and collapsed.

The swordtooth dragon fish is dead, and slowly falls to the shore...

The person who shot was Lin Chen. He found this scene through this place and saved it.

"Okay, it's okay, this guy's companion in the sea has also been settled by me..."

When Lin Chen turned around, the woman suddenly panicked, "No, son, don't look at me!"

Lin Chen's eyes suddenly fell upon the woman's face.

The woman's temperament and figure are quite extraordinary, but her face is extremely...ugly!

No, it cannot be described as ugly. Perhaps it should be said that, from the looks of it, it is extremely disgusting.

An ugly person proves that there are still people, but the girl in white in front of her face is not like a person...

The bones of her face were twisted and deformed, her eyes were large and small, her mouth was almost invisible, a green flesh formed in front of her nose, and her cheeks were adhered by patches of blue and purple flesh, which was very strange.

"No... don't watch!"

The woman quickly put on her second cloak and cried with her face covered. She was most afraid of others seeing her true face. This was a nightmare since she was sensible.

"He saw my face, he will definitely disgust me, I don't want to hear those voices anymore..."

The woman instantly recalled the painful memories of her childhood, countless abuses and ridicules, she was once called the descendant of the devil, etc...

"What a nice view"

The young man gave a heartfelt admiration, which made the woman stunned!

"Aren't you kidding me!"

The woman was shaking with anger, and she mistakenly thought that Lin Chen's exclamation was mocking her.

"No, the girl misunderstood." Lin Chen shook her head, pointing to the crowd running behind her-"The people behind you are crying anxiously, one can imagine how important you are to them."

"Your words and deeds are graceful and decent, extraordinary people, born and distinguished, but they can care about the life and death of civilians. Some of them just ran towards you, and they did not care about their own life and death."

Lin Chen smiled-"People really judge people by their appearance, but this does not hinder, I see your beautiful soul."

His smile made the woman like a spring breeze, dumbfounded.

"Woo, princess, you scared us to death..."

A group of old and young people gathered around to protect the princess and burst into tears.

She quickly calmed the crowd and looked back. The teenager had long disappeared from the crowd.


Fu Shengguo Palace.

"Father and Emperor, how can you call your son-in-law without permission? Your daughter has decided to find my husband-in-law!"

"Look for yourself? With your temper, which man dared to get close, you look at what age you are this year, still not married, every day like a man killing and killing, you see what you look like , What a system! I have made a decree, and you are useless!"

Inside the palace, middle-aged men dressed in holy clothes and long robes, accused their daughters of blaming themselves.

She wears a red helmet, her posture is awe-inspiring, her long hair is tied up, her head is moth-brown, her face is cold and glamorous, her figure is slender, and the most conspicuous is those round and full-length legs, who are nearly one meter and nine meters tall.

If you don't wear red makeup in your arms, you must be a man of national beauty.

"Huh! I don't care, anyway, I don't look for men who are weaker than me. Now these men, few of them can fight. They are all soft-footed prawns. Just choose them, and I will beat them all by myself. under!"

The beautiful lady snorted, turned around and left, making the middle-aged manly, not wanting to be angry, and the old slave beside him hurriedly stopped.

"The Lord is not angry, you don't know the temper of Princess Six..."

"This nizi is just pushing her nose on the face, I just spoil her too! Alas... before the death of Princess Concubine, I hope they can be ordinary women, and my four children died in their early years, and five of them left home. , Liuer became this look, Qier was even more..."

When talking about the'seven sons', the man in the robe grieved and felt discouraged-"I am a failed emperor."

Seven Princess Fu Shengguo is a princess in the whole country. She was a twin sister with Princess Six...

"Holy Lord does not need to blame himself. The situation of the Seventh Princess is an accident. The poison curse of the Holy Realm is unable to return to heaven even if it invites two eighth-level pharmacists to come. The Holy Lord has done his best..."

The old slave bowed and told him that the dragon robe man sat back on the dragon chair and murmured-"In recent years, I have also asked Qi'er a lot less. Let's visit after a while."

"God, the old slave still has a problem."


"Although the decree of the son-in-law is issued, at least according to the temper of the sixth princess, you have to find a man who is superior to the sixth princess, but the sixth princess was ranked 63511 in the genius list as early as five years ago, not to mention now. Her strength, but not many people can cure her..."

The dragon robe man smiled and said-"I have known for a long time that it happened to be my 100,000-year-old birthday, and I have issued notices from all over the world to entertain the eight parties and many sectarian strongmen and let them disciples their own disciples. By the way, I am afraid that they have already landed on the island or are on their way to the island."

The old slave stooped down-"Sage is wise!"

"Let's pass on the decree, put all the dowry out. Some geniuses don't see rabbits and don't sprinkle eagles, so they all attracted them. It's time for Nizi to marry..."


Lin Chen and the sisters arrived at Fusheng Island, an ancient country in Fusheng. The island has a vast city, and today's people are excited, posting good news everywhere on the street.

Lin Chen was curious. After paying the city fee, he hadn't had time to ask. Several little girls rushed up, staring at Lin Chen curiously.

"Brother~Brother~ Are you here to run for the son-in-law?"

"Yeah, my brother is so handsome, hee hee, did he also come to choose the son-in-law of the famous Six Princess."

Seeing this grand appearance, Lin Chen couldn't help but sigh, it was really Cathay Pacific.

If the people are poor, how can it be their turn to pay attention to these things, proving that the Lord of the Holy Kingdom is a person who loves the people.

"Although my brother looks handsome, he is a principled person. He will not be a son-in-law, he will not be a thief, and he will not be a robber."

Someone Lin laughed like a rose flower, some little girls hadn't reacted yet, someone in the crowd shouted!

"The Dowry of the Six Princesses is displayed in the Imperial City Square, everyone go and see!"

The little girls were full of joy and pulled Lin Chen away and ran-"Okay, big brother, go with us to see the princess's dowry."

The sisters followed with curiosity.

"These little guys..." Lin Chen shook his head and smiled.

A quarter of an hour later, the Imperial City Square was filled with people and people, and it was very lively!

Countless people dazzled by the mountains of treasures and the hills accumulated by the silver holy yuan coins!

The seventh-tier peak warrior, the purple-tier top-level best practice method, the elixir of medicine, the crystal fragment, and the dowry of the six princesses are all available!

Lin Chen's pupils shuddered, and inside these dowry, he saw the light of the colorful treasure chest!