My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 950

Vol 5 Chapter 950: I Am Really Handsome Sign Up

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Chapter 950, I am really handsome, sign up!

"The decree is here! The blessings are carried by the heavens. The priest said: If you pass this examination and choose the son-in-law, if you can become a son-in-law, you will be a good official, and you will enjoy a high official. Kind of half-orange exercises."

"Welcome geniuses from all over the world are welcome to participate in the election. If the geniuses in the genius list participate, they will be exempted from the preliminary rounds, advance to the qualifying rounds, and have more generous rewards!"

A father-in-law declared the decree, causing an uproar!

Can you still choose any volume of half orange order exercises? This is the best reward for any genius!

"Unexpectedly, there are such rich rewards, it seems that I have to give it a try..."

"Interestingly, it seems that the Holy Lord of this country has already given birth to blood, and I can't keep a low profile..."

"It even has the rare and rare Tianyi Shengshui, good fellow!"

Some geniuses lurking in the crowd began to act, and the father-in-law who proclaimed the imperial edict raised his lips.

What they want is this effect. Sure enough, putting the dowry first will impress those geniuses who are in the talent list!

Lin Mou, standing in the crowd, was stunned!

He was shocked not because of the half-orange exercises, or because of the richness of these dowries.

But because of these dowry, a five-light supreme treasure chest and three orange crystal treasure chests are suspended!

What's wrong? Five Lights Supreme Treasure Box!

"Damn it, I can't get close to the space bounded by the Holy Land in this dowry. If I use the Bracers of the God of War, I don't want to be half dead..."

Lin Chen's eyes stared at the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest a few miles away, very greedy!

So far, what are the treasures that come out of the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Box? Qiyunling planting seeds! Orange rank talent fragment!

No one is defective, how can these five light supreme treasure chests be missed!

"It seems that I can only participate in the election of my son-in-law, take the dowry as my son-in-law, and then leave! The coach can't be more low-key!"

Lin Chen walked to the registration pavilion on the side, walked to the counter, and took out the "Sectarian Token" from the Black Horse Club on the table!

"The genius list is 85,880, the dark horse club one sword is unique Zhende handsome, sign up for the election!"

As soon as this remark came out, a lot of surprises were cast in the hall. How could the genius list begin to register so soon?

The disguised Qin Miao'er stared blankly at Lin Chen's back, his eyes darkened.

Qin Juyan coldly hummed-"This Lin Chen, I really don't know any good..."

"Jueyan, you can't say that Mrs. Lin Chen like this, maybe he is in love with the six princesses here..."

"Love is a ghost, he is a prodigal prodigal who loves one!"

"Jueyan! We have no right to interfere with Mr. Lin Chen's choice, let alone he is our savior!"

"Yes Yes Yes"


"It's really quick to come, 85,880, although it is far worse than the ranking of the Six Princesses, it is also very good!"

The registration officer at the counter smirked and immediately wrote down Lin Chen's name!

The little girls looked at Lin Chen's back and opened her mouth slightly!

"Isn't Big Brother saying that he is a principled person?"

A little girl in Tsing Yi snorted with Yu Qiong's nose frowning-"A man's mouth, a deceptive ghost. The mother is right, and the more handsome the man, the more deceptive!"

"He's so fragrant!"


Inside the Red Moon Hall; Sixth Princess Dai frowned slightly, rummaging through the boudoir drawers and jade cabinets.

"Father and Emperor don't think about me at all. I'm not afraid of those who come to join the son-in-law, but just in case, I'm going to find out the previous decree. Although I'm sorry for the seven sisters, I never marry one. stranger!"

Finally, the Six Princesses searched for a volume of obsolete imperial edict.

Holding the imperial edict, the face of Six Princess became a lot calmer.

Outside the square, registration is in full swing, and many geniuses of extraordinary genius list have been successively born to register, which has made many people dumbfounded!

The genius list of the genius list, you do not need to participate in the primary election, you can directly call into the palace.

Inside the palace, Lin Chen and his party were placed in a resting place, and selection will be held the next day!

This time, even the Holy One will come to check in person, and all nations are coming!

"Although my cultivation has improved a lot now, there will still be a time limit for using the holy weapon. In order to avoid these problems, as long as I don't encounter an opponent who needs to do my utmost, the seventh-level peak weapon is enough for me to deal with many situations. "

Lin Chen opened the [Fusion Function] and issued the command: "System, merge +13 Longyao War Blade and Cut Moon, +13 Meridian Sword and Qingming Sword."

[Consume 1 Intermediate Celestial Dao value, the fusion is successful, the host gets +12 Qingming Sword, +11 Moon Sword.

Strengthen the +13 low-level weapons When you integrate the advanced weapons, you can inherit the +10+12 enhancement level.

With two handles and seven-tier peak fighters in hand, Lin Chen has two more fighters available.

The premise of the fusion inheritance enhancement level is that the two are in the same class. For example, if the eighth-order holy weapon and the +13 seventh-order dragon Yao are merged, it is impossible to fuse +10 holy weapon.

"My sacred gun weapon embryos and two unrecovered eighth-order sacred soldiers, as long as I step into the holy realm, I can immediately restore them and build them to a full state!"

Lin Chen is not incapable of restoring the "Qingtian Sword" and "Azure Blue Moon" to their full state, but after complete restoration, even if he has bled and recognized the Lord, it is difficult to control the power of the two holy weapons, and even the use of it will become a problem.

Power that cannot be controlled is useless no matter how powerful it is. Only when you step into the holy realm can you exert the power of the holy weapon!

[Consume 16 points of advanced skill and spirit, blending the practice memory of the half-orange tier body skill "Dragon Flash".

Lin Chen and all the avatars fuse the memory of practice at the same time, the speed is fast!

The next day, the selection of the son-in-law meeting was officially held, and there was a lot of excitement in the palace.

In the courtyard of the front palace, a set of empty seats has been built, specially prepared for the powerful parties of this election.

The seats outside the palace were full and filled with many officials and generals.

The ten platforms built in the void each have tens of acres, and can be clearly seen outside the palace. The people who have built up to the heavens can fully watch this battle with a little urging.

The distinguished guests and the geniuses of the candidates entered the stadium and sat on the empty seats.

Lin Chen and the sisters sat quietly in the last seat and looked around the audience.

This time, there are some powerful geniuses, some of whom are more than 70,000 or even more than 60,000 on the genius list.

This is even more powerful than Qin Shaotian, the master of the Peerless Pavilion that Lin Chen has seen.

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh after the sad, it seems that I have to show some skill in winning this election son-in-law."

Lin Chen was amazed, but he is not the same as before! He still needs to go all out to fight against the 60,000 Prince of the Genius list, but he is now the second emperor, and his cultivation base is not inferior to these top geniuses!

The lord of Fu Shengguo then slowly walked out with his family of officials.

The lord of the country walked in dragons and tigers, shining golden holy light, shining brightly.

Each of his eyes gave birth to the domineering power that sentient beings to submit to, and his domineering domineering power was not angry, and he laughed when he sat in the dragon chair.

"Welcome to you, the young girl was busy with cultivation in the early years, but forgot the business, if this meeting can allow me to recruit the son-in-law, it is just my heart, I dont say much, you geniuses Come on, please follow the team number you obtained when you signed up!"

The Lords laughter had just fallen, and a cold night-like laughter echoed.

"How can there be less interesting feast gathered by geniuses, my wife, Lord Fu, don't come unharmed."

Two ghostly figures appeared in the void, an old lady in black smiled evilly, and led a delicate and graceful woman to sit down.

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed!

This old lady is also a holy land!

Moreover, Lin Chen felt that her sense of oppression was no less than that of the Dark Patriarch Ying Tianmo!

"Another Holy Land is here? Hey, I can't help it!"

"System, activate the genius harbinger talent!"