My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 951

Vol 5 Chapter 951: The Election Law Meeting Begins

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Chapter 951

[Consume 7 intermediate talent points, activate the thief harbinger talent to obtain: 50 Rune Evolution Stones, 300 advanced skill spirits,]

[The host consumes 120 Rune Evolution Stones, Upgrade Penetration, and Sky Hidden Runes to level 6. Level 6 penetrating rune can penetrate 30% power, level 6 sky hidden rune, can completely eliminate hidden breath for 10 seconds, cooling time: 20 seconds.

"Shuangwaiwai, just enough of 120 Rune Evolution Stones, now all runes are level 6! It is best to give a few more Holy Realms, haha!"

Lin Chen was hearty and made a fortune in a muffled voice, stealing two holy realms.

The host laughed-"It turns out that an old friend is here, please give me a seat!"

The two eunuchs floated in the air, giving them two thrones, and the beautiful lady who came with the old lady was surplus, and politely said-"Thank you."

She has a very soft voice, does not pretend to be artificial, and is as soft as a jade, showing her true feelings.

"Guardian, would you like to invite the National Teacher to come and sit down..."

The old slave whispered to the Lord of Fu Sheng Kingdom.

The owner shook his head, "No, she is not malicious, I can feel it."

Brush brush ~!

The figure flickered, and 20 geniuses in the Genius List stepped into the Void Battle!

All of these geniuses have been repaired for more than one, and no one is ranked below 90,000.

"It's all good and beautiful jade, everyone, let's get started!"

The host smiled, and his son-in-law officially began!

This time, the son-in-law has simplified the complex, does not involve other fields, and simply fights for combat power and talent.

Because of the dynasty of Fu Sheng ancient country, there are two great princes and two princesses.

And the host knew that what the Sixth Princess needed was a man who could beat her in combat.

At this time, Lin Chen, who was sitting on the opposite side, was in the second batch of appearances. He did not hesitate. He first glanced at the learning situation of the body method of "Dragon Flash".

"Well, the avatar fusion memory has been completed! Then you can strengthen it!"


"Yue'er look, what about the boy with fiery red hair? The 81001 boy on this genius list, like his father, has such a heroic temperament..."

The atmosphere of the old woman in Shengjing was extremely cold, but she was very kind and kind to her granddaughter, pointing to the red-haired boy on the stage.

"Grandma..." Wen Wan's beautiful girl in fringe skirt frowned: You promised to pass the moon, you just came out to relax, why did you find my husband-in-law again. "

The old lady made a haha"Due to interest, due to interest, since you are not interested in him, let's not mention him."

Bang ~! Brush brush ~!

In the central battlefield, the spirit of the sword raged like a tornado, sweeping through everything, and at the opening, someone won first!

This man has sword eyebrows and staring eyes, a straight nose bridge, a face like a crown jade, and Ji Yuxuan, holding a three-winged long knife in his hand. He actually defeated his opponent in less than 20 rounds!

His opponent is a genius on the talent list of 77950, and it is difficult to support him for 20 rounds!

Although the competition does not need to be desperate, but the real life and death fight, the result may be almost the same!

"Good means..."

"Who is this person?"

"Shen Qing Dao Emperor Lin Yidao of 68522 in the Genius List!"

"Good domineering momentum!"

The people who watched the battle had many discussions. Many young girls had brilliant eyes. Since ancient times, beautiful women have loved heroes. This young man is handsome and cold, attracting the attention of many women.

Even some royal noble ladies, Tianjiao, couldn't help but be tempted.

"Good granddaughter, what do you think of him?"

The old lady asked again with a smile, tapping from the side.

Lady Wen Wan lamented: "Grandma..."

"Okay, our good-granddaughter missed him. Grandma didn't talk."

In the end, three quarters of the time, the end of the first battle, there are only ten winners, all of whom are geniuses with a ranking of more than 82,000!

The geniuses who are promoted are among the top ranks even in the Sipin sect! There are more people, ranking 70,000 front-end, extremely strong!

As soon as the Lord of the Kingdom flicked his sleeve, the Holy Light was rippling like blue waves, and the faint Holy Light condensed into water droplets and dripped onto the heads of all the geniuses after the battle.

All the geniuses recovered their injuries, consumption, and originality as before!

The geniuses who have not participated in the battle are able to recover immediately, so even if they do even a round-robin battle, they do not have to worry about consumption!

"This is the secret method of Fu Shengguo, Qinglian Holy Water Secret."

The old lady in black eyes narrowed.

"Oh, you hard work, the second round, let's get started."

The host laughed.

With a brush, twenty figures step into the battle platform!

Lin Chen stepped into the air with negative sword, the silver robe rolled over, and stepped into the second battle platform elegantly and leisurely.

Lin Chens opponent is a cold and proud man holding Jiangshan scrolls, and Meiyu has the imperial power to hold mountains and rivers.

"Oh? Is this a real tyrant in the genius list 76950? Ao Jiuxiao? This little guy is going to suffer..."

The Lord looked at Lin Chen's battle platform.

Battlefield II;

"Are you going to roll down by yourself or this king throw you down."

Ao Jiuxiao was extremely conceited and indifferent.

"Yeah, it's quite crazy." Lin Chen frowned, Jun Yi smiled: "I think this is too unfair."

Everyone laughs. The opponents drawn by this son-in-law are completely random. Don't come up if you don't have the strength. Let's talk about fairness here?

Was he funny?

"As one of the most handsome men in the Holy World, I should give you a fairer opportunity. Within three rounds, if you don't step down, I will abstain. Otherwise, I won't be told that I will bully you."


Everyone's mind buzzed, blank!

Three rounds? That's Ao Jiuxiao! Even the geniuses who rank 69,000 do not dare to make such big talk!

Everyone looked at Yun Zhen's smiling face, which is really handsome. This guy really said the wildest words in the most relaxed tone!

Who is bullying this?

"Damn, you are dead!" Ao Jiuxiao stared angrily.

Bang ~!

The "Jiangshan Bayetu" in the hands of Ao Jiuxiao ascended into the sky, rolling out, and the visions of thousands of wars were presented one after another. Envelop the audience!

"Do not move! Fenglin volcano!"

Ao Jiuxiao pointed to the mountains and rivers, and the meteorological atmosphere in the picture gathered thousands of peaks of fighting spirit, and the magnificent Zhao Linchen suppressed it!

The pressure is not overwhelming!

"That's Ao Jiuxiao, right? The domineering power really has the capital of pride..."

"I'm afraid he already has a history of hitting 75,000 people..."

"Who is this kid who is playing against him? Ao Jiuxiao showed his true power in a face-to-face meeting, and the kid was afraid that he couldn't get out of two rounds!"

The geniuses of the first round secretly staggered.

The master of the country exclaimed: "The young man's half-orange-level mentality "Hongtu Baye" has been cultivated to the state of great success. If this old trick is used by the old guy, I am afraid that it can shatter the whole island..."

Lin Chen smiled slightly and raised his hand casually.

"The sword is coming."


Qingming Sword burst out of the sheath awe-inspiringly, and the sword light roared like a flashing electric awn!


"This sword?"

The owner and the old lady in black shine at the same time!

Jianruo Changhong, cut across a thousand mountains with a cross cut!

boom! boom! boom!

Qianshan shattered and the fighting gas exploded. Ao Jiuxiao's body retreated suddenly and his face was horrified. "What kind of sword is this?"

Lin Chen's sword is a smash of thousands of mountains, and the ambition of hegemony, which is broken in this sword!