My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 952

Vol 5 Chapter 952: Now Unprecedented

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Chapter 952

Brush ~! The sword light stirred, and the sword returned to the hands.

Lin Chen holds his sword and stands, the sword of Qingming is three feet and three, the blade is green and the edge is flowing!

Lin Chen said with a smile-"What swordsmanship is not important, the important thing is that I use it!"

Lin Chen held the sword vertically and chopped it off, as the sword gas of ten thousand fire dragons condensed into a sword, the fireman flashed starlight, and the sword exploded!

Bang ~! The terrible sword seemed to tear the sky, shining like a rainbow of fire.

Ao Jiuxiao's expression was shocked. This little boy has such a terrible attack power?

"The sea of turbulence swallows the mountains and rivers!"

Ao Jiuxiao sacrificed the strongest defensive moves, and the "Jiangshan Baye Map" merged into a rolling sea of turbulent storms and rammed into the mountains.

Poof~! Tear ~!

Starlight sword rainbow mixed with red flames burned into the sky, burned up and rolled into the storm, a sword splitting the "Jiangshan Baye map", all the momentum collapsed!

Ao Jiuxiao was cut by Jian Qi's after rhyme, the blood on his left shoulder was abruptly spilt, and a shocking sword mark chopped off, almost splitting his whole person in half!

His position rolled off five attribute light balls.

"My hegemony, no!"

Ao Jiuxiao's eyes are cracked, flesh and blood are cracked, bones are exposed, and they look terrible!

The heroes were shocked, and the two Saints were surprised!

"My God, who is this man? Two swords defeated Ao Jiuxiao!"

"It's terrifying. Just now his sword was hacked off, and it seemed to cut the whole sky. I was scared!"

The geniuses slobbered wildly, the power of that sword, deep into the power of the soul!

The master of the country marveled: "What a wonderful sword! Overbearing unparalleled, with pure power mixed in the swordsmanship, and the fire of the fire department is purely extreme, the swordsmanship is not high, but it has a taste of returning to the original..."

Everyone took a closer look at one of the two names advertised on the battle platform.

The number of geniuses is 85,880; one sword is unique, and one is really handsome! Affiliation: Dark Horse Club (grade not yet determined).

Really handsome?

What's this name! Do you need a face?

Dark Horse Club?

What kind of force is this?


Dark Horse Club?

"Could it be that the force that Lin Chen belongs to?"

"More than a month ago, there was an unprecedented drastic change in the genius list, and at the same time more than 30 geniuses fell. This is the dark horse club. This person is actually from the dark horse club!"

The geniuses are terrified, which is too ridiculous!

The difference between the two sides is nearly 10,000, and the grade is more than a star and a half. It turned out that the genius of the dark horse club killed Ao Jiuxiao in seconds?

What happened at the Quartet Conference has not yet been fully communicated to the Southern Region. Everyone's impression of the "Dark Horse Club" can still stay in the genius of 30 people!

"Winner, really handsome!"

The referee announced that Lin Chen politely bowed his hand and took away the attribute light ball.

[The host gains 9 points of advanced skills, 1 point of advanced wind energy, 1 point of advanced mental power, 1800 points of enhancement,]

"God, that little boy is too strong!"

"He actually defeated the proud prince of Menghong Shengguo in two moves!"

"Is his strength the top 70,000 in the genius list?"

The people who watched the battle marveled at it, and the magical lore of the killer surprised everyone!

As soon as the Lord of the Kingdom flicked his sleeves, drops of holy light fell on Ao Jiuxiao's head, and several breaths healed his injury.

He stared at Lin Chen with red eyes, and gritted his teeth to leave, resentment and unwillingness, more of which was taboo!

This person's strength is terrible! Much more crazy than him!

Lin Chen was neither humble nor humble, and returned to his seat indifferently.

There is nothing to be proud of.

Ao Jiuxiao is the peak emperor of the Second Tribulation, and Lin Chen is also the Emperor of the Second Tribulation!

His cultivation will never be too genius behind these genius lists!

The value of his element attributes has skyrocketed nearly a thousand times than before he participated in the Quartet Conference!

The average advanced elemental energy reaches 100 points, which is equivalent to 10 billion intermediate elemental energy! A 240% increase in Blessed Mind Strengthening, extreme terror!

Its pure power is even the level of the three-robbing body-building emperor. Facing a genius of the same level, as long as he is serious, he can take away the opponent in one round!

It was just that after Lin Chen broke through the second robbery and emperor Xiu Xiu, his opponent has not been a holy realm, so he is a holy beast!

There is also Lin Xingchen, an opponent strong enough to foul!

This led to his cultivation base not even seeing a big gap even if he broke two levels...

But if its on the list of geniuses, its especially scary...

The old lady in black was surprised: "Unexpectedly, even the old lady looked away..."

"Mother-in-law, why did this young man defeat the young man just now? His sword skill is not high."

Even the skirt girl could not help but be curious. The old lady in black glanced at her and said inwardly; does my granddaughter like this type of teenager?

"Oh, his swordsmanship is at best only the top-ranked purple order, but his seventh-order peak sword has a unique sharp edge. It has more than twice the power of the same level of warfare, and he has never seen it before. The most important thing is that his fire fighting spirit is majestic and majestic. It is the most seen. It is not the power that the Second Tribulation Warlord can control..."

The Su skirt girl was surprised-"Is he so strong, isn't he stronger than Brother Huang?" After that, he also looked at Lin Chen on the opposite side.

"Not necessarily, but even if it's not as good, it's not far away. How about, do you like this little boy?"

The old lady in black smiled, and the girl in the skirt murmured: "Grandma, I will ignore you if you do this again..."

"Good, no mention, no mention." The old lady in black smiled.

"The dark horse club is worthy of the most sectarianism, it seems that this time I have to look forward to it!"

It was another hour in the heart of the sovereign, and all twenty geniuses won and lost!

The third batch, the fourth batch, the fifth batch!

The list of geniuses in this election is full of 100 people, each of which is a strong faction.

Lin Chen did not listen to the battle in both ears, devoting himself to the advanced skills and merging the records of the ancient ancient crystal cultivation secret method. Crystal!

"Qi Yun Ling Zhi is derived from the absorption of the heaven and earth Qi Yun, and the abnormal crystal is formed into a condensed crystal of the energy of the heaven and earth. It can be transferred to the special energy of the heaven and earth to be included in the Qi Yun Ling Zhi, and it is condensed by the Ling Zhi Ling. , Absorb energy, compress energy, condense energy, form abnormal crystals..."

Lin Chen shouted a magic in his heart, the ancient **** and his old man were really shocking ghosts!

I was able to create such a skill against the sky, bold and careful, but the whimsical but meticulous realization of this idea!

"In the past, there was Tuo Sheng, who changed his life, collected thousands of racial messages, and created the ultimate shadow. Later, there was the creation of the ancient gods to cultivate the mystery of the crystal. "