My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 953

Vol 5 Chapter 953: Black Horse Club Really Abnormal

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Chapter 953: The Dark Horse Club Is Really Abnormal

Lin Chen couldn't help but marvel at the complete fusion of all the records of the "cultivating alien crystal" secret technique.

The first condition for cultivating alien crystals is the need for three luck-seeking plants at their peak. The more luck-seeking plants at their peak, the better.

Secondly, it is necessary to ingest a large amount of special energy that can create an alien crystal, transfer it to the Qiyun Lingzhi, use special techniques to incorporate the Qiyun Lingzhi into the special energy, and then divide it into several steps to condense into a complete alien crystal!

Lin Chen glanced inside the Taoyuan capsule, and the small shadow was shrinking into a mass, in a closed state.

After undergoing previous battles and absorbing a lot of resources, it began to usher in a small breakthrough and growth.

Because this little guy is not a fierce beast, Lin Chen can't see what it is doing?

"The second round, start!"

When Lin Chen thinks, the time has passed and the second round of the selection game has started!

"Step by step, first take the name of the son-in-law, and take away the five treasure chests in the dowry!"

Lin Chen came off the court, his luck seemed to be "good" to the extreme, his second opponent was actually the "Sword of the Emperor" Lin Yidao!

Sword Emperor vs. Sword Emperor, can be described as the best in the audience!

This is a high-profile candidate for the championship son-in-law, and some royals are very optimistic about this sword. His strength is enough to rank in the top five of this thorn!

Bang~! Dang Dang Dang!

As soon as they entered the venue, the two of them urged their body movements in a blink of an eye.

Daogang is like a jiao, winding and winding.

Daogang sword shadows collide, the sword shadows endlessly, Lin Chen seems to understate each of the swords, but in fact Jianguang cut off the point of the sword's momentum just right!

"It's very strong, and it's the same as the peak of the Second Tribulation. This Lin Yidao's strength is two grades stronger than the guy just now!"

Lin Chen thought.

"Take out all your strengths, I know you are not waiting for the rest."

Lin Yidao indifferently slashed towards Lin Chen, and Jian Feng rebounded a pick. When he lifted the blade, Zhende Shuai smiled cheaply: "I dont wait, I wait."

boom! Jianguang exploded into a starlight, Lin Chen stepped on the "dark step" at full speed, flickered behind Lin Yidao, and held the sword with both hands.

Dang ~! Lin Yidao evaded and turned around, holding a knife-turning blade to set off Lin Chen's overbearing sword.

Lin Yi's arms were numb and his fighting spirit was spattered. He was surprised to find that this sword was heavier and heavier than before!

Bang ~! Lin Chen stepped away from the "dark step" and flashed towards the back of Lin Yidao, while a sword cut across the neck, Long Li exploded, and one leg of "Seven Skills Pulling and Thoroughly" kicked Lin Yidao's chrysanthemum Partly!

Lin was shocked, and quickly urged the body defense defense combat skills, knifed the body, and cut back!

"His speed is even faster. In addition to swordsmanship, he also has a strange secret of body refining!"

The moment the swords collided, Zhende Shuai disappeared again, still appearing behind him.


Lin Yidao almost shouted!

You are **** endless! Its just a man whos just frontal, you always go around and dry behind others?

"Is this kid crazy?"

"Why is he always getting behind others, so crazy! Damn, I'm actually a little excited..."

"Shame! Days are bright and bright! It's all grand masters! These are really handsome men who have always been behind others, and I turned off the lights!"

"I suddenly remembered that it is said that the people in the dark horse club, who specialize in the back, are too abnormal..."

The people in the battle of the appearance of the Imperial City slammed...

brush! brush! brush!

No matter how you fight, Zhende Shuai has been beating around the back!

But by virtue of his weird speed, his physical refining skills and swordsmanship combined with each other to achieve the perfection, every time Lin's sword is beyond defense!

"I am your grandma on one leg, are you still a man? Some kind of fight with Lao Tzu!"

Lin Yidao became angry and angry. Was he grown so big, or was he the first time he had fought such a stifling battle?

There are such people under the sun? Behind the engage people?

Lin Yidao circulated the brilliance of five pieces of wind-like crystal fragments, condensed the fighting spirit to hold the knife, and a knife cut across it!

"The scenery is extremely meteor!"

Dao Gang flashed randomly, and the sky was full of wind-bladed swords, and Lin Chen's space was suddenly gathered, blocking his retreat!

"It's Lin Yidao's half-orange-level scholasticism, the scenery and extreme meteor knife method!"

"This is the Xeon knife method that blocks all the retreats of the opponent. How should the kid pick it up?"

All the geniuses held their breath. This is a lore from more than 60,000 geniuses. It is extremely terrifying, and even the four emperors can not take it!

Sigh~! Bang ~!

The wind blade collapsed, and the lore of the lore collided and exploded, and shattered the figure of Zhende Shuai. It was a residual image!

All geniuses are surprised!

He avoided it?

That's the full blow that claimed to attack the swift "King of the Sword"!

"Great mental perception, this child predicted his shot trajectory and avoided it in advance."

The old lady in black eyes narrowed.

The sneer of the teenager's jokes came from behind Lin Yidao.

"Don't you like to use a sword? Should I draw a gun?"


Lin was frightened, and he even stepped back on his way!

All kinds of fighting gasification red flame burned the sky, burning burning flowing on the tip of the sword, Lin Chen lifted the sword and fell!

Tear ~! The ultimate breaking wind roared, orange light sword rainbow fell and cut!

Lin Yidao was overwhelmed and raised his sword to block! Defensive combat skills like real dragon roar, real dragon body protection tips urge!

Sigh~! boom!

Lin Yidao's defense was torn like a piece of paper, cut off with a sword, and blood raged! Roll down a dozen attribute light balls!

"This is also a half-orange-level swordsmanship, which is even stronger than Lin Yidao's "Scenery"!

The hostess marvels!

Lin Chen stepped like a whirlpool twist, slashing Lin's head with a sword, and did not give him a chance to breathe!

"I abstain!"

Brush ~! The tip of the sword was two feet away from Lin Yidao's neck. The sword was gleaming and sharp, making him cold and sweating...

"Now this look, it's a little bit different from the one that looked just like that."

Lin Chen chuckled, Lin gritted his teeth: "Succeed in defeating the king, you won, there is nothing to say!"

[Get 4 Heavenly Dao values, 3 points of advanced wind energy, 200 points of advanced fighting spirit essence, 12 points of advanced skill essence, 1150 points of strengthening points...]

Lin Chenyun, who took the attribute light ball, walked back to his seat lightly and calmly. He was not insulted, and his temperament was as if he had not experienced a war at all, which was in sharp contrast with Lin Yidao, who was covered in blood!

"There is still such a strong man in the dark horse club. This person's strength and ranking are seriously incompatible!"

"If it was just a battle of life and death, Lin Yidao was dead!"

"He clicked until the end, proving that he was still at ease, the dark horse club, really abnormal..."

All the geniuses were speechless.

The high-ranking officials and gentlemen were all surprised.

The crowd watching the whole crowd was in an uproar. This young man who was suddenly killed was so powerful?

More than 80,000 rankings have beaten more than 60,000 ranking geniuses?

The woman in the skirt has a curious look, and the old lady in black nodded slightly, her eyes full of admiration. "Very nice little guy, this son hasn't done his best. It seems that the final selection is still a little underestimated."

The Lord of the State flicked his sleeve and healed Lin again.

"Xie Guozhu."

Lin clenched his fists and looked like he had eaten Xiang, and left the battle platform to retreat aside.

"So strong..."

The two sisters Qin Miao'er were surprised!

Lin Chen's combat power is soaring!

He had to show some strong cards when he played against the Dark Pavilion Master.

Now that Lin Yidao is several ranks stronger than the Dark Pavilion Lord, he can actually beat his opponents with a smile!

Qin Juefang was throbbing and muttered: "How long has it been since this! Lin Chen is a monster!"