My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 954

Vol 5 Chapter 954: Six Princesses Played.

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Chapter 954, The Sixth Princess Appears.

In the second round, the speed of winning and losing is faster. In less than one day, all the winners and losers!

In the third round, there are only 32 geniuses left!

Of the 32 geniuses, the lowest ranking is 80101, most of them are more than 70,000, more than 60,000 ranking geniuses, and there is also a 60,000 front-end ranking!

"Princess Six!"

At this time, a father-in-law shouted, and all geniuses were shocked!

The host stared into the distance, and Zhanyan smiled and said, "Is this nizi finally thinking?"

Ripples appeared in the void, and the ladies' models moved slightly.

This time, the six princesses were unarmed, dressed in pink robes with magnificent buds, slim waist jade belts, moth eyebrows, long hair and waist, snow and cold, bright eyes and bright teeth, tall and slender figure graceful.

The skin-like, fat, tall, long legs are awesome, and many geniuses can't help but swallow.

The bones of the Six Princesses are all cool and noble, but with a bit of charm. Her dress is not explicit. The temperament of the eyebrows makes the genius feel a sense of abstinence to conquer or be conquered by her. .

"This sister is so beautiful..."

The girl in the black skirt next to the old lady in black exclaimed. The old lady nodded and smiled: "It's seven points similar to her mother, but it's still better for me."

The six princesses walked slowly and gracefully into the seats, and looked around in awesome eyes, then put everyone's details into their eyes, and their hearts were dull.

"Are these men competing for my husband-in-law, or maybe come for the dowry of the father emperor, none of them can fight, but that's it."

"Huh?" Princess Liu's eyes stayed on a person for a moment. "This person is..."

Dancing boy, eyes closed, silver robe, no surprise.

It seemed to feel the eyes of the Sixth Princess. The teenager opened his eyes, smiled slightly, and did not panic, but his eyes were clear and quiet.

The geniuses who participated in the selection of son-in-law have heard more or less of the famous name of the Six Princesses.

To dowry is part of the motive. After all, in the Holy Realm, cultivation resources are never enough, but more is to become the gold son-in-law of this holy country.

But the sixth princess did not feel the hot eyes like other men on this teenager, he really just smiled out of politeness...

In the past, the Six Princesses encountered similar arrogance and genius who tried to attract her attention.

But the purpose of these people is hard to escape her experience. It is not like the boy's clear eyes. Gujing Wubo is completely a look that is not interested in her!

"Isn't the charm of Princess Ben still in your eyes?"

Six princesses instinctively gave birth to a little woman's anger.

You said that you participated in the election of son-in-law and were not interested in other people's princesses. Isn't this a smashing sign?

Seeing Lin Chen and the sixth princess looking at each other, there seemed to be no sign of sorrow, Qin Miao'er was relieved...

Born in the emperor's family, the six princesses put away the emotions in her heart, came to her father emperor and surpassed her body, saluted, and sat next to the father emperor.

The host laughed-"I thought you would not come."

"Father and Emperor laughed." The Six Princesses are not salty. "It's about my life. How can I not come, no matter who wins in the end, it will not be my opponent."

The owner of the country seems to be smiling-"That's not necessarily. There are a few ghostly characters in the genius who came this time, and you may not be able to win steadily."

Princess Six smiled confidently.

When it comes to fighting, her peers so far have not yet lost!

She is regarded as the woman martial saint of Fu Sheng Gu Guos future!

She doesn't think that these geniuses present have men who can conquer her!

Only the top princes of the ancient country and Sipin forces nearby can match it.

Three rounds began; with the personal appearance of Six Princess, a group of male geniuses seemed to have hit the chicken blood! Entering the battlefield is a fierce battle!

The beauty of the male geniuses present, or the beauties that I have met is definitely not small, but the temperament and posture of the Six Princesses still fascinated them. It can be seen that the charm of the six princesses is unparalleled, and the world is amazing!

On the fourth battle platform, Lin Chen's opponent came to power in advance.

He was in a green robe, the jade tree was facing the wind, and his mouth was smiling, like a polite aristocratic brother, it was easy to make people feel good.

This young man is Lin Chen's opponent!

His appearance made everyone look dignified, and the two sisters' faces changed slightly!

64450 in the Genius ListBlood Shadow, Chen Wuming!

"It's him?"

"Chen Wuming, this dog thing!"

Qin Jueyan gritted his teeth, Lin Chen was curious-"Do you know him?"

"He just betrayed our whereabouts information and sold it to the Qingying to steal the sky. Qi Feiming! Cause my sister and I to be abducted!"

"The ancient family of Chen and our family have a relationship of cooperation and trade. We didn't expect him to do such a dirty thing at that time!"

"If my sister and I were under the protection of the family's Shengli card at that time, maybe they would have been defiled by this king and **** before being sent to the gluttonous village to feed them!"

Qin Jueyan is furious! Even Qin Miao'er, who has always been pure and kind, has a bit of anger in his eyes, which shows that he is really extremely angry!

"Oh? It turned out to be a dead enemy, so it's easy to handle!"

Lin Chen smiled, and Sen Leng's smile revealed awe-inspiring murderousness!

If it's an enemy, don't use your hands!

He has provoked a lot of holy places, but what about another Chen family?

The vastness of the Holy Realm, a domain of light contains countless forces. He walked back and forth to the thirty-six domain, relying on "Thousand Fantasy Mask" and "Innate Shadow Secret" alone, who could catch someone in Lin Lin?

"Mr. Lin Chen, don't be impulsive, you can no longer make enemies..."

Qin Miao'er didn't have time to stop Lin Chen, he jumped and entered the venue.

The sixth princess stared at Lin Chen's battlefield with great interest, and snickered in his heart-"Zhende handsome? What's the name? Is there anyone who praises himself like this..."

The other battles were either disparate in combat strength, or the grade was too low to attract her interest.

Chen Wuming's ranking differs from that of Six Princesses by more than a thousand.

Although the ranking of Six Princesses remained unchanged five years ago, Chen Wuming's strength is also very strong!

"Dark Horse Club, I have heard of your name, it is rampant..."

Chen Wuming smiled in a gentle manner, and his eye socket crossed a bit of imperceptibility.

This person is a ruthless character.

Lin Chen ignored him and turned to the sovereign.

"Guardian, I hope this battle can be changed to a life-and-death battle. Only one person can end the game until the death of both sides. I hope that the referee and the referees will not interfere."


This statement shocked the audience! Even Princess Six's face changed slightly.

The expressions of the old lady in black and the hostess are somewhat unexpected!

Battle of life and death?

This is the 65,000 geniuses in the genius list! It's even stronger than Lin's knife for nearly two grades!

Is this really virtuous and handsome with absolute self-confidence? Fight life and death as soon as you face it?

Haven't waited for the host to speak.

"Hey, hello, you are there to decide what you want without permission. I will not fight you for life and death."

Chen Wuming was a traitor and waved his hand directly to veto"Dont think I dont know your dark horse clubs style, its all a group of life-and-death lunatics who fight lifelessly in battle. If I win, I will retreat."

Hey, so mad!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, this man was really cunning and tight!