My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 955

Vol 5 Chapter 955: A Sword Shocking

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Chapter 955 ! !

"Zhende Shuaiyou, this life-and-death battle requires the consent of both of you, and this cannot be established..."

The landlord smiled in surprise. This child is like a peerless sword hidden in the scabbard, and the blood comes out of the scabbard!

He is clearly at ease with Lin Yidao's battle, so no one can really say he and Chen Wuming are stronger!

What's more, Chen Wuming's origin is not small. If he died here, he would be in trouble.

"Alright, let's follow the rules of choosing a son-in-law."

Lin Chen smiled blandly.

The person he wants to kill will never change his choice!

"Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why did I provoke your Excellency, even when I met you, I was going to fight my life and death."

Chen Wuming wondered, his expression was full of composure.

"My dark horse club kills people and never needs a reason."

Qingming sword in hand, Lin Chen stood against the wind.

"Well, I'll play with you. Look at your sword skills, or your mouth."

Chen Wuming hung a meteor sickle hook, dark mangled, killing intent.

The people held their breath and the high officials converged. With the order of the referee, the atmosphere of the battle was detonated!


Tear ~! Chen Wuming shot a sickle hook of the seventh-order peak, the blood mangoes shuttled, curved like a moon, and tore from the side of Lin Chen!

"Blood Devil Claws!"

Sickle hook raid, Chen Wuming protruded a claw!

His right arm shone with the glory of three alien crystal fragments, and the dark red giant claw worn on his right palm was a seventh-order peak warfare!

He was able to perfectly control two 7th-level peak fighters at the same time, the strength is completely different from the previous genius!

The claw marks passed through like a rainbow, and the sickle blade bent like a moon, with a deadly murderous glance, and Lin Chen was surrounded by left and right!

"What a terrible killer!"

"Chen Wuming's cultivation practice is the three-robbery warlord, but this trick is so horrible that even the four-robbery warlord is very likely to die!"

"It's worthy of being 64450 in the genius list!"

Some top holy nations will have a dignified look.

This child looks very gentle, but his murderousness is stronger than those of them who have passed the battle! It is definitely a murderous character!

The electric light flint, the change is steep!

Bang ~!

At this moment, the scene changed dramatically!

The face of the old lady in black and the host changed suddenly!

A grey and white rung descended from the sky above Chen Wuming's head, and the devil was sealed!

When the gray-white rune bursts, the space becomes particularly slow and stagnant, and the speed of the sickle hook and the blood shadow claws from the extremely fast state becomes extremely slow!

"What?" Chen Wuming's face changed drastically, and all of his combat operations became particularly slow, and it was extremely difficult to complete even the retreat of body movement!

Choke~! At the moment when the gray-white rung burst, a dragon-sword-like sword chanted, awe-inspiringly, echoed into the sky and echoed throughout the palace!

Immediately launched the sevenfold change, the ultimate moment talent, Lin Chen surging Qingyouguanghua, pure power soared to 59.99 million!

Lin Chen's head was covered with fierce and violent fire robbery, and the silver robe fluttered, the flames were like a line of fire, and Lin Chen's body was burning like a god!

The sword in Lin Chen's hand flows to the king's breath of the strongest to the supreme, Shengwei Zhentian!

"Eighth-order sword?"

"Isn't he the seventh-order peak sword? The eighth-order holy sword!"

When the host and the old lady in black were shocked, Lin Chen's shoulders were shocked, and his anger was burned out, and he condensed on the sky sword!

Lin Chen held the sword in both hands, the pure power of both hands burst, and suddenly slammed down, a rage!

"Sword Fury!"

The orange light sword rainbow condensed by Optimus Sword flashed rapidly, and most people flashed an aurora in front of their eyes!

That Jianhong shone like an aurora at the beginning, and when it became obsolete, Jian Qi's aftertaste instantly annihilated Chen Wuming's offensive, and the attacks on both sides were no longer on a single level!

Tear ~! The orange light sword rainbow splits Chen Wuming in half on the spot, and the aftermath of the fire robbery sword anger that burns with anger is burning him in an instant!

Dozens of attributes light ball floats up from the void, Chen Wuming, die!

Click~ Sigh~! boom!

Jianguang Changhong flashed away, and with a sneer, the battle platform was split in half!

Lin Chen's sword cut through dozens of acres of battle platform, and there were still signs of fire and burning...


The smallpox falls and the golden light is brilliant.

Lin Chen exploded a golden light above his head.

"Yijian Duzheng Zhende Shuai, belongs to: Dark Horse Club (grade is undecided), promoted to 64450 in the genius list."


Deathly silence!

A sword shocking!

Chen Wuming didn't even send out a mourning! Under the restraint of the slow rune, Lin Chen was cut in half by a sword!

Instant kill with a sword!

There is no chance to surrender!

Strong enough to make your scalp numb!

The six princesses stood up slowly, with hair on their waists and no wind floating, and the Xeon battle swept up!

Leng Yan proud, her beautiful eyes flashed a little bit different for the first time and war intent!

Unexpectedly, she could find her opponent in this election-in-law meeting!

This "Zhendeshuai", no doubt, is eligible to fight her!

"The old lady looked away twice... Unexpectedly, he was so strong! That secret trick to block the void, even the old man did not see through..."

"The power of that sword is infinitely close to the orange-level sword skill. In addition, this son is cut with a holy sword, and the sword is killed instantly, and there is no scum to die, and I am unable to return to the sky..."

The host and the old lady in black are breathtaking. This child is hiding too deep!

Chen Wuming's strength ranks among the top three in this election.

Zhende Shuai of the Black Horse Club can kill him instantly, which is equivalent to qualifying for the final!

After using the sword just now, he calmly put away his eighth-order sword, without any burden!

This time, his son-in-law must win him!

"A good sword..."

Suchen woman stared in amazement at Lin Chen's back.

"I didn't even use the Rune of Charging, so I chopped this guy off. I don't know if I have reached the peak of the Five Tribulation Warlords, will I have the chance to break with the Holy Realm..."

Lin Chen walked over slowly, taking away all the nah and attribute light **** and alien crystal fragments that Chen Wuming had dropped.

[Gain 1,200 Advanced Qi Blood, 5 Advanced Thunder Energy, 4 Advanced Rune Energy, 2 Advanced Spiritual Power...]

[The host decomposes 9 pieces of alien crystals and obtains attribute values: 5 points of advanced thunder energy, 7 points of advanced wind energy, and 3 points of advanced water energy...]

[Get special attribute values: Red Lotus Magic Flame 19.5 million points, Chi Binghansha 24 million points, Qianyu Yinfeng 18.8 million points...]

Lin Chen will decompose all the alien crystal fragments obtained from the Hongyan Holy Phoenix warehouse and the alien crystal fragments dropped by Chen Wuming!

The number of his blue-level advanced nirvana is up to 13!

Because of the large amount of crystal fragments obtained, almost all are equivalent to one-ninth, even one-eighth of the size of the crystal, and the attribute values obtained by decomposition are more and more!

"Master Lin Chen..."

Qin Miao'er looked at Lin Chen gratefully, Qin Jueyan pursed her lips.

Lin Chen laughed casually-"It's okay, this kind of person is also a scourge, but the two of you. In case I have any situation, you will follow the Fusheng Ancient Kingdom to find the space passage here and return to the strange land to ensure safety. the most important."