My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 956

Vol 5 Chapter 956: Vs. Six Princesses

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Chapter 956 Fight against the Six Princesses!

In the fourth round, Lin Chens opponent directly abstained!

In the fifth round, stepping into the final election, the genius ranked 62045 on the spot genius list and Lin Chen fought for dozens of rounds and voluntarily abstained!

The dark horse club Zhende Shuai stood at the end!

"Hahaha, okay, I can't imagine that Fu Fu Sheng Guo could add such an outstanding son-in-law, it's gratifying."

The host smiled and smiled. Although Lin Chen killed Chen Wuming, he didn't hurt.

In the duel of the ring, the inherent rules, life and death are still in your own hands. Chen Wuming is not as good as others. With the foundation of the ancient kingdom of sacred, as long as the zhengdeshuai becomes a holy son, the Chen family will not dare to move him!

"Has it finally passed... I got the attribute treasure chest in the dowry, and I tried to get away at first!"

Lin Chen exhaled, relieved...

"Wait a minute, Father Emperor, you know my conditions."

Six Princess finally came out!

Lin Chen frowned, conditions?

Is there a variable at this point?

The host was slightly dissatisfied-"Liu'er, you have already seen the strength of the son-in-law. Why do you need to fight another one? His strength is enough to convince the public, isn't it."

"Sister-in-law? So quickly called your son-in-law?"

The six princesses raised their brows lightly, and the host coughed.

The lady said plainly-"Strength is strong, but only if he can win me."

The six princess waved her hands, and the blue light circulated. She held the blue moon scimitar, wearing a robe and armor, and swayed into the battle platform!

"Zhende handsome, win me, you can only be elected son-in-law, I Yueqingli, do not marry a weaker man than me."

An inexplicable anger rose in Lin Chen's heart!

Grandma, it's okay to pass the election of son-in-law, and engage in these moths!

A large number of senior officials and people couldn't help but hold their breath...

The sixth princess was going to make her own shot!

She is hailed as the woman martial saint of Fu Shengguos future. Her talent is first and her understanding first. The other princesses are far less than her!

No one in the previous royal family can be compared with it. Will this true virtue be an opponent?

Lin Chen's expression was a little cold, and turned to the sovereign-"Guo, this should be the last condition?"

The owner's face was a little embarrassed-"This is the little girl's decision. Please also ask the little friends not to keep their hands, although letting go of a battle is enough."

"Well, there is no joke, I believe in the Lord this time."

Lin Chen jumped into the venue, and Six Princess Yue Qingli confronted each other.

Her seventh-order peak knife Qingyue haunts the sharp breath like a moon awn, releasing a little ray of knife gas to cut the void and crush the airflow!

"Wait, how to judge the outcome?"

As soon as Lin Chen raised his hand, how to say it was also a son-in-law, can't he fight to death like Chen Wuming just now?

"How do you deal with Chen Wuming, just deal with me until the two of us can no longer fight!"

Yue Qingli said this, Lin Chen's mouth twitched slightly...

Haven't seen such a strange request, and you are also going to die?

Brush ~! A blade of gas that bends like a moon burst out of Yue Qingli's blade of light, like a long river entwined, a blade twisted Lin Chen!

"Seven changes, the ultimate moment!"

Lin Chen's pure power and spiritual power skyrocketed, holding a crosscut of Qingming sword, the sword light moved like a star, and cut off the sword gas!

The increase in the seven-fold change made Lin Chen's fighting spirit even though he did not break through the realm, but it was more powerful than all the three robbers!

"Take out your secret technique of blocking the space, really handsome!"

Yue Qingli dashed towards Lin Chen, the blade of light flashed vertically, and four spiral blades cut into four directions of Lin Chen!

Lin Chen relied on the sword to cut diagonally and turn back and side, while avoiding all the swords and gangs, he smiled indifferently.

"You are not worth my use, I will judge for myself. Also, thank you for the compliment, everyone knows that our dark horse club is all handsome, so I hope the princess is still a little low-key."

"Oil chamber slips, look at the knife!"

Yue Qingli is like the clanging rose blooming on the battlefield, like a valkyrie who has entered the battlefield, the swordsmanship is endless, fast and steady, each knife has undergone a thousand hammers, all cut to the position of Lin Chen's dead end!

Dang ~! Dang ~! Dang ~!

Daoguangjianying, one blue and one red, all of a sudden the time hit together!

In a melee battle between the two sides, Yue Qingli's body style is so fast that he actually suppresses Lin Chen who launched the "Ultimate Time"!

"Seven Stars!"

"You You Qingshuang!"

Changhong, with the red mansword sword light destroyed like a straight sword, slashed the edge of the sword light to the extreme and cut Lin Chens sword light in half!

Bang ~! Lin Chen took a five strengths together shot to her lower abdomen, and the 59.99 million dragon forces all condensed.

Dang ~! The leg armor crosses the sky, and the slender and beautiful long legs explode with terrifying power. They rise from the sky, and a high kick kicks over the calf, turning like a windmill, opening Lin Chen's palm in the air!

Brush ~! Blocked by a palm, Lin Chen backhanded the sword and stormed the sword!

Jianguang roared, stabbing Yue Qingliu's neck position, revealing his chance! Yue Qingli's tall figure slipped back like a soft water snake, and the blade turned back to separate Lin Chen's sword tip!

Sigh~! The wind burst, and Yue Qingli lifted her leg and hit a knee, and the pale blue wind of the battle system lingered around the wind blade and rushed towards Lin Chen's waist!

boom! The air wave exploded, Lin Chen raised his hand with an elbow, Jin Jie Xuan Gang circulated, and at the same time took the opponent's knee, at the same time, she hardened her wind-based fighting spirit!

boom! boom! boom! Boom! Bang!

The two played fast and dazzled!

The two figures flew quickly and quickly, and the'Zhende Shuai', who had always suppressed others with speed, was actually suppressed by the Sixth Princess Yue Qingli!

She is an air warrior, she is already good at speed, and the Infinite Dark Step that is as strong as the Ultimate Time blessings must fall into the disadvantage!

In swordsmanship, a melee combat with fierce and tricky skills, and a horrible physical training method broke out in the swordsmanship. These two people are like opponents in the game, and they can't fight each other!

All the way from the sky to the battle platform, cultivated as the weak, you can only see countless traces of criss-crossing, lower than the second robbery battle emperor, and even a battle can not be seen!

Lin Chen, who launched the'Ultimate Moment', can abuse the genius list of 70,000 geniuses and hang over more than 60,000 geniuses. But at this moment, he can only compete with Yue Qingli in equal shares?

"There is no doubt that both of them have the top 60,000 in the genius list!"

Some top geniuses have solemn expressions, this battle is completely unknown!

"You haven't let me fight with all your strength, come up with your hole card and that amazing sword, otherwise you are not my opponent!"

Yue Qingli warned that the speed of the knife suddenly became sharp three points!

"The value is not worth the shot, I will judge."

Lin Chenbolan was not surprised, and smiled indifferently-"Wouldn't you think that my two cards are the only two tricks?"

"Then I will force you out!"

Yue Qingli saw a vertical cut, and the knife method suddenly changed. The whole body released a faint light from the thunder-like crystal fragments. The knife light was like lightning.

"It is the special skill of the Six Princesses, the half-orange level "Thunder and Flash"!"

The morale of some generals was boosted!

Yue Qingli tried her best, and her cultivation practice suddenly revealed that it was the cultivation of the four robbers and the emperor?

Her cultivation behavior is two heights higher than Lin Chen! Fully crushed!