My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 957

Vol 5 Chapter 957: I Have It Too

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Chapter 957

The cultivation behavior of the four robbers and the emperor once again astounded everyone!

Yue Qingli deserves to be the first genius in the history of Fu Sheng Guo!

Her extraordinary talents can be called the pinnacle of the fourth-grade power, and the fifth-grade power is also a leader!

Lin Chen still smiled at Gu Jing Wubo-"I have been asking me to take the sword. Did you like my big sword so much? In fact, I am the most powerful person who draws a gun."

Bang ~! Choke~!

Lin Chen pulled out the Sky Sword, Shengwei Sky, the king of the king swept the audience!


"He came really, really pulled the holy sword!"

"Damn, this guy dare not kill the princess?"

The geniuses twitched their mouths, but some senior officials cast their eyes in disdain.

Worried about the princess? The kid should really worry about it!

Although the ranking of the Sixth Princess is not the highest in the audience, her ranking of the genius list has been unchanged for five years ago. Today, her strength is far more than that!

"I can use the Holy Sword for a limited time, and the rune energy is extremely limited. I dont need a few 6th-level runes, so I dont waste rune energy. Suppress her positively!"

Lin Chen made up his mind, struck out with a sword, and thundered the shadow of Yue Qingliu!

Brush ~! Yue Qingli's residual image exploded, and her body flashed to the top of Lin Chen's head. Its speed didn't even see most of the five robbery war emperors present!

Lin Chen was shocked, this speed is ridiculously fast!

Dang ~! Lin Chens mental consciousness reacted extremely quickly, and he immediately crossed the sword and took the sword from Yue Qingli.

Bang ~! The sound of Lei Yin was rolling, and the strong wind was strong, and Lei Shanxuan was so close that Lin Chen could react, turning back and forth!

After the swords collided, Lin Chen shook a dozen spiritual shocks behind him, shattering the whole battlefield side!

Still empty!

Yue Qingli jumped like a thunder, leaving only a slight shadow of Lei Ying in the field, even Lin Chen was a little surprised!

Yue Qingli's laughter came-"Good response, strong mental strength, come again!"

call out! call out! Bang! The wind and thunder moved together, and the roaring rolled up, forming a bright flake-like thunder blade and struck Lin Chen!

Lin Chenji wielded Qingtian Sword, seven stouts and spiritual shock, three types of attacks were repeatedly attacked! Explode a large piece of thunder knives with afterglow!

"I didn't think that Nizi had learned this level, and even "Lei Lie Qian Jun" has learned it! This... is a little difficult to manage..."

The landlord could not help showing a dilemma!

Isnt this bullying!

"Lei Lie Qian Yuan" is the most difficult secret of Fu Shengguo's royal family to practice. It is very simple, because it is a half-orange rank body technique!

The half-orange-level body skills are even rarer than the half-orange-level mental skills!

Because of the combat skills of body style, it is too difficult to create and inherit!

Many holy realms do not yet have a half-orange-level body technique, and its rarity is almost second only to the complete orange-level combat skills!

"You have a good daughter."

The old lady in black warned the host, and the latter gave a reluctant smile.

"That little guy is going to lose, unless he takes out the weird secret technique that just blocked the space, there may be a first chance."

The old lady in black shook her head, and her half-orange-level combat skills were almost invincible!

Yue Qingli's own strength and cultivation are already at the level of about 57,000 in the genius list. With the blessing of the half-orange body method, the strength is so outrageous!

Unless she has opponents of the same level, even the genius in the 50,000th place will be invincible! This is the absolute suppression of body speed!

"Grandma, is this son going to lose?"

The girl in the skirt asked curiously, the old lady in black said with a smile-"His strength is not weak, but his luck is not good, this little nizi's strength and talent is indeed a bit against the sky, but even if he loses, he deserves my The good granddaughter is still quite decent. He is still suitable to be my grandson-in-law, haha!"

The girl in a plain skirt is stern-"Grandma, you can't make jokes like this."

Although she doesn't hate Zhendeshuai, she cant talk much about it.

Bang ~! The lightning flash of Lei Ying Daoguang still broke through Lin Chen's many offensives. Although his sword skills and offensives were fast, Yue Qingli was faster than him!


Most of the strong men present were in a hiccup. Sure enough, this dark horse club was a little worse than the first day of the holy kingdom.

He just lost to his heritage and age because he was still quite young!

"Defeat! Really handsome, Princess Ben recognizes your strength!"

Yue Qingli cut across, the lightning shadow was extremely fast, and everyone felt thunderous!

Tear ~!

Daoguang cut off the figure of "Zhende Shuai", slowly melting...


Yue Qingli moved her eyes, revealing some doubts.

Is it a remnant of the light of the fighting spirit?

"Could it be that"

Tear ~!

[The host triggers a complete passive talent: strong attack, power bonus: 300%.

The moment the system light screen pops up, Jian Feng slashes behind Yue Qingli!

Dang ~! Bang ~! The sword was violent and collided with a knife-like sword gas that teared the pen marks, disturbing the airflow!

With a click, Yue Qingli's seventh-order peak battle armor showed a slight crack!

Lin Chen stepped into the air suspended, striking the silver robe with a soft and pure white light like soft water. In the glory, there was a free shuttle of Longying.

Lin Chen's figure tilted slightly, tearing ~! The blazing white light flashed from his whole body!

He was like a white dragon wandering through the whole person, the dragon shadow flashed away!

Yue Qingli's face changed a lot!

"You even have it?"

The expressions of the sovereign and the old lady in black instantly became particularly dignified!

The emperor of the Second Tribulation exhibited such a horrible speed. Its not wrong. He also possessed a half-orange stance. And still practice to the level of consummation, the flow of clouds between the show and release, it is not like the signs of just practicing!

How many cards does this young man have?

Tear ~! Optimus Sword cut across the waist, Yue Qingli was caught off guard, exploding the sky of lightning shadow!

brush! brush! brush!

The overwhelming sword marks, like the moon star, turned into a violent wind and shower, slashing down!

Yue Qingli dances the knife, and the shadow of the knife is like a tide of impenetrable knives. It collides with the sky and the rain!

boom! boom! The sword was crushed, and the two blessed their swordsmanship with their spells, but Lin Chen completely suppressed it! He is twice as fast as Yue Qingli more than twice!

[The host triggers a passive talent: tearing and tearing the opponents defense.


A tearing sound rang, Yue Qingli's defense defense was broken, and the corners of his mouth were bleeding.

"One move will determine the outcome!"

Yue Qingli suddenly held the knife with both hands, and Qinghong Moonlight rolled from the blade body, slashing to Lin Chen!

The blade that shone with the blue moonlight gasified into the Baizhang long rainbow pattern dragon, howling sky, like a frightened dragon rushing to Lin Chen!

"It's Wanyue Qinglong! My God, have Princess Six even learned this trick!"

"This is the holy country's closest approach to the Orange Order inheritance!"