My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 958

Vol 5 Chapter 958: Marry Two? ?

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Chapter 958 ?

Bang ~!

Lin Chen ignited all kinds of anger, the holy sword rendered a fierce and violent fire robbery, Lin Chen raised the sword and cut the dragon!

The orange light sword rainbow fell down, and all the anger burned the world, turning into a rage sword to cut the sky!

Tear ~! Bang~!

The two men made a decisive victory and defeated the wind, thunder and fire, and formed a tornado to destroy the sky and go directly to the palace zenith!

"How is the battle going?"

"It seems to be a draw? This is really handsome!"

"He still has a trick to block the space that is not used. Is it that he kept his hand for the princess?"

"That's not great, people are here to participate in the election of son-in-law, and they must treat their future daughter-in-law properly."

"This kid has the demeanor of a generation of master swordsman..."

When all the geniuses are looking forward to it, a tear, bang!

The two flying knives collided from the void, striking numerous sparks, everyone was shocked!

Does the two have a back hand? Both will fly the sword?

The tornado spread out, and two streamer-like golden-brilliant swords flashed past, slammed onto the armor of Yueqing glass, and her lips were bleeding!

boom! Lin Chen's body became the white dragon light and shadow when she flashed two shadowless flying swords in her body!

Lin Chen punched like a dragon, and the fierce and fierce beating towards her slim waist! She hurriedly urged Lei Lie to evade, and she knew that Lin Chen was like a shadow, followed by a punch behind her!

Yue Qingli gritted her teeth to launch her defensive combat skills Moonlight Liuli Body, the battle armor was turned into a glazed moonlight, and her whole body became tough and indestructible!

boom! Lin Chen's fist wind hit her, but he was not injured by a punch, and under multiple protection, this punch did not hurt Yue Qingli much!

"Zhende handsome, I vote..." Yue Qingli was a little panicked, and before she finished, Lin Chen caught her high, long legs with lightning, and slammed into the battle floor!

Brush ~! boom!

"Moonlight Ruri Body" is slightly cracked!

"Blue Dragon Possession!"

Lin Chen possessed the power of the Dragon Emperor, and his pure power soared to more than 70 million! Pure strength is comparable to the four robbery war emperor!

The whole process was almost just electro-optical flint, Lin Chen grabbed her calf and smashed Yue Qingli all over again!

The attribute light ball rolls down, and the cultivation behavior of the four emperors of Yue Qingli is also the genius of the genius list. The quality of the dropped attribute light ball is quite high, and Lin Chen is even more powerful!

A thunderous bang, Yue Qingli's whole person was as crazy as Lin Chen's whip!

Countless people's mouths are slightly open, and people with low mental tolerance are twitching at the corners of their mouths!

Too **** cruel! Fu Shengguo's future'Female Martial Saint' was smashed wildly like a whip! Everyone was shocked!

"Who **** said this kid is handsome! The old man beat him up! Grass!"

"It's terrifying, is this still a human being, you can do it at the princess..."

Gentlemen's lips shuddered. I looked at this handsome and handsome person before. I thought it was a kind of noble son. Now, it looks like a demons!

A minister hurriedly stood up and clenched his fist at the sovereign of the void seat-"Wei Chen dared to implore Sheng Shang to let this battle stop, Princess will be in trouble!"

"Yeah, Holy, this person has no humanity!"

The ministers persuaded each other, but the sovereign raised his hand and said expressionlessly-"I have my own sense, and all Aiqing sit down."

"Grandma, he is so cruel..."

The girl in the skirt leaned on the old lady in black, and the old lady smiled and said-"This son is indeed cruel. If he fights and fights with others, if it is a battle of life and death, it is naturally omnipotent, but his strength is very good. The nizi was completely beaten to death. If not, the sovereign would have already shot."

Yue Qingli seems to be torn all over her body. She has never been so terribly tortured and tortured since childhood, the armor is cracking, the moonlight Liuli has been broken, showing white skin, but bloody!

"He didn't even give me a chance to surrender, so cruel! So painful!"

Wailing in Yue Qingli's heart!

"Let this Nizi suffer a little this time, let her know that there are people outside, and there are days outside. This kid is the one who can overpower her and is suitable for her husband-in-law..."

The master said secretly.

After some crazy knocking, until Chen Qingli could no longer drop the attribute light ball, Lin Chen threw her aside.

He clapped his hands and shrugged and smiled-"The princess told me to treat Chen Wuming as normal as he did from the beginning. I treat the enemy like this. I don't know if the princess is satisfied? Seriously, I have never seen such a strange one. Claim."

[The host gains 3 points of advanced wind energy, 2 points of advanced thunder energy, 3000 points of advanced fighting spirit essence, and 4 points of advanced rune energy...]

Lin Chen charged those attribute light **** scattered in the void, and the attribute value of Yue Qingli dropped was very high!

At this time, Yue Qingli fell to the ground, his armor was broken, his dress was covered with blood, and his fair and delicate skin looked pale and pitiful. There was no such heroic bravery as before!

"you you!"

Yue Qingli was knotless, and she looked at Lin Chen's eyes, revealing a bit of fear and a complex color.

This teenager looks personable, in fact, fighting is the head beast!

Domineering, wild, cruel!

His swordsmanship is superb, but he doesn't look like a swordsman at all!

"Cough, I announced, Zhende handsome boyfriend, formally passed the election-in-law meeting, Qingli, do you have any objections?"

Yue Qingli Hao teeth bite, "No objection!"

When the sovereign waved his hand, a burst of holy light enveloped Yueqing, and her injuries began to heal quickly, recovering as before.

There was an uproar in the audience!

They were stunned by Lin Chen's brutal means before, and it was only after this time that God knew that Six Princess Yue Qingli was defeated completely!

"This kid has at least the strength of 50,000 on the genius list!"

"It's so evil, what kind of monsters are these black horses cultivating!"

"Envy doesn't come. With his one-handed technique, his strength exceeds that of all the geniuses present!"

The genius list is envied and amazed by the geniuses. The strength of this Zhendeshuai is really strong, and no one is unconvinced!

"Hahaha, gratifying and congratulatory, one of my thoughts has finally come to an end." The Lord of the Kingdom stood up with a chuckle and looked directly at Lin Chen with a smile, "Xiaoyou, this time..."


At this time, Yue Qingli suddenly spoke again, and everyone looked at her.

"It's okay to marry me, but I must marry my twin seven emperor sisters in accordance with the provisions of the decree!"

Yue Qingli spoke amazingly!

Talking about the so-called'Seven Emperor Girls', everyone's face changed slightly!

"Nonsense! What do you think of my decree!"

Lord Yan Yan is furious, the tiger head is fierce!

Lin Chen was puzzled by the reaction of everyone present. According to the common sense of choosing a son-in-law, it is not a good thing to marry two.

Why did the geniuses present looked like hell!

Yue Qingli opened the Najie, and her jade hand held a roll of old imperial edicts, and smiled indifferently-"Father Emperor, Jun has no jokes, isn't he?"

Looking at the decree on Yue Qingli's hand, the face of the sovereign changed slightly!