My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 959

Vol 5 Chapter 959: Seven Princesses

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Chapter 959

"Fengtian Carrier, Sheng Shengzhao said: This is the purpose of Fusheng, the sixth princess month is blue, the seventh princess month is blue, only one person is married, and this is the best."

Yue Qingli spread out the old imperial edict and read out the previous content in a concise manner.

The face of the sovereign changed slightly, and I could not imagine that Nizi still had the imperial decree that was hidden many years ago.

The former landlord was drunk and happily all night. At that time, the two daughters were still young, and the sisters had the same heart. They promised that the two would marry the same person, and let him personally award the ordinance.

At that time, the sovereign thought that it was just a child's bashfulness, and the intoxication was three points, and he loved the two sisters.

Unexpectedly, Yue Qingli has passed this many years, and still has this sacred decree!

If it is normal, the sovereign will not say anything. The king has no jokes, and it can be executed according to the decree, but now it is different. Seven Princess Yue Youlan is not like the same year. She encountered an accident in life!

Even though she did not fall, she changed her whole person!

"I didn't expect you to even count, is it so hard to find a man!"

There was anger brewing in the eyes of the sovereign, Yue Qinglihao biting his teeth"I don't want to marry a stranger!"

The two fathers and daughters were about to quarrel, and Lin's voice echoed.

"Sacred, there is nothing to say. The people in our dark horse club have always been famous for being handsome, famous for a long time, and making signatures with specialty. For me, there is not much difference between a princess and two princesses."

As soon as this remark came out, everyone in the audience opened his mouth!

Everyone's first reaction: Is this kid crazy?

Could it be that he didn't know the status of the Seventh Princess Yue Youlan?

Yue Qingli Dai frowned lightly-"Zhende Shuai, do you know what's going on now!"

Lin Chen thought: Whatever your situation, I only want the attribute treasure chest in your dowry! There is a large group of saints behind me chasing and killing Lao Tzu, even if you are a princess or two, even if you are one hundred, you have to agree to come down first!

"Sister, let me talk to him."

At this moment, a crisp voice like a beaded jade collided with pleasant sounds.

A white dress flew into the air, and the children wore a cloak, slim and slender, exquisite and graceful, hiding the hidden breath.

Seeing this woman, many people's faces are a bit ugly, and some geniuses don't even have to look at them.

"Son, if you have seen me like this, do you still want to marry me and the elder sister?"

The woman took off her cloak, and a terrified worldly expression slowly appeared.

The bones of her face were deformed, her eyes were large and small, her lips were squeezed by the parasitic flesh almost invisible, there was a green flesh in front of her nose, and her cheeks were sticky with blue and purple flesh. ...

It was an extremely disgusting face that was hard to describe with ugliness!


Many of the geniuses present at the scene looked at it and almost wanted to vomit!

Jiucheng people don't want to look at this white woman in a straight eye, her slender hands tremble slightly, but it is conceivable that at this moment she is not calm at all, everyone's eyes are like a sharp knife piercing her heart!

Qin Jueyan and Qin Miao'er squeezed their lips lightly, and Qian's eyes were full of sympathy and sorrow. Qin Miao'er's eyes had burst into tears...

"Sister Seven, you don't need to come out!"

Yue Qingli hugged her sister tightly and burst into tears.

The gritty princess, at the moment, was crying with pear flowers and rain.

Yue Qingli is not like marrying a person. A large part of her life is so miserable because of her sister. She would rather find someone who is willing to take care of her sister.

That's why she became angry and strong, became extremely powerful, and threatened her father and emperor that she would never marry a weaker man, but her real purpose was to secretly find a man who could accept her sister...

"Ah!" The patron's palm shuddered a few times, slowly closing his eyes: "Fuck, just..."

"Grandma, why did that sister..." The girl in the skirt looked at her grandma with tears in her eyes.

"It's a poison curse under a very powerful holy realm. Even a first-grade saint-level pharmacist is very difficult to dispel, and the facial features have been destroyed, and some very terrible toxins will be regularly discharged..."

The old lady in black shook her head. The fate of Nizi was indeed bumpy. There was no suicide after such a thing. It was already a very powerful state of mind!

The second daughter was a twin, with beautiful flowers and beautiful appearance. I never imagined that one day, the enemy's holy land from the ancient kingdom of Fu Sheng lurked into the country.

In the end, although the holy land was destroyed by several holy realms in Fusheng Kingdom, the poisonous curse was left to the royal family.

Those who cultivated the Holy Realm did not suffer much from accidents, but they had a poison curse that hit the seven princesses at the time. This beautiful girl with good heart turned into such a look.

As long as the appearance of the seventh princess is a normal man, there will be physical and psychological disgust and disgust when you see it!

Not to mention marrying through the door, at a glance, I felt a tumult in my belly!

The most important thing is that there is a poison curse in her face, and fatal toxins will regularly appear. Who dares to marry such a person?

"If you can accept my sister, I would like to marry you together. If you are the same as those of ordinary people, then I will also give you generous rewards and will not let you participate in this election-in-law meeting in vain."

When Princess Liu wiped her tears and said to Lin Chen seriously, she was discovering that the young man's eyes were staring at her sister.

"It turns out to be you!"

Lin Chen lamented that this woman was the kind-hearted woman who met the refugees when he entered the Fusheng Ancient Kingdom.

The Seventh Princess's body shivered softly, and said with a self-deprecating tone-"I let the son down, sorry..."

"Ah? Disappointed, I'm not disappointed."

Lin Chen smiled heartily instead, he had no expectations, and naturally no disappointment. Just a little surprised.

"Don't I say that before, people choose people by appearance." His eyes were fixed on Princess Seven, and then he smiled-"But this does not prevent me from admiring your beautiful soul, is it."

Yue Qingli and Yue Youlan's delicate body shivered!

"Oh, hypocrisy."

"Yes, this kid is still addicted to acting?"

"What kind of snakeskin? The people in the dark horse club are all bragging, even against their own heart, is a man dare to ask for such a woman?"

The geniuses in the genius list were ridiculed.

Yue Qingli's expression is solemn-"Zhende handsome son means, willing to accept my sister?"

Yue Youlan also had a wonderful look of expectation, staring at the once life-saving man, very uneasy...

But Lin Chen went on to say: "My son-in-law was chosen just to marry the sixth princess, how can I force the seventh princess to marry me too?"

As soon as this statement came out, the sisters fell into the ice cellar!

"Look at what this hanging man looks like!"

"Yes, who said just now that one or two more princesses aren't too much? Do you want a face?"

"Looking at the grass on the rudder, I yuck, Lao Tzu despised this thing most!"

A lot of genius sneer and sarcasm, a mockery, eyes full of contempt and disdain!

Their previous admiration for Lin Chen had disappeared!