My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 960

Vol 5 Chapter 960: Eighth Tier Pharmacists Per Capita

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Chapter 960

Including some ministers and generals, his face is also very ugly!

Some people who have followed the sixth princess know that she has a deep affection for the princess seven, and she takes great care of it.

This "Zhende Shuai" has a surface of "Appreciate your beautiful soul", and then immediately re-entered a "I am only for the Six Princesses"?

Fuck fart! Isn't this to humiliate people?

"Quick step, you are not qualified to humiliate the Seven Princesses!"

All the ministers spoke out against Lin Chen, yelling and drinking!

A gentle girl in a lovely skirt appeared a disappointment-"How can he say one thing to another."

"The character of this young man is not very good, hehe."

The old lady in black shook her head, and sister Qin Miao'er looked at each other, her face puzzled!

In their impression, Lin Chen is not such a person!

Even the face of the sovereign has become particularly gloomy!

Yue Youlan's heart was like a heavy blow, and I didn't know what tone to use. She ridiculed herself"I...I made my son embarrassed, my ugliness caused trouble to my son..."

Yue Qingli's pretty face is furious!

Then, Lin Chen waved his hands and smiled-"Why would it be embarrassing? I just said that I came for the sixth princess, but I don't want to force the seventh princess to you. Whether or not you want to marry is entirely the princess's own decision."

"And in my opinion, it is not the first thing for Princess Seven to talk about marriage now, but to treat the toxins on her face first."

This remark made people angry!

"Are you mocking my sister's appearance?" Yue Qingli's eyes were red, blood-stained, and murderously cold. "This Holy Realm Poison Curse has nothing to do with the Holy Grade Alchemist that the father emperor spent a lot of money on. , Which is as simple as you say in three words!"

At this time, Lin Chen smiled confidently with a bit of evil charm.

"Well, let me give it a try, maybe, I can restore the appearance of Princess Seven."

Lin Chen's words stirred up a thousand waves!

Lianyue Qingli and Sister Yue Youlan were shocked at the same time!

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was silent first, and then echoed the ups and downs of ridicule and sneer!

"Is this kid funny?"

"But the master of the country has spent a lot of money to invite the first-grade saint-level apothecary in the Southern Region to see the status quo for the seventh princess and is unable to return to the sky. He is a hairy boy who dare to say that he is even better than the eighth-level apothecary?"

The lord's face appeared sullen. At first, he was not bad at viewing this character, and his temperament and strength were quite top-notch. Now, at first glance, this character is almost full of magnification, pure nonsense!

"Oh, a bunch of dumb guys."

Lin Chen was too lazy to ignore these noisy guys, and looked directly at the Lord, laughing: "Lord, if I guess correctly, the poison spell of Princess Seven, even if it is solved, cannot restore the poisoned facial features, right? . And if the detoxification fails, it will most likely cause her death, yes."

Lin Chen's words shocked the tiger!

Yue Qingli's rage suddenly stopped!

This answer is exactly the same as the answer of the Holy Alchemist he invited!

Knowing this answer, only the two masters of the country and the sisters are right!

It is precisely because of this huge risk that the saint-level apothecary admits that the success rate is less than 10%.

In order to less than 10% chance to press up the life of the daughter, he has to spend a huge price to ask the Holy Class Alchemist to make one shot, even if the proprietor cannot afford it!

Is this kid also a pharmacist? How did he see it?

"Our dark horse club is long-lasting and hard enough to be set on fire. The specialty is only the specialty, the handsome is just the standard, and we can join the handsome in the club, the eighth-ranking alchemist per capita, trivial." Lin someone grinned with a chin on his chin. : "It can't be said that it is a small meaning, it seems a little crazy, medium meaning."

Many people sneered!

Eighth-tier pharmacist per capita? Have you dreamed this day?

"I think he's crazy, is he crazy when he's on the wall?"

"The saint-level apothecary is even rarer than the saint. I have seen the saint anyway. The legendary saint-level apothecary has not seen it with his own eyes. He thought it was Chinese cabbage?"

The geniuses ridiculed, because the "eight-ranking alchemist per capita" is so special! The storytellers dont dare to blow like this!

Only a handful of top-level Sipin forces will have the Holy Class Alchemist sitting in town, and the foundation of the countless eras of the Fusheng Ancient Kingdom has not trained a Holy Class Alchemist!

"Can you really cure Youlan?"

At this time, Yue Qingli grabbed Lin Chen's palm with excitement, and he smiled confidently-"Bacheng grasp it, even if you fail, you can keep the life of Princess Seven worry-free, but this material resource, you have to come out Now."

"No problem! As long as you can dispel the poison spell of Youlan, the material side, I'll pack it!"

The sovereign also spoke, and with Lin Chen's ability to see through Yue Youlan at a glance, it must be extraordinary!

You must know that the holy-level apothecary hired by the heavy gold was also the conclusion that it took three days to observe Yue Youlan for a long time!

"There is another condition. I need seven days of treatment. During this period, Liu Gong mainly follows the whole process to restore the Seventh Princess. Her existence is essential. As for the result of the son-in-law, wait for the cure and give it to the Seventh Princess herself. Determined."

Lin Chen talked and laughed, showing the confidence to control the overall situation, making Yue Youlan's eyes full of new expectations...

Can I really get back to the beginning?

"No problem, I promise you, exactly, seven days later, it is my 100,000th birthday. Even if you do not succeed, I will not blame you, but you must ensure the safety of Princess Seven."

"no problem."

Lin Chen and the Lord of the Kingdom hit it off, and all the ministers and geniuses in the genius list were full of doubts!

Why is the sovereign, who is a prince of a country, so trusting this kid? Fighting power and potential, and the strength of refining medicine are completely different!

"Hey, let's wait for the birthday feast to watch a good show..."

"This kid is so arrogant, I want to see what he has."

The election-in-law meeting ended temporarily, and the result was announced again at the Holy Birthday Banquet, which was surprising.

No one thought that the election-law meeting ended with this result!

Why did Lin Chen stay suddenly? According to the original plan, he should take the property treasure chest in the dowry as quickly as possible and then escape.

But he was surprised to observe in today's battle that there is a complex attribute of light sphere in the depths of the palace!

In other words, there may be a large number of attribute light **** deep in the palace!

He intends to stay first and act by chance!

On the other hand, he does have a way to treat Yue Youlan, but he only needs to consume Long Qingguo and spend some time.

Because, he possesses a technology that the entire Holy World never possessed!

The old lady in black and the girl in a plain skirt stared at the direction of Lin Chen's departure, and all the young and old showed doubt and curiosity.

Can even the Yipin Saint-level pharmacist be helpless? Can he solve it?