My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 961

Vol 5 Chapter 961: Amazing

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Chapter 961

In the Red Moon Hall; the main prince is temporarily away from the main event. Six Princesses took Lin Chen and his party, Yue Youlan, and two doctors of the seventh-order peak.

"These two are..."

Yue Qingli asked the second daughter behind Lin Chen.

"We are Zhen Mai's personal maid."

Qin Miao'er quickly waved his hand.

Although Lin Chen disguised them, her temperament and figure were not comparable to ordinary women, Yue Qingli saw the clue at a glance.

But she did not see through, and then asked Lin Chen-"What is the way you said?"

"My method is a few steps. Next, Princess Six, you will first prepare these materials. Also, remember to use Liuli Qingyu to carve your face down."

Lin Chen said nothing, and engraved a large list of medicinal materials and threw it to Yue Qingli.

Although he has two pinnacles of spiritual luck, no one likes resources like this!

Yue Qingli took a list of herbs and frowned a little.

The faces of the two seventh-order peak doctors next to me changed slightly!

The things on Lin Chen's list are valuable, and all are not mortals.

She did not question the demand for medicinal materials, but asked curiously-"What do you want my face for?"

Lin Chen shrugged, "Of course it is useful, otherwise I will do nothing when I am idle? I am a shameless person."

The corners of everyone's mouth twitched...

"Use the fastest speed to prepare, I will start to treat the Six Princesses."

Lin Chen waved his hand, Yue Qingli said-"The two doctors here are the most in the palace..."

"Let them stay cool and stay there, what's the problem, my two little maids will help me."

Lin Chen's old-fashioned appearance made the two doctors breathless!

Seeing his self-confident appearance, Yue Qingli was not angry, but he persuaded him.

She believes that people with strength all have their own tempers, and this is true of this Zhende Shuai.

For Yue Qingli, fighting is one of the easiest ways to understand others.

In the battle between her and Lin Chen, she could feel the frank and straightforward character of the other party, even if she was not a gentleman, she was definitely not a evil person.

In the end, there were only Yue Youlan, Lin Chen and Qin's sisters in the room, as well as a royal doctor.

No matter how the seventh princess is also a royal, it is impossible to give Lin Chen a single person, in case he has a secret hand?

"Master, what am I going to do." Yue Youlan asked anxiously.

"Eat it and go to sleep. You will become as beautiful as before when you are done."

Lin Chen handed her a panacea. This seventh-order top-grade panacea was prepared by Lin Chen in Taoyuan capsules in advance, which can paralyze the consciousness and perception of the whole body.

Yue Youlan took the panacea nervously, and after a while she felt groggy and began to lie down.

The doctor's face slightly changed and he stopped talking. Seeing Lin Chen's serious look, he swallowed back his throat.

Brush ~!

Lin Chen sacrificed all the avatars and all appeared in the secret room disguised as "Zhende Shuai"!

"Here, is this air transport capsule?"

The old doctor was shocked, Lin Chen and all of his avatars concentrated on it, and he brought up countless silver needles from the Nahua.

These silver needles are like tiny hair, tens of thousands, the old doctor roughly counts, at least 60,000!

Lin Chen's hands were sealed, and he used his spiritual power to control 60,000 silver needles, slowly piercing the purple and blue meat pieces of the pus on the face of Seventh Princess.

Only by manipulating so many silver needles at the same time for precise operations, it takes half a step into the spiritual power of the Holy Land to be able to do it!

He first runs a fire-robbing war!


A series of purple and cyan poisonous mists rose, and the old doctor was horrified-"What are you doing! This will kill Princess Seven!"

Which method is this? Simply burning the toxin will burn the head of the seventh princess, because the toxin has already penetrated into her head, not just the face!

This method, they and other old doctors have long tried to propose this method, it is impossible to complete!

"Damn, shut up! Get noisy and get out!"

Lin Chen's spirit is highly concentrated, he sneered and shocked the old doctor!

He and the silver needles controlled by the doppelgangers had very limited fighting fire tactics, but each needle pierced and burned a tiny mouth into the cheek of Princess Seven!

Brush ~! Lin Chen and the avatars slowly penetrated the silver needle one step further, leaving 60,000 tiny wounds on the cheeks of the seventh princess, all except the eyes and eyes!

Lin Chen then immediately poured into his Qingyao jade dew and merged into the cheek along the minimally invasive mouth!

Sigh~! Sigh~! Severe corrosive smoke immediately rose from the face of Princess Seven!

Qingyao Yulu has the effect of purifying the energy of spiritual impurities, and the reason why this poison curse follows the seven princesses like gangrenous gangrene is because the toxin locks her mental power!

Lin Chen continued to control the Silver Needle and urged the fire to rob the battle to burn!

Time passed by one minute and one second. Amazingly, the purple and green abscesses on the face of Princess Seven began to subside and decrease! Really achieved the effect of eliminating toxins!

But the old doctor is cold sweat!

Because the vitality of the seventh princess is gradually decreasing, the poison curse is being removed, and the life of the seventh princess is about to enter the ghost gate!

Day and night passed.

Yue Qingli called many treasures from the treasury, but when she came back, she found that Yue Youlan was on the verge of death!

And her face was severely burned, without a piece of complete meat! Extremely miserable, Yue Qingli's heart shivered!

If Lin Chen had a serious look, she had to go crazy.

At the last moment, Lin Chen let the sisters of the Qin family grind the Long Qing flesh and let the unconscious Seven Princess swallow down!

The other half of the colorful Longqing flesh is mixed with the spirits of four kinds of natural materials, covering the cheeks of the seventh princess, a magical thing happened!

Her poison curse was slowly being removed by Lin Chen, but her life was saved by Long Qingguo and other holy treats!

And she burned most of her cheeks, but she began to breed new granulation and tender meat magically!

"Successful! The son is really a man of God!"

The old doctor was ecstatic! Yue Qingli wept with joy!

It's not over yet!

Lin Chen smiled confidently-"The next big thing, I said, my purpose is to restore the Seven Princesses!"

Yue Qingli's body shivered!

recovery? Is his sister really able to recover?

Mo said that the recovery is as good as ever, even if you have the appearance of a normal person, Yue Qingli will be satisfied!

My own sister has suffered too much because of this poison curse!

At this time, Yue Youlan was still in a coma, unknowingly, without any pain.


Lin Chen stretched out his hand, and the two sisters immediately handed over six thin cicada-like knives.

"It's time to show real technology."

Lin Chen and the avatars smiled irritably.

The six people held delicate knives and danced briskly and precisely in the burnt and newly grown granules of Princess Seven, cutting off a few damaged bones, granulation, and the energy of Long Qingguo to re-energize her!

"What, what technique is this?"

Yue Qingli exudes unparalleled shock!

She has never seen such an exquisite technique that can modify a person's appearance?