My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 962

Vol 5 Chapter 962: The Reaction Of The Dragon Blood Jade

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Chapter 962

"This is a cosmetic surgery technique in our dark horse club."

Lin Chen smiled with a smile, leaving no trace of the knife, Long Qingguo's gentle and powerful vitality repaired the cheek of Princess Qi again and again!

Under Lin Chen's'shaping', a face full of nations and cities is gradually taking shape! !

That's right, Lin Chen planned to use the "facelift" technique to restore the Seven Princesses from the beginning!

Eliminating the poison curse is not a problem for him. He has avatar assistance, not a holy-level apothecary can also control the spirit of a holy-level apothecary!

And what he wants is perfect recovery!

Lin Chen has learned a lot of knife techniques, and also learned the "Ultra Shadow Flying Knife."

Secondly, Long Qingguo is a holy product for healing wounds. It is a perfect treatment for cheeks that have been "destroyed" after removing the poison curse.

As the new granulation grows, Lin Chen can repair her facial features for Yue Youlan, to the most perfect point!

And afterwards, there will be no sequelae, and the cheeks will be as natural as ever, because even the new skin and granulation of the cheeks are all by the moon blue!

"Perfect, this is the last one!"

When Lin Chen put away the knife, she took a piece of'Liu Qing Yu' prepared by Princess Liu in advance and attached it to Yue Youlan's face!

It now appears that the face of Yue Youlan's prototype is only flat granulation growing, and nothing can be seen.

But Long Qingguo's energy will heal her step by step. This piece of Qingyu engraved Yue Qingli's facial facial features template. After fully recovered, the newly grown granulation will grow and recover according to the'template', and finally form !

Lin Chen covered Yue Youlan's face to a veil and a veil, and smiled indifferently-"Finish the work, let the seven princesses rest for a few days, take a good rest, do not uncover the gauze for the time being, so as to avoid accidental recovery of the cheek ."

The two old doctors were speechless in excitement! Can be described as an eye-opener!

Feeling emotional, Yue Qingli God repelled two old doctors after leaving the secret room, and turned to face Lin Chen.

"Thank you, handsome handsome son! I apologize to you for your previous offense!"

Thanks to the tears in Yue Qingli's eyes.

How can Yue Qingli not see the power of Lin Chen's "superb skills", his sister at least removed the poison spell and saved her life!

And her appearance, even if only to restore the appearance of ordinary people, she is content! I dare not expect too much!

"He is always so full of surprises..."

The two sisters of the Qin family were amazed, Qin Jueyan stared at Lin Chen's profile, his eyes slightly more complicated.

This young man has no ordinary time from the moment when his sister met him, every action is unique, but every time he is surprised!

"Less nonsense, thank you not by talking."

Lin Chen put away her avatar, smiled with evil spirits, and provoked the princess of the sixth princess-"How do you want to thank me?"

Yue Qingli's rare cheeks were red, and when I looked at the boy's pair of ghostly eyes, there was a mystery hidden from the beginning to the end, which was unpredictable, but I wanted to explore his details...

Feeling the strange eyes of the sisters behind him, Lin Chen coughed: "Just kidding, I ask you, what about your dowry, take me to get your dowry."

"Dowry? The dowry is still in the Palace Square. It is the space bounded by the father emperor, and I can't open it. Recently, the father emperor went out to patrol the dynasty and had to wait a few days..."

Even Yue Qingli didn't know why, when he asked himself the dowry, there was a trace of loss in his heart?

He didn't really come for himself, did he have no interest in himself?

"Wipe, when the emperor and the old man still go out for a cruise now, the snake skin of Youte has passed the past three days, in case those holy places have come out of the dark island..."

Lin Chen's mouth twitched a few times, and then said seriously: "Then you will take me to the palace forever!"

Yue Qingli gave Lin Chen a puzzled look-"Well, no problem, I can take you in and out of the palace with my authority."

In the old days, how could Yue Qingli easily bring people into and out of the palace.

But no matter how detailed Lin Chen is, at least he saved Yue Youlan, and this kind of gratitude is enough for her to make up for Lin Chen's repayment!

Because only Yue Qingli knows that the sister Yue Youlan was infected with a poison curse in order to protect herself...

If it weren't for the sister's kindness, she was poisoned by the poison curse...

After setting aside the rest of the Qin family sisters and Yue Youlan, Yue Qingli took Lin Chen away.


Fu Sheng ancient country, deep in the holy palace, inside a holy stele.

This place is a taboo place, but today Yue Qingli took a huge risk to bring Lin Chen to the Holy Tablet!

Here was buried the fallen sages in the history of the ancient country, extremely cold and prosperous...

Lin Chen was happy to blossom!

The ground is full of attribute light balls, and there are a lot of rare spiritual attribute light balls! One is a little advanced spiritual power!

He quickly picked up, touched the ground, or summoned Dragon Emperor to transform into a humanoid and collect attribute light **** with him!

This scene saw Yue Qingli's face stunned and stunned!

[The host gains 1850 enhancement points, 4 intermediate sky value, 11 advanced power essence, 4 advanced fire energy, 3 advanced light energy, 3 advanced thunder energy, 7 advanced mental power, 5 Click on the advanced rune energy...]

Lin Chen made a random touch and gained 120 points of high-level rune energy and 30 points of high-level spiritual power. The high-level elemental energy is soaring, the strength soars, and the harvest is excellent!

Lin Chen's spiritual strength, the water has risen and the ship has risen, has already begun to march towards the'half step into the saint class'.

"There are now 342 Runic Powers, plus nine other nirvanas, and you can't rely on the God of War Bracers to face the Saints!"

Lin Chen smiled, this time Fu Shengguo won a lot!

"Huh? In that direction, the orange light?"

Lin Chen had another unscrupulous act. The sixth princess Yue Qingli looked puzzled. What on earth did he want to do...

Arriving in front of a holy stele, the dark orange property treasure box spins, and Lin Chen grabs it excitedly!

[The host opens the orange crystal treasure chest and obtains a half-orange combat skill: "Yu Tian" scrolls up and down.

Hiss~! Another half-orange combat skill! Lin Chen consulted a little, this is still a volume of gold-based attributes of the marksmanship!

The gold system, the main attack logging, secondary defense, indestructible, extremely strong!

The upper part of this "Yu Tian" is divided into defenses, and you can cultivate the "Yu Tiangeng Jin Qi" body, and the second part is divided into attacking "Yu Tian Shen Gun"!

"It's right to stay! It's equivalent to getting two volumes of half-orange combat skills at the same time!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic, but fortunately he did not blindly choose to finish his dowry.

Then, what surprised Lin Chen even more appeared!

The dragon blood jade that has been kept in the dust within the ring has played a light flash at the same time?

"Dragon Dragon Blood Jade has responded?"

Lin Chen took out a dragon blood jade from Najie.

Blood Jade is ascending the domineering dragon shadow, the dragon light shining and flowing, actually reacted to this holy stele!

"Who is the person buried in this tombstone? Is there any special constitution and bloodline during his lifetime!"

Lin Chen hurriedly asked Yue Qingli around her, she stared at the tombstone for a moment, and said, "It is the 1205th generation of the sovereign. It is said that he is the bloodline of the ancient dragon of Taixi..."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Taixi Gulong?