My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 963

Vol 5 Chapter 963: Big Day

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Chapter 963

"The inheritance of the Dragon God Blood Jade is most likely related to the Taixi Ancient Dragon. Then my next bloodline attribute must obtain the Taixi Ancient Dragon Blood Vessel to obtain the inheritance of the Dragon Dragon Blood Jade!"

Lin Chen and Yue Qingli asked for all the records with the 1205 lord, and studied them carefully.

When returning to the Red Moon Hall, Seven Princess Yue Youlan had awakened.

"Sudden handsome son, am I really okay...I feel itchy on my face now..."

Wrapped in gauze, Yue Youlan held Lin Chen's hands excitedly.

"Well, let me assure you that the princess's poison curse has been removed. After waiting for a few days to heal, the princess will get a new look."

Lin Chen smiled lightly.

Yue Youlan's whole person is like a dream, it is lucky to get rid of the poison curse, and get a new look? I never even thought about such a thing!

After appeasing the seven princesses, Lin Chen found the six princesses again and entrusted the two sisters Qin Miao'er to retreat.

Based on Yue Qingli's strength and cultivation, it is most appropriate to take them to the space channel held by Fu Shengguo.

And Lin Chen is not the time to return to the odd territory now. The odd territory may have set off a lot of situations, and the group has gone out.

He had to wade into the southern region for a long time to find a space channel to other regions, while Fu Shengguo had only a space channel to return to the odd region.

At night, Lin Chen closed.

He opened the Taoyuan capsules and poured all the "Tianyi Shengshui" collected under the name of "Treatment" into the red gold tree species to quickly nourish and thrive.

"Then take the Tianyi Shengshui from the Six Princesses' dowry, and the energy of the golden Shengyuan coins should be able to quickly cultivate the red gold tree species to the growth stage..."

"System, I want to strengthen my skills and skills "Dragon Flash"!"

Lin Chen now holds 5.66 million points, consumes 950,000 enhancement points, and has experienced dozens of failures. He has strengthened the half-orange-level light system "Dragon Flash" to +13, and the overall improvement is 240%!

Lin Chen needs to upgrade +15 enhancement functions, non-absolutely beneficial means will not be easily enhanced.

The power of "Dragon Flash" has been perfectly demonstrated from the battle of the Six Princesses, and it is an indispensable means of escape for Lin Chen.

"System, I want to practice "Yu Tian"!"

[Consume 29 points of advanced exercises and spirits, and begin to integrate memory.

In the next three days, Lin Chen was in a closed state, and occasionally took a look at the recovery of the Seven Princesses. Until the seventh day, a vision appeared in the Taoyuan capsule!

Little Shadow broke through!

Its appearance changed from a dark cloud to a magical dark black dragon shape, five feet long, showing its edge.

It gathers the blood advantages of Demon Race, Dragon Race, and Shadow Race for the first time in appearance!

"Yes, little guy, can you break through the space blockade of the Holy Realm now?"

Lin Chen asked, the little shadow left Taoyuan to plant capsules, attached to Lin Chen's clothes, and came out the consciousness-"Below the Triple Holy Realm, there should be no problem."

Lin Chen smiled-"It seems that after a while, you can speak!"

At this time, an old man's voice was heard outside the door.

"The handsome son of Zhende, who has heard of the means of the son, hereby expeditiously issues the decree to reward the handsome son of Zhende, and hereby asks him to take the handsome son to the temple to choose the reward and the dowry of the Six Princesses."

This decree is equivalent to directly recognizing that Lin Chen is a son-in-law!

The little shadow was hidden in Lin Chen's robe, and he smiled with a smile-"I can finally go and see what treasure is in the treasure chest of the dowry!"

Lin Chen pushed the door open, followed the old man all the way to the basement of the Most Holy Palace, and built the Baizhang Temple.

In the temple, the collection is full of the exercises, secret codes, and combat skills accumulated by the countless eras of Fu Shengguo, which are divided into three layers!

The old man led Lin Chen all the way to the third floor. There are no more than ten collections of exercises here!

All are half-orange exercises! According to the regulations of the election-in-law, to become the son-in-law of the Six Princesses, in addition to the dowry, you can also choose a half-orange-level exercise!

"Half-orange-level knife technique "Scorching Sun", half-orange-level defensive combat skills "Black Devil's Forging Technique", half-orange-level combat technique "Devil's Wrath Finger", half-orange-level hammer technique "seventeen absolutely"... "

Lin Chen read all the half-orange exercises and couldn't help wondering!

This country's master is really generous!

In order to choose the son-in-law, even the half-orange-level exercises have been taken out. The Zhenzong exercises of the Sanpin sect are only one or two half-orange-level combat skills!

In the end, Lin Chen picked the half-orange-level arrow technique "Jiguang Film Feather"!

His swordsmanship, swordsmanship, physical training, spiritual power, gunfire, assassination, all possess half-orange-level skills, but arrow skills alone are lacking!

In the hands of Lin Chen, the half-orange-level exercises can exert the minimum power of orange-level combat skills!

Then, the old man led Lin Chen to the Treasury Department again to start the space jade of the sovereign, and the space boundary was lifted.

"If Lord Son-in-law doesn't have enough space to abstain..."

When the old man took out Na Jie and laughed, Lin Chen waved his hand and all the dowry was included in the "Taoyuan Capsule"!

"Qi Yun capsule? Worthy of being a son-in-law, the background is really strong..."

The old man was shocked in the dark center.

[The host opens the Five Lights Supreme Treasure Chest and three Orange Crystal Chests, and obtains orange-level passive talent fragments: Extreme Divine Possession (2 / 4), 400,000 strengthening points, 1,000 points of advanced skills, and 2000 points of intermediate heavenly path. .

"Extreme Divine Possession Fragment! It's awesome. It's almost the same as the attribute requirement for upgrading and strengthening the function. If you strengthen "Genesis Nine Tribulation" to +15, it might be really comparable to the Orange-order mind!"

Lin Chen was not happy yet, a dozen beautiful ladies walked in slowly, Yingying owed her body.

"Please ask the son-in-law to bathe and change clothes."

Lin Chen was shocked!

Mother, I forgot that I was a concubine today. He never thought about what he would do as a son-in-law...

"I heard that there are a lot of holy places to visit for the 100,000 birthday of the protagonist of the ancient kingdom. Hey, brother Chen, I'll steal a wave of attribute values before I run. It's beautiful!"

If Lin Chen ran in secret, he would surely shame Fu Shengguo, but he cured the poison of the Seven Princesses, and no one owed anyone. After all, he never intended to be a great man.

At night, in the Palace Square, tens of thousands of arrivals and thousands of nations offer gifts.

The whole square is full of people!

There are messengers who congratulate the nations, marshals of the prime ministers of all the nations, and even the protagonist of the kingdom, old monsters who have not been born for a long time, and there are holy places to kiss and kiss!

Even the genius list has gathered a lot of geniuses, which can be described as very lively, and the scene is rare for a thousand years!

"Fu Shengguo's strength has become a lot stronger. This guy deliberately showed his own national strength with 100,000 birthdays..."

"Haha, I heard that the six princesses of the Fusheng Kingdom have found their favorite person?"

"I never imagined that they could find someone who could defeat the first genius of Fu Shengguo's history!"

The five old monsters were sitting on one, chatting and laughing, each thoughtful, but all eyes were full of curiosity and expectation.

There are ten thousand banquets in the entire palace, and those who can enter, either rich or expensive, or strong.

"Hahaha, Yuemou thank you for your face appreciation!"

When a bold laughter came out, two figures stepped on the dragon chair!

Lord of Fu Sheng Kingdom! And, the Master of the Holy Realm!