My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 964

Vol 5 Chapter 964: So Popular That I Laugh Out Loud

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Chapter 964

"That is the contemporary sovereign of Fu Shengguo, which is better known than meeting."

"Hundreds of thousands of years of sanctification are really geniuses!"

The messengers from various ancestors secretly panicked and looked at the new overlord!

The host has just entered the seats, and at this time there is a notification!

"The prince of flame country is flying!"

"Qingyu Kingdom Fangjian Prince is here!"

"Prince Mo Lingxiao from Longyang Shengguo arrives!"

When the names that shocked the eight parties shouted out, the parties shook!

"Jing Feiyan, 51,400, Fang Jian, 51,398?"

"Even Mo Lingxiao of 50,500 is here! It is said that they were the first suitor of Princess Yueqingli..."

"Hey, they must be reluctant, and they want to ask our son-in-law for advice. This time there will be a good show."

As soon as the three princes appeared, they immediately overshadowed all the geniuses in the talent list!

They are all leaders in the list of more than 50,000 geniuses, and no genius present can match it!

After the three princes bowed their greetings to the lord of the country, they sat one seat each, full of gunpowder.

The old lady in black walked into the field with a girl in a plain skirt, and heard the voice of the host-"Mr. Moon, did you offend any forces?"

The master and the master cast doubts.

"Dont blame the old lady for not reminding you that your big birthday banquet today can be mixed into several holy places without invitations, and the atmosphere is very subtle. It should be a killer holy place, and one of them is still seriously injured. Dont hesitate to mix into your birthday feast, I am afraid it is not easy..."

The advice of the old lady in black surprised the sovereign, and his face remained unchanged.

He and the state teacher looked around the audience, and there was a holy realm mixed into the birthday banquet? You must enter here even if you are seriously injured. I am afraid things are not so simple today!

As the prince of a nation, the sovereign can't weaken his aura, nor can he let the guests leave. He can only act by chance.

"Guo Shi, go to inform the ancestor..."

The master told the voice, the master nodded seriously, the figure flashed and disappeared.

The National Teacher just left, and the eunuch's announcement sounded again!

"Sir son-in-law is here! Six princesses are here!"

Countless guests were startled and immediately fixed their eyes, and two figures slowly walked out of the palace.

The beautiful lady's red robe is bright, beautiful and graceful, and her skin is curly, her head is moth-brown, her face is smiling, her eyes are bright, her bones are full of coldness and nobility, a pair of slender rounded jade legs are proud of the countless women present, the national beauty and fragrance!

"This is Princess Six, my God, the last time I was lucky enough to see her when she was armed."

"If the six princesses are armed, they can be the future female martial arts priests of Fu Shenguo. If they wear red makeup, they are really all over the country.

This scene saw a lot of men!

And when everyone stared at the boy next to the beautiful woman, they were all bright!

The teenager's long hair was tied up, the red shirt was crowned, the waist bar was upright, the face was crowned with jade, the eyes were quiet and serene, and there was a confident and unconcealed smile in the corner of the mouth, exuding a handsome charm with a smile, a smile. I can't help but wonder; what a handsome and handsome boy!

The two walked side by side, beautiful young, beautiful and elegant, really matching.

The appearance of "Zhende Shuai" caused a lot of surprise

"That's Lord Son-in-law? So handsome!"

"All the names are Zhendeshuai, can you not be handsome. I heard that the son-in-law has the power of the 50,000th ranking in the genius list?"

"He and our princess are Lang Cai women, quite right..."

Countless senior officials and messengers talked.

The second princess sitting next to the country's master was gentle and touching, tender and watery, and smiled slightly: "This is the son-in-law of the six sisters. It really is a dragon and a phoenix among people, and I don't even see this palace..."

The big prince with a face next to him is even more concise-"The clouds are light and windy, and he has the domineering spirit."

The Lord looked at the young man more and more, and could not help lamenting his luck.

"Father emperor."

"Have seen the landlord."

The two walked in front of the sovereign and saluted slightly.

"Hahaha, okay, okay. Longfeng Chengxiang, my 100,000 birthday, also added a son-in-law, really happy!"

Lord Yan Yan was overjoyed.

At this time, a young man in a jade robe with a cold face stepped out. This young man is the prince of the Kingdom of Flame Jing Feiyan!

"The Lord of the Kingdom, I have a vast territory and a wealth of land, and today I offer a birthday gift."

He opened the green box in his hand, and the dazzling light shocked the audience!

A piece of green-bearded ginseng is full of spirits and visions, and lies quietly in the green box.

"It is the Holy Ginseng!"

"You can meet the undesirable eighth-order heaven and earth treasure. It is said that if you take it directly, you can extend the life of the sage.

Some messengers and genius list geniuses are breathing air!

It's not over yet!

"Oh, I also have something for Qing Yuguo to the owner."

The young man in white holds a fan and laughs, and talks and laughs, all of which reveals the spirit of the king's presence in the world.

It's Qing Yuguo's Prince Fang Jian He presented a roll of green rolls and said with a smile-"This roll of "Qingyu Holy Sword" eighth-order caster spectrum is the father of the family specifically ordered the younger generation to give to the country's master! It is the so-called holy sword with the new king!"


The voice of breathing air in the audience was even more and more one after another. This is too much work!

Although the production scroll of Qingyu Holy Sword has made their country spend two to three years to burn two to three copies, but this handwriting is still shocking the world!

"Hahaha! The two are so brave, how can I fall behind the Longyang Holy Kingdom, and an eighth-order young Dante is dedicated to the Saint!"

Mo Lingxiao, with his back on his back, also stood up, spreading out the treasure chest, and the glory of Shengpin's young pill shone everywhere!

"My mother, the eighth order young pill is out..."

"Are these guys crazy?"

"No! Their gift-giving is not so simple. These three princes were the first suitors of Princess Six!"

Some high-ranking officials secretly screamed that the geniuses in the genius list have been shocked and hard to speak!

"Hey, these little guys are kind of funny."

"Let's wait to watch a good show, haha!"

"The old man is also very interested in the young man..."

The VIP table specially set up for the saints, all of the invited saints are seeing through without saying anything.

"Well, the hearts and minds of the wise nephews moved my heart..."

The owner smiled on the surface, and his mother sold it.

This group of kids is here to make trouble, this is clearly aimed at his son-in-law!

Sure enough, after the first shot of the three princes, the prince Jing Feiyan of Yan Guo said with a smile.

"It is said that this really virtuous and handsome son-in-law has an extraordinary history. Today, your father-in-law has a long life, can't Xiongtai fail to prepare the ceremony? If so, can we take it out and open our eyes?"

That Qing Yuguo's Fang Jian immediately put on a serious look and said-"Sir Fei Yan, this true virtuous man is from the sect called the eighth-ranking alchemist per capita. The gifts from others must be extraordinary. I am right. Right, handsome?"

Mo Lingxiao did not speak at all, and looked at Lin Chen with a sneer.

Everyone stared at Lin Chen in unison, some were curious, some were expecting, some were sneer and disdainful, and most of them were not optimistic about Lin Chen!

The congratulations of these three princes are more expensive than one!

As a son-in-law, he must at least have the same conditions of congratulations!

Otherwise, it is weaker than others, and at least loses more than one!


Unexpectedly, under the public attention, Zhende Shuai actually laughed in the sky!

The corner of his mouth lifted slightly, and when he looked at the three princes, he extended his fingers and shook his head, laughing.

"The three of you. Vulgar, very vulgar, very vulgar, vulgar, impatient, vulgar, full of vulgarity, vulgar makes me laugh out loud, vulgar makes me look down, and vulgar is simply disgraceful!"

The whole hall ushered in a strange silence in an instant!