My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 965

Vol 5 Chapter 965: Stunning The Audience

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Chapter 965 ! !

The whole audience is stunned!

This Zhendeshuai really didnt say anything, and he was shocked when he spoke!

He bluntly said that the congratulations of the three princes are "vulgar" So popular that he laughed out loud?

Obedient! You know that the congratulations of the three princes may not even be able to afford some of the saints who first entered the Holy Land!

The eighth-order young pill, the holy artifact making scroll, these things are not supported by the rich heritage of the ancient sect, who dares to use it as a congratulatory gift?

He even described these gifts as "shameless"? This is so crazy!

A lot of people unconsciously took a few strokes in their hearts. This is so shameful that Hollett is waiting, so why don't they have to dig a hole and bury themselves?

"Hahaha! Interesting, you are very interesting!"

"It seems that the gift prepared by Lord Son-in-law is not the only one in the world? Today I want to open my eyes!"

"The prince is going to see today. What else can this honourable prince really offer than the prince's ceremonial gift of the eighth order young princess."

The three princes laughed ridiculously and showed their sharpness directly at Lin Chen!

Lin Chen smiled lightly: "In the world, what can be bought with money is not a vulgar thing, I am right, Lord."

Lin Chen smiled and asked the host, the latter was cold and sweating, what the **** did this son-in-law do, did he not let himself not come to Taiwan when he said so?

"The son-in-law's words are..."

The main face of the country did not change color, nodded. In fact, in secret, he has begun to think about Lin Chen's method of round field...

The eldest prince gave Lin Chen a deep look, and the second princess jade hand held incense cheeks with great interest.

Her instinct realized that this young man was not that simple...

Sitting on the side, Yue Qinglifang was anxious, "Why is he so reckless..."

With all the attention, even the Holy Land has been aroused by Lin Chen. Is he really prepared for a unique gift?

"Everyone, the congratulations I will send next will be the only one in this world. Only the treasure that I can get from the Dark Horse Club, please make a place."

Lin Chen vacated some of the banquets in the square to make the **** build a high platform.

Everyone is looking forward to it, what is he doing?

The moonlight in the night was bright and sprinkled on the high platform, Lin Chen waved and smiled.

"Come here, put the piano of Sajia up!"


Everyone present was confused!

Do you still want to give a song? That song of yours won't be useful anymore! People give real babies, do you send a song?

Jing Feiyan sneered: "That's why it's ridiculous, and it's whimsical."

Fang Jian shook his head and smiled: "It seems that I look up to him. What good is the song?"

Mo Lingxiao embraced his shoulders with both hands, his face disdainful.

Sun Yueer, a woman in a skirt, asked curiously-"Grandma, he is..."

The old lady in black stared at Lin Chen with interest-"This little guy is not like a reckless person, watch the show..."

Lin Chen clapped his hands as a precious Guqin was lifted.

"Next, please let us applaud, Seven Princess Yue Youlan debut!"


As soon as this statement came out, the audience was shocked!

Seven Princess Moon Blue? Was it a princess who was poisoned by a poison curse, ugly to the extreme or even disgusting?

The deeds of this princess are known by many denominations and holy countries! Because at that time, Fu Sheng Gu Guo also invited an eighth-order pharmacist for her personally!


When the palace curtain opened, Qin Jueyan and sister Qin Miao'er supported a woman in white fluttering and gauze!

The three girls took to the high seats in the square, which puzzled everyone!

Even some messenger messengers have begun to frown, showing their disgust!

Such a scene invites this princess who is ugly to disgusting, is this not disgusting!

Her poison curse, even a first-grade Saint-level pharmacist, can't help it. It is said that at least four-grade Saint-level pharmacist can only release it!

The fourth-grade saint-level pharmacist, this level is simply a big Buddha, no one of the forces present can be moved!

"Unexpectedly, Your Son-in-Law actually gave us a play of the ugly duckling. Are you thinking that no one can attend the banquet?"

Jing Feiyan couldn't help but sneer!

He had seen the Seven Princesses and was so ugly! The implication is that everyone here can't eat the birthday feast!

Lin Chen smiled: "Close your dog's mouth and look quietly."

"You?" Jing Feiyan's mouth twitched!

Lin Chen stepped on the high platform, faced the audience, stood beside the nervous and trembling Seven Princess, took her hand and smiled-"Relax, I promised you something, I will do it."

Lin Chen looked around the audience and laughed-"The gift I want to give to the host, is not such a vulgar gift. This big gift comes from the meeting gift to the host from my dark horse club. Please accept it!"

Gently pull the hand holding the veil, and the gauze wrapped around the seven princesses is all uncovered!

Some people have closed their eyes and do not plan to see the "ugly to the extreme" Princess Seven...

However, the next moment, the audience was shocked!

brush! brush! brush!

Some senior officials stood up at almost the same time!

Even all the saints present were impressed!

The audience ushered in a strange silence!

Those who closed their eyes wondered when they opened their eyes, when they saw Fang Rong, they almost fell their chin on the ground!

The sovereign stood up suddenly and shuddered!

Six princesses cover their faces and weep!

A ray of moonlight shone on the beauty's face, her expression was slightly nervous, but it was suffocatingly beautiful!

Her pretty face, delicate and translucent, she looks like a distant mountain in the spring of February, a pair of ethereal and gentle eyes flow with surging blue waves, her delicate nose is as delicate as sheep jade fat, and her thin lips are like dots, that slender and delicate figure Let the faint moonlight shine on the white skirt, reflect the beauty of the world!

Her blue silk is like a waterfall, her white skirt is covered with moonlight, like a fairy under the moon, tender and touching, her tender eyebrows like water, like the immortal immortal!

The beautiful women look forward to the past, look at the Qingren City, then look at the Qingren Kingdom!

This night, the moonlight and starlight were exceptionally bright.

"Everyone, are you scared by me..."

Yue Youlan nervously grabbed Lin Chen's sleeve, Lin Chen laughed!

"Hahaha, Seventh Princess, they were astonished by your face, Miaoer, photogenic!"

Qin Miao'er put up an ancient mirror and smiled sweetly-"Princess, please see."

When Yue Youlan saw herself in the mirror, she froze!

" this really me..."

Yue Youlan clutched her cheek, two lines of tears slowly dropped.

Is this a dream...

The seven princesses used to be shunned by countless people because of the poison curse, even if the sovereignty sheltered them, but the harsh and sarcastic words never stopped, her life once fell into the darkest moment.

She once tried to ask herself, after being hit by the Holy Realm Poison Curse, is she really suitable for living in this world...

At this time, the self in the mirror, the face and Princess Liu have 90% similarity!

But the seventh princess did not have the coldness of the sixth princess.

"Princess Seven is really cured!"

"I knew that a kind person like Princess Qi would definitely touch God!"

At this time, a group of elders, women and children flooded into the square, all rushing towards the platform with ecstasy!

It was the people that the Seven Princesses had helped!