My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 966

Vol 5 Chapter 966: The World Is Beautiful Interlocking With You.

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Chapter 966, the world is beautiful, interlocking with you.

"Qi'er, my Qi'er!"

The prince was crying with excitement. Why didn't he want to ask a higher-level saint-level pharmacist to rescue his daughter!

But he is not only a father, but also a monarch, he must be responsible to his people! Whenever he thinks about this, he will be sad!

But I did not expect that this son-in-law, who was born into the world, actually cured her! Also helped her restore her face!

"How is this possible, I have seen the face of Seven Princesses, ugly like a monster!"

"This... what the **** is going on?"

"He actually did what the Holy Alchemist didn't!"

The three princes were horrified!

"He, he really did..."

Sun Yueer's hands conceal her red lips lightly, her beautiful eyes sparkle, full of wonder and curiosity!

The black woman's eyes flashed brightly in his eyes-"This son will become a great weapon!"

As strong as the saints can't calm down!

This is a troublesome problem that even a saint-level pharmacist can't handle. Not only has he removed the poison curse, he has done something even more anti-natural!

Restore your face!

Many people know that the original features of the Seven Princesses have already been destroyed, and even if the poison curse is removed, it cannot be restored!

How did he do that?

Everyone's heart is full of shock, scalp tingling!

"It's against the sky..."

"This is too **** ridiculous!"

"The Holy-level Alchemist can't even undo the poison curse. He not only lifted the poison curse, but also restored the appearance of the seventh princess! This is an absolute means!"

"Gentle and handsome son-in-law, invincible! Too invincible!"

"Congratulations, Holy Congratulations!"

The high officials of Fu Shengguo shouted excitedly!

The geniuses in the genius list cannot be calm for a long time!

Seven days ago, they also felt that Zhende Shuai was talking nonsense! What they say can solve the poison spells of the Seventh Princess and restore the appearance of the Seventh Princess, in their view, is totally a fantasy!

Now, think carefully! But he has threatened that the Black Horse Club, the eighth-tier pharmacist per capita...!

Now it seems that this sentence is by no means groundless!

This is the meeting ceremony that belongs exclusively to the "Dark Horse Club"! So amazing! It's too much!

Compared with it, what eighth order young pill, what holy tool to make scrolls, and what evergreen ginseng are all rubbish!

You know, how much does it cost to mobilize a Holy Grade Alchemist?

What's more, it's something that Saint-level pharmacists can't solve! He was so handsome!

And it's done, flawless and seamless!

Moonlight sprinkled on the beautiful white princess, and at this moment, she became the focus of the audience!

History seems to freeze at this moment.

However, the crisp and melodious picking sound suddenly echoed the audience.

"By the candle night tour, midnight stars are like running friends, caressing every scab wound..."

The young man fiddled with the strings and sang the entire palace square.

"How come the tears occasionally fall behind, invite you to look carefully at the gap in your heart, and leave the tenderness in the crack ~"

The piano sounded pleasing, and the teenager smiled.

"At this time, the person who has been loved by Orioles is on the road. I know that she will pass through the sunset and the wind and rain, and cross the sea of people just to hug you."

"At this moment, Haoyue has been staring at the sky, and I know she went to the darkness by the wind and waves, feeling the same, and giving you the hope of redemption."

On the high platform, the moonlight reflected the beauty's prosperous beauty, and the faint starlight adorned her jade hands, as if illuminating the darkness surrounding her.

Everyone stared at this scene staring blankly, the sound of the piano seemed to be perfectly integrated with the beauty under the moon, such as a scene that has been passed down through the memory of everyone forever!

"At this time, the person who has been loved by Yingfei Feicao is on the road. I know that she will pass through the sun and the wind, and only pass by the sea to hug you. At this moment, the person who has been loved by the sky is holding the starlight, and I know she has gone by wind and waves. A trip in the dark, empathy, and give you the hope of redemption. When the cherry blossoms are blooming, when the world is beautiful, interlocking with you..."

The song is over.

Everyone is silent in the aftertaste of the song.

The tears of countless women's eyes had already flashed.

Yue Qingli and Yue Youlan stared staringly at Fuqin's young boy, marking two lines of tears.

"This is the gift I gave to the host on behalf of the Black Horse Club. I don't know. The host can be satisfied."

The teenager picked up the piano and smiled, which surprised everyone. .

I know she took the wind and waves to go to the darkness, feel the same, and give you the hope of redemption.

I know she won't admire the wind and rain, and travel through the sea, just to hug you.

Where did the Seven Princesses who experienced the poison curse not experience darkness?

But Princess Seven has never succumbed to this poison curse. She has helped many refugees and islands in the ancient country and became the favorite princess of the people.

How many such women are there?

Just like the Zhendeshuai sentence, "When the world is beautiful, its interlocking with you."

Isn't it the life of the Seven Princesses reflected in this song?

"Eternal Wizards."

"This son is really a peerless man...I really envy Fu Shengguo, I just found the treasure!"

The saints are filled with wonder!

In this lifetime, they have seen so many talented geniuses, but they have never seen such talented teenagers as high as ever!

"He really is too good, so unique..."

Sun Yueer stared staringly at the back of the teenager. This scene of the darkness and the renewed welcome to the dawn, a fairytale-like dream!

"Good! Good! Good!"

The proprietor made three sounds, rushed to the high platform, wept with excitement, and looked up and down holding his daughter.

He has long been heard from outside and heard that this'holy son' removes the poison curse of his daughter.

But he never expected that he even recovered his face! This is a big deal that even a saint-level pharmacist can't do!

"Hahaha! Son-in-law, I really thank you for this great gift! You said, what reward do you want!"

The host laughed loudly, someone Lin said confidently-"The host is polite and said that this is the meeting gift I gave on behalf of the Black Horse Club, how can I talk about those tacky things and rewards."

Lin Chen added another sentence in his heart: I will run away soon, so I can make up for the dowry you gave me.

"Okay, okay! Qi'er, according to the decree, you and Liu'er marry a husband together, are you willing?"

Lord Yan Yan was overjoyed and asked the Seven Princesses with a smile.

Yue Youlan only recovered, Xia Fei's cheeks, nervous and shy, beautiful as a fairy, nodding with happiness-"Uh..."

Yue Qingli's beautiful eyes flickered and stared at Lin Chen's profile. For the first time, she showed a little tenderness and tenderness. The tenderness was like water. Anyone can see that this arrogant girl is really moving!

Many powerful and sectarian messengers were present to congratulate the blessing, the atmosphere on the scene can be described as the climax!

The three princes sitting to the edge of the corner were all pale, and they didn't dare to put one more fart!

I wanted to give Lin Chen a Mawei, but I can't think of stealing the chicken now and not killing the rice! They also hugged both princesses, holding each other on the left, envious of countless people!

Their congratulations are really vulgar, compared to them...