My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 967

Vol 5 Chapter 967: Let's Pack It Together Shuai Is Very Busy.

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Chapter 967, Pack It Together, Handsome Is Very Busy.

"It's a quirky wizard..." The old lady in black couldn't help sighing, and Sun Yueer nodded seriously: "Well, he is really excellent!"

"A good granddaughter?" The old lady in black smiled.

Sun Yueer's cheeks were flushed red and said: "Grandma!"

If you dont like it, its naturally fake.

The young women present, I am afraid that no woman would not be convinced by his almost devilish means, and that unique charm...

Lin Chen's eyes turned to the VIP table of the saint at that table, and launched the harbinger of thief!

[Consume 10 intermediate talent points, steal attribute values: 40 advanced rune energy, 20 advanced light energy, 20 advanced fire energy, 100 advanced skill spirit, 50 intermediate sky value...]

"20 points of advanced light energy? Refreshing, stealing the attribute value of the Holy Realm is refreshing! If there are more such banquets, I can steal the upgrade by stealing the attribute!"

Lin Chen was ecstatic.

At this time, Lin Chen's nine-robbed eyes have discovered that some holy realms hidden in the dark are about to move...

He sat in the VIP seat, with Princess Six on the left, Princess Seven on the right, holding a glass of juice, and a sullen grin on the corner of his mouth.

In this scene, I saw some genius list geniuses whizzing wildly, what a terrible thing this is...

And those holy places on the same stage, from time to time, asked him questions to try to interrogate his words and origins, and he was perfunctory.

After three trips through the wine, Lin Chen began to find a chance to slip away, three figures invariably found Lin Chen's VIP seat.

"Zhende handsome son-in-law, my Longyang Shengguo can have the custom of marching with Wuhui friends, can you dare to fight me?"

"In a world where the strongest is respected, strength is the fundamental. Today, I have to meet the handsome son-in-law of Jingdeyan. I don't know if I can take the next Wuyuan."

"Oh, I want to learn from the son-in-law..."

It is the prince of the Three Kingdoms!

They even launched a study invitation to Lin Chen at the same time!

Obviously, it is to retrieve the previous scene!

These three people were not reconciled. They were the suitors of the Six Princesses. Before that, Lin Chen not only slapped the three of them fiercely, but also married a Seven Princess who is very similar to the Six Princesses, but with a different temperament! Hold two beautiful women home!

"Alright, it's good to exercise after a meal."

Lin Chen got up and immediately vacated a vast open space!

Everyone looked forward to it.

Who will he choose? Is Qing Yuguo's Fang Jian or Jing Feiyan the lowest ranked?

Lin Chenyun waved his hand lightly, "I'm in a hurry, the three of you will pack up together, the handsome is very busy."

The three were shocked!

All the guest messengers and dignitaries were all stunned!

Three people packing together?

This is nothing special!

One dozen three? He is crazy!

"My God, how crazy is this son-in-law!"

"The three princes are all from the sacred kingdom of Sipin, and few people have surpassed them in the past. All three have had battles with the sixth princess, and they are all equal!"

"If the three join forces, even the Five Tribulation Warlords will die..."

The genius list geniuses frowned wildly, the three were all four robbers and the emperor Xiu Xiu. The top ranking of the genius list was 50,000.

All strong players present, regardless of age and seniority, except the Holy Land. No one dares to say that one person singles out the three princes!

This really virtuous and handsome son-in-law is the second emperor? No one can beat three of them!

"What's wrong? Feeling unfair? Should I give you another hand?"

Lin Chen laughed and laughed, the three princes were completely angry!

"The prince is going to see what the new son-in-law of Fu Sheng Gu Guo has today!"

"This is the first time I have met someone crazy than me!"

The three princes leapt into the air with great force, and Yue Qingli was anxious to speak, but the sovereign grabbed her.

His eyes became particularly sharp, with a smile on his lips: "It seems that my son-in-law, the means is heavenly! How much did he still retain at the election-in-law meeting that day?"

Four people are floating in the air, each party has one side. The host personally arranged the space boundary, and the guests from all directions made room and looked forward to it!

Choke~! The three princes showed each other's seventh-order peak weapons, treasures, and menacingness!

Yan Fei's Jing Feiyan holds a flame halberd in his hand, wears a roaring robe of fire dragon on his shoulders, steps on a black firewheel, and controls three seven-tier peak warriors, majestic!

Qing Yuguo's Fang Jian held a three-foot Qing Feng, his eyes turned like a star jade, and he released seven pieces of amorphic crystals all over his body. His sword gas was radiant, and a sword gas was on his head.

Longyang Guomo Lingxiao is even axe in hand, suffocating like a dragon, covered in green muscles like a dragon, creeping on the skin like dragon scales, the whole body is powerful and unstoppable, like thousands of mountains standing here, The momentum alone overwhelmed countless guests!

Many genius list geniuses swallowed saliva, the difficult way-"What a terrifying momentum, if we go up, I'm afraid we can't take a trick!"

"The three great princes are peerless geniuses at the top of the 50,000 genius list, and each is a son of good luck, with terrifying strength!"

"Zhende Shuai can hit one I believe, but it's impossible to hit two, and three is even more nonsense!"

Almost no one on the field thought that Lin Chen would be the opponent of the three princes, and even the saints aroused a little interest and observed carefully.

Bang ~! Axe flashed, Mo Lingxiao shot first!

He slashed Lin Chen with one axe, pulled up the mountains and rivers, and 79.99 million dragons exploded the strength of the Quartet!

"The sword of the river comes to heaven!"

Fang Jian cut the sword diagonally, the light of the abnormal crystal fragments covered the surrounding air machine, a sword town Jiuxiao, dozens of feet of mighty streamer sword fell from the top of Lin Chen's head!

"Huanglong Halberd!"

Jing Feiyan's halberd flew into the sky like a dragon, the sky was rage, and the war-like dragon circled behind Lin Chen and killed him!

The genius list of the audience is shocking!

Countless guests are breathing cold air!

Half orange level, half orange level, or half orange level!

When the three princes shot, it was a killing opportunity. What the **** is this, it is clear that it is the life of'Zhendeshuai'!

All three received information in advance that Lin Chen possessed the fighting power equivalent to the sixth princess Yue Qingli, so she would not keep it once!

Immediately the offensive surrounded Lin Chen!

However, all the holy realms in the audience suddenly stared!

boom! boom! boom!

The three princes' offensives collided with each other and blasted into the sky, and when the aftermath of the light robbery and fighting spirit dissipated, their faces changed slightly!

"Not hit?"

"How is it possible, my swordsmanship has locked his breath, and it is impossible to be short!"

As the three looked around the audience, the host shook his head in disbelief.

"His body skills are several grades stronger than before! Almost can be called the most powerful body skills under the orange-level body skills! He still has so many battles with Liu'er?"

Although Lin Chen's "Dragon Flash" has been successfully completed, it has not yet been strengthened and improved. Now it is using +13 "Dragon Flash"!

It is almost the first time to avoid the attack of three people!

Bang ~! A piece of gray and white gauze town demon seals the demon, condenses the heavens and the earth, turns the space where the three princes are in to be extremely solidified and slow, and the war is running like a turtle!


The three were shocked!

Lin Chen, who was behind the three men, carried a sword!

"Sword Fury!"