My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 968

Vol 5 Chapter 968: Ten Saints

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Chapter 968

"Seven ChangesThe Ultimate Moment! Qinglong Possession!"

Pure strength and spiritual strength, fighting spirit suddenly soared, Lin Chen's momentum suddenly soared!

[Consume 6 points of high-level rune energy, launch 6 levels of slowness, 6 levels of recharge, and 6 levels of penetration runes.

In a moment when the runes were imprisoned and the three people were imprisoned, Lin Chen raised his sword'Qingtian', and a record of'Sword Fury' exploded to the extreme!

The violent raging flames combined with Jianguang's sharp and overbearing integrity, the orange light Jianhong cut across all directions with a sword, and all the things that Jianguang passed through burned down and destroyed all the obstacles!

Tear ~! Bang ~!

The three subconsciously urged their life-saving cards, but it was a slow shot! Was cut by Lin Chen with a sword!

The holy land of the five guests present was horrified!

"Orange-order sword skill?"

"He actually possesses orange-level sword skills? Not right, how could he be able to practice the orange-level sword skills during the second robbery!"

The old lady in black moved her face, and she made her look away from time to time! Unexpectedly, he actually kept to this point!

Yue Qingli is shocked and stunned. If this sword is used in the election-in-law meeting that day, she will definitely die!

As the afterglow of Jianguang dissipated, the lord of the kingdom stood beside the three princes.

At this time, the injuries of the three were shocking!

Jing Feiyan's right arm was broken, Fang Jian was almost ripped open, and Mo Lingxiao's shoulder bones were all exposed, bloody!

At this time the sovereign is urging the Holy Power to heal the three.

The expressions of the three people are deeply scared and scared!

They just didn't have the chance to defend the sword just now, and even the life-saving things left over by the owner of their own country.

Fu Shengguo mainly took one step late, and all three had to die!

"He, he was so strong..."

"It's terrible, I even wanted to challenge him..."

The fighting spirit of the three people collapsed and their teeth tremble!

"This son-in-law also hid too deep, and it really caused me trouble... Almost made a big mistake, these three little guys died here, I am afraid that there will be a fight between the four countries immediately..."

The host was surprised and sighed, his secret method gradually stabilized the injuries of the three people, the broken arm immediately healed and connected, fortunately, the shot was early...

Lin Chen lifted the "Ultimate Moment" and the Sevenfold Change, stepped into the air and charged the attribute light ball.

[Gain 11 points of advanced rune energy, 988 points of essence of advanced fighting spirit, 850 points of advanced blood, 14 points of advanced skills, 5 points of advanced fire energy, 1 point of advanced spiritual power, 2 points of advanced wind energy, 5 intermediate talent points...]

He scratched his head and smiled.

"Excuse me, three of you. I just drank two more glasses, and I was a little drunk. I didn't have a big deal with it, was it all right?"

All geniuses: "?"

What the hell! The juice you drink is obviously juice!

Are you **** drunk with juice?

"Too shameless on this man..."

"He just made it clear that he was going to hack the three princes..."

"Too cruel to this son-in-law! He smiled on the surface, never murdered! It is better not to provoke him in the future, even the princes of the three kingdoms are cut off with a word..."

The mouths of many high-ranking officials rushed.

The head of the country healed the three princes. When he was about to round the court, the situation in the Palace Square suddenly changed suddenly!

All the eyes of the holy land present suddenly became more powerful!

Bang ~! The space fluctuated, the air wave rolled away, and an old palm shattered the void violently, grabbing the celestial cover of Zhende Shuai, and no signs appeared!

The speed of his shot was even reflected by the host, and it was too late to save Lin Chen!

"Has the Holy Realm shot?"

"Who is it? How dare you disturb the 100,000th birthday of the Holy Lord!"

Some strong men burst into tears!

Brush ~!

Zhende Shuai circulates the introverted atmosphere of shadow, flashing instantaneously, avoiding the grasp of the palm!

At the next moment, Lin Chen appeared on the platform!

"Sure enough, there are some ghost tricks."

The two figures appeared like ghosts, frightening the audience!

Holy Land? Did Sheng Jing personally deal with his son-in-law "Zhende Shuai"?

The three princes and the genius list stunned dumbfounded!

This Zhende Shuai actually avoided the sneak attack of the Holy Land?

The moment just now is not a good way to react!

How many hands did he keep!

"Whoever is here, can't I see the rules of the Fu Sheng Ancient Kingdom as nothing!"

Two voices burst into tears, and two figures emerged, one south and one east.

It is the master of Fu Shengguo and a holy ancestor!

The Lord of the Kingdom flashed to Lin Chen's side for the first time and said in a deep voice: "You shot directly at my son-in-law of Fu Sheng Guo, I am afraid that some of us did not put us in my eyes..."

"Whoever hides in the dark horse club will die!"

The two men in black said coldly that their attitude was extremely domineering! There is no room for negotiation!

"I am waiting for those who are in the secret cabinet of the strange land, Fu Shengguo, you better not do much business, otherwise the country will destroy people!"

The masked holy realm in black issued a threat warning!

The host has not yet expressed his position, and countless beams of space have risen from the sky outside the imperial city!

brush! brush! brush!

Space light beams travel together to form cubes, and the entire imperial city has been spatially blocked!

The pupils of the National Teacher and the National Master shrink slightly.

Such a large-scale space blockade requires at least seven holy realms!

In addition to the two in the field, doesn't it mean that the comer has nine Saints?

The vast majority of the audience couldn't help but be terrified.

"Son, are you okay..."

Yue Youlan and Yue Qingli were in shape.

Lin Chen sneered-"Don't come near me!"

After the holy light came, there was a murderous intention in the palace!

"The people in the dark horse club are really evil."

"Zhende handsome, then Lin Chen must have taken it in Taoyuan to plant the sacs, and killed my double pavilion in the dark pavilion, and one saint in the valley, you have to pay this price..."

Eight holy realms appeared at the same time, and the palace was horrified!

A group of geniuses stared at Lin Chen tremblingly, and the people in this dark horse club also slaughtered the Three Saints?

"Ancient Pavilion of the Wonderland Ying Tianmo?"

"There is also the Dark Pavilion Lord, should be destroyed!"

"Chairman of the Fourth-Quality Chamber of Commerce, even Wan Jin?"

The distinguished guests from the Holy Land who showed up as guests were dignified!

The face of the sovereign is extremely grim!

Counting the two saints in the game, this time there are ten saints!

This lineup cannot be ignored even by Futian Kingdom!

Unless the power of the nation convenes all the holy realms, the other party will not give them this time now!

"Hahaha, what about the Ten Sacred Realms, the sixteen Sacred Realms can't catch our deputy director, and the Ten Sacred Realms want to catch your handsome guy?"

Lin Chen laughed with great pride, and said to the Lord-"The Lord, this is the enemy of my dark horse club, this son-in-law of the sacred country, I am afraid that the virtue and handsome are blessed. I hope that the Lord will not take action, one person does one thing, this You can't involve Fu Shengguo."

Lin Chen's remarks aroused thousands of waves!

Don't want to intervene in Fu Sheng? Does he want to face the ten saints alone?