My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 969

Vol 5 Chapter 969: In The Next Zhende Show

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Chapter 969

No chance has been given to the sovereign, Lin Chen stepped into the air, wrapped in shadow magic, and stepped on the white light dragon shadow! Step through the void!

"Want to go?"

The dark pavilion master in black clothes blasted away with black light, and the black light was shot to Lin Chen's side, condensed into his figure, and suddenly a palm fell down!

Poof~! The palm wind tore the void, but threw a void.

Pavilion master should be stunned!

Even if this kid can rely on a shadow to travel through the void, how can the body be so strong?

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!

An endless sword fighting against all living beings was pulled up angrily, and the swordsman in the palace was in awe, trembling with fear!

Juggernaut! This is the sword of the swordmaster, the swordmaster has shot!

Juggernaut Qin Zhentian broke the sky with a sword, and cut off the white light dragon shadow that had just flashed to the other side!

Tear ~! The sword light shattered, and the afterimage was broken. Is it another afterimage?

Qin Zhentian's eyes narrowed and his sword eyes were like fire.


The three princes and the genius list geniuses are breathless!

Zhende Shuai has repeatedly avoided the attack of the Holy Land? This is no accident!

Seriously wounded, Ying Tianmo's face dignified.

"When attending the Quartet Conference, the group of little kings and **** in the Black Horse Club have not yet reached such a terrifying state, and even the shadow family has broken through. How much more will it allow him to grow up? How many days have passed. !"

Uncontrollably, a ghost-headed sword cut across the sky, and even Wan Jin's grinning reverberated.

"Zhende Shuai, you killed Dai Hua! Lao Tzu let you make blood debts today!"

Daoqi slashed everything, and even Wanjin only cut a knife, since slashed out thousands of knife marks!

Lin Chen's remnants of the knife marks have not been hit yet?

Lin Chen flashed again for dozens of miles away, his eyes looked around the audience, and launched the harbinger of stealing!

[Consumption of 11 intermediate talent points, stealing attribute values: 50 advanced dark energy, 200 advanced rune energy, 200 advanced skill spirit, 10 advanced spiritual power,]

High-quality attribute values poured into the body, Lin Chen shouted and cheered!

Ying Jie and another holy realm killer, plus Lian Wanjin and Qin Zhentian, these holy realms met for the first time, and Lin Chen stole extraordinary attribute values from them!

Steal 50 high-level dark energy in one go, much more than he absorbs a dozen pieces of alien crystals!

The moment Lin Chen launched the harbinger of the thief, the saints looked at it!

His whole body is covered with dark shadow magic energy, and a pair of fuchsia wings are beautiful behind him. The veins are exquisite and the feathers are shining. With a single shot, there is a tendency to fly through the flames!

"He actually has a pair of Holy Phoenix wings..."

"This son is carrying a luck capsule, Lin Chen must be on him, and captured him!"

"The space in the imperial city has been completely blocked, and he can't escape! No matter how fast he is, he can't stand our siege!"

The ten saints' murderous intentions were revealed, and all actions launched an attack on Lin Chen at the same time!

"Who's playing with you? Bye bye!"

Lin Chen laughed loudly, photographed Hong Yan's Phoenix Wings, stepped on the ``Dragon Flash'', and under the shadow, attached Lin Chen's body into the void!

The combination of the two, the speed is faster than many holy realm torn space to display body skills faster!

"Father Emperor, can you help him!"

"Father Emperor! If you don't shoot, he will die!"

The seventh and sixth princesses hurriedly begged the sovereign, who bit his teeth fiercely, and his face was dull and dull when he was about to move!

Brush ~! Brush ~!

Lin Chen retreated, then retreated to the edge of the space boundary.

When the ten saints thought he was the turtle in the urn, his figure flashed, and he actually passed through the space enchantment of the eight holy realms.

The ten holy moments were fascinating and dumbfounded!

What's happening here? It is impossible to be as strong as Yingtianmo and other strengths to instantly pass through the space boundary formed by the Eight Saints!

"Mistaken! It's the innate shadow that broke through and evolved, and can see our space enchantment as nothing!"


Everyone watched as the Ten Saints couldn't catch a war emperor, and all were dumbfounded!

"Here, is this really handsome and handsome..."


As early as two days ago, the saints rushed out of the dark island, and the double saints of the dark pavilion arrived.

The Ten Saints acted separately to search for Lin Chen's news, and finally heard the news of the'Black Horse Club' in Fu Sheng's country, and rushed to the Fu Sheng Guo Palace to lurk.

To this end, the Eight Saints gathered together to expand the space boundary, in order to want to come to a turtle in the urn, but did not expect to be broken by the "innate shadow"!

The little dark shadow released a ray of purple electricity and penetrated into Lin Chen's body.


After a moment, the **** mist inside the body disappeared from the body, Lin Chen patted the little shadow attached to him-"Yes, little guy, after breaking through, you can get rid of the imprint of Ying Tianmo."

The small shadow is very'condensed' and the condensed purple wire is transferred into two words-"boring".

In the ten saints who are chasing "Zhende Shuai", Ying Tianmo's face changes slightly.

"The means of these little kings and **** are getting more and more prosperous, and even my mystery of tracking has been seen by him!"

"Never follow Dihu, there will be no more opportunities for Dihu!"

All the Saints looked at each other, the secrets of body and magic were fully opened, and the speed of shuttle through the void became faster and faster!

"Hey, ten holy realms follow me, death is like a wind, and always accompany me. Since I want to do it, then I will turn the whole southern region upside down!"

"Zhende Shuai" grinned and put on his homemade sunglasses!


South Territory, North Nether Island.

Beiming Island belongs to the'Nine Nether Gates.' This school is known for its fierce reputation, fornication and deception, murder and treasure, or nurturing young Tianjiao into the furnace of self-cultivation.

Although there is no grade in the nine pylons, there are the details of the three grades! It was uniformly ranked as the evil sect by the Southern Territory. After flying for thousands of years, the background became stronger.

Today, the two masters of the Holy Land of the Nine Nether Gates, together with many evil sects who are equal to the second rank forces, gathered together to discuss the division and seize the territory of the second rank sect!

Nether IslandThe main hall.

The leaders of the evil sect's holy realm gathered, and the men were brutal and violent, or insidious and cunning. The girl's charm reveals evil, or Yanzang murderous opportunity!

"To bring you together today is to discuss how to deal with the Blazing Temple and Taixuan Sect. At that time, their disciples will be divided equally, the male will swallow, the female will form the furnace, and the luck will plant you to get the big head, how?"

In the main hall, the two old men grinned.

"Two cases are no better than two grades. With our seven Holy Sites here, we are fully capable of eating."

An old lady smiled sensibly-"You two old ghosts are playing strikers? The death of the two holy realms, who dares to guarantee that the whole body will retreat?"

As soon as this remark came out, the atmosphere was strangely silent.

All the five robbery war emperors in the main hall looked sullen.

A quarter of an hour before the meeting started, the door kicked with a thud!

All Evil Sect Holy Land was shocked!

Did they feel no trace of someone approaching?

A teenager in purple clothes slowly entered the lobby.

He has a green bow, a face like a crown jade, a paper fan in hand, and always has a smile like a spring wind on his face, a pair of clear eyes like jade, like a greenish green, like a spring wind willow, gentle and elegant, like A beautiful jade-faced scholar.

The teenager smiled, charming and charming.

"One of the top six cards of the Xiahema Club. The Jianghu people said that they are very arrogant and not arrogant. The way to go here, by the way, go shopping and secretly attribute values."