My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 970

Vol 5 Chapter 970: Sister He's So Big..

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Chapter 970, sister, he is so big...

As soon as Zhendexiu entered the lobby, it launched a stolen sign against all the sacred realms in the lobby!

[Consumes 14 intermediate talent points, steals attribute values: 50 advanced rune energy, 20 wind energy, 100 advanced skill spirits, 10 advanced mental powers, 50 intermediate talent points, 30 intermediate talent points .

Cool! If this is to find a few more sacred realms, it's right to steal hard! All attribute values!

Lin Chen turned into a true virtuous show and continued to flee all the way, playing with the saints!

At the same time, he must also use the All Saints to help him steal more attribute values!

Crises often coexist with benefits, Lin Chen will never let go of any chance of becoming stronger!

"Boy, are you looking for death?"

The two sects of the sacred realm questioned the "Zhende show".

"Giggle, does this little brother have too much water? Go shopping here? My sister, I like watery boys very much."

A beautiful woman in a holy land giggled, and there was a fierce murder in her charm!

But seeing the "Zhen Dexiu" Yun Qingfeng sat in the lobby lightly, sitting with many holy places.

"I came here to shop here specially, and by the way, wiped away the evil pens of all the evil sect."

Zhen Dexiu smiled lightly.


The entire lobby was filled with arrows, and the atmosphere was particularly dignified!

"Hahaha, interesting, just one of your warlords wants to kill our seven holy realms?"

A red-browed holy realm smiled angrily, slamming when he was about to grab him with one hand!

"Master, it's not good! The large formation on the island is broken!"

The powerful evil sect reported immediately, the Seven Saints were shocked!

Zhendexiu waved his hand and said, "Calm down, Im going to go out in the dark horse club, and usually bring a dozen holy bodyguards out for shopping.

The seven evil sect holy realms were terrified. In their perception, Beiming Island had broken into ten holy realms!

After a terrifying glance, "Zhen Dexiu" was full of incredible!

What really is really carrying ten holy bodyguards with you?

What the **** is the second ancestor of the fairy power! Is it so abnormal?

There are only one or two holy realms in the second grade.

There are three ranks of sects, there are more than three holy realms, and there is basically only one sect of sitting towns, and very few powerful ranks of three ranks have five saints!

The Holy Realm is not a kind of Chinese cabbage. In the past, it was either going out for sectarian expenses to compete for sectarian status or to retreat.

Bring ten out this time? Wouldn't it be equivalent to carrying two top-notch sects with you?

"Get out of here!"

Ying Meng and Lian Wanjin didn't say anything, and launched a violent attack on the main hall of Beiming Island!

A dozen acres of knife-like fingerprints were crushed hard, when the main hall of Beiming Island was about to be ruined.

Bang~! The sword-mand tearing the space cut off the fingerprints, and the evil sect holy realms were floating in the air.

"Wait a minute, everyone, we are here just to catch this kid, it has nothing to do with you!"

That Wu Sheng and Cicada Sheng walked out of the air, and immediately transmitted a voice to the evil sacred realm!

With the lessons learned from World War I, these saints will no longer be easily countered by Lin Chen!

The seven holy ones are stunned! Feelings are not bodyguards!

Before letting the holy realm present return to his spirits, "Zhen Dexiu" snapped his fingers!

[Has targeted a hostile target within a thousand miles of the host, launched the blue-level advanced nirvana: Qianyang Burning Sky, Abyssal Wind, Xuanyin Nine Thunder, Tianyin Ice Erosion...]

Sigh~! boom!

More than a dozen groups of thunderclouds exploded, thousands of suns burning the void came vastly, and the dark black tornado storm turned out of nowhere, locking all the holy places in the audience!

"What the **** is this?"

"Not good! These energies track our breath and defend quickly!"

Many of the holy realm's complexions changed, Lin Chen's figure moved, and his body expanded, and the small shadow escaped into the void!

boom! boom! boom!

The sun was burning, the thunder cloud exploded, and countless thunder dragon-like thunderlights fell. All the holy land was covered with flashing lights, and the holy light sheltered!

But the aftermath of the nirvana shattered a large number of evil sect warlords, and even the chance of evasion did not disappear.

[Gain 1320 points of the essence of war energy, 1000 points of advanced qi blood, 10 points of advanced skills, 5 points of intermediate talent points, 10 points of advanced rune energy, 4 points of advanced fire energy, 850 points of strengthening,]

Some Evil Sect Warlords fell behind and dropped the attribute light ball, Lin Chen took it all away, and the attribute value increased by one point!

"Little guy, go at full speed!"

Lin Chen fluttered Hong Yan's Phoenix wings with all his strength, and stepped on the dragon to flash.

"I still have nine blue-level advanced nirvana. I can't use it indiscriminately..."

Suddenly, Lin Chen's mind was tense!

Behind him, the thundercloud storm appeared across the sky, and it was actually the dark pavilion master should be destroyed!

He did not hesitate to chase Lin Chen at the risk of being wounded by the nirvana!

Bang~! Ying Extinguishes a palm, and the faint purple-black claw marks surge from five fingers, tearing the space to Lin Chen!

"Boy! Go to hell!"

Holy Light Claw Mark is surrounded by a lot of killing skill attacks, although it has been weakened by most of its power, but bombing the Warlord is more than enough!

Lin Chen could hardly guard, almost instinctively, circulated through the layers of golden curtain formed by the Xuangang Golden Tribulation!

The purple and black claw marks were pressed down and blasted to Lin Chen's chest!

Sigh~! Tear ~!

The semi-orange-level defensive combat skill Yutian in the Ultimate Time, combined with Lin Chens Xuangang Golden Tribulation, can almost resist the full-strength attacks of the Five Tribulation Warlords, but under this claw, it bursts!

"Blue Dragon Possession! Slow Rune!"

At the moment when Lin Chen vomited blood, he played the slow rune and the possession of the Blue Dragon almost instantaneously, and the Dragon Emperor's defensive power blessed Lin Chen's body.

Coupled with the procrastination of the slow rune, the hair was cut short and instantly separated from the claw marks!

Lin Chen's last sharp edge was avoided by Lin Chen!


Xiao Yingying burst into whimpers, worrying about Lin Chen and worrying about herself!

That claw just now, it and Lin Chen were seriously injured!

Lin Chen vomited blood and suddenly shouted-"Little guy, go away!"

Lin Chen released the seriously wounded Dragon King, and with the small shadow, fled quickly!

Ying Jie was once again trapped in the encirclement of many must-have skills. Although he was slightly injured, the corner of his mouth outlined a vicious smile!

After a quarter of an hour.

"Yes, let this boy run away!"

Lian Wanjin was badly corrupted and yelled.

Qin Zhentian's expression was so sullen that he was going to kill, and his sword raged.

"Our people! Who is that kid!"

"The old man has never seen such a weird attack, he can't even hide it!"

The seven evil sacred realms were thundering and angry, and they were murderous!

The overall strength of Xiezong Shengjing is slightly inferior to Lian Wanjin and others.

In the face of the bombardment of the wave of nirvana just now, the full defense almost showed injury, and it could not even take care of his own men. Now that he has recovered, almost the whole army has been wiped out!

Today is the gathering of important events of their evil sect. The dead are countless murderous characters and elites! All are their core strength!

"Relax, he can't run, he just resisted my attack just now, and the shadow was also seriously injured, not far away! In the short term, his shadow can't be recovered, and the dark horse club that lost the innate shadow is not a concern! All nearby territories are blocked and he will surely be able to catch him!"

When Ying Meng sneered, he turned to look at the holy realms of the evil sects.

"Oh, you guys, we are also chasing this child. If you join our lineup, you might even get a slice of the soup."


Mountain springs and streams, clear springs flow.

Two graceful ladies are picking Qihua Yaocao between the valleys.

At this time, a juvenile body with blood stains floating on the river, half of his clothes were broken, showing the juvenile slender figure...

"Yes! There are dead people!"

The girl screamed!

"Huh, no, he doesn't seem to be dead. Uh!"

"Sister, he is so big..."

"Don't read it! You will have nightmares!"