My Skills Depend On Picking Book 5 Chapter 972

Vol 5 Chapter 972: The Chen Family?

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Chapter 972

Tsing Yi Queen's heart trembles, and their sister's one month's offering is only one thousand silver holy yuan!

This offering is still the highest level of the whole family!

One shot is 200,000 silver holy yuan coins?

What the **** is this boy?

The top geniuses who are as strong as the Sipin sect can't come up with such skill!

"Right, is this?" Lin Chen asked curiously.

"This is Anjia Longxiang City. Among the Chen family territories in the Sipin family, my name is An Yaner, and she is my sister, An Xiaojiao. This is our chief refining pharmacist, Uncle Anyi. "

An Yan'er smiled, and Uncle An Yi actually gave Lin Chen a fist seriously.

He can feel the extraordinary mental fluctuations of this young man, and he is a few grades stronger than him! Most likely also a powerful pharmacist!

"The Chen family?"

Lin Chen's heart moved, wouldn't it be so...

"I don't know if there is a place to buy things in this city. My injury needs some medicinal conditioning..."

Lin Chen made an excuse, but actually wanted to buy alien crystal shards, and the attribute value of making a nirvana would never be missing.

Hearing Lin Chen want to buy medicinal materials, then Uncle Anyi's eyes are polished!

He is almost certain that this son is most likely the top pharmacist!

"Okay, let me introduce to my son. We are about to hold an auction recently..."

An Xiaojiao chuckled and was very familiar with Lin Chen.

A group of people left the room and wandered in the courtyard of Anjia, accompanied by guards throughout the journey.

Under the introduction of the sisters, Lin Chen learned that he had been in a coma for a whole day and night, and it was no coincidence that this "Chen family" turned out to be the Chen family doing business with the Qin Miao'er family!

The betrayal of sister Qin Miao'er, which led to her being abducted, and then died in the hands of Lin Chen, was from this family of fourth-grade Chen family!

However, the news that made Lin Chen more exciting is that there is a Purgatory Volcano Island in the territory controlled by the Chen family!

There is enough flame in the purgatory volcano to burn the holy land, and it is also bred with the holy pearl!

Flame Orb, a flame orb that can be condensed only by extremely terrifying deep lava!

When the number of burning flame beads is sufficient, there is a certain probability that a complete alien crystal will be born!

The reason why the Chen family can become a Sipin family depends to a large extent on this purgatory volcanic island, but because the resources produced are extremely high-end, there are two holy places sitting in the Chen family every year.

"Yes, this Burning Flame Bead is to me the raw material energy for making alien crystals!"

Lin Chen was shocked, and now his third plant under the good luck luck plant, Chijinshu, has entered the growth period, reaching 295 meters.

Once entering the peak period, as long as there is the energy of raw materials, Lin Chen can try to cultivate the abnormal crystal!

According to the mysterious records of the ancient gods, the success rate of the cultivation of inferior crystals is 100%. As long as the energy is enough, they can be bred, and the probability of failure of middle crystals will be failed.

"I want to find a way to get a little more Tianyi Shengshui, after raising the red gold tree to its peak, and bring the burning flame holy beads, I can cultivate an alien crystal!"

Lin Chen was very excited, and the surface was not shocked.

During the conversation, the sisters also knew Lin Chen a lot, the only thing that was unclear was his way, he insisted not to disclose...


In the courtyard, I suddenly heard a vibration!

"An surnamed An, don't give your face shame, the two sons of our family can be regarded as the two sisters of your family, that is your blessing!"

The man's grinning laugh slightly changed the second woman's face.

Anjia lobby.

The two men in rigorous suits tilted Erlang's legs, but the behavior of the two robbery warlords was dismissive of the group of four robbery warlords in the lobby.

"The day after tomorrow, the Yunlong Dajiao of our two sons of the Chen family will be carried to your door. We will specially warn you that you will have to marry if you don't marry!"

The words of the two made the faces of many elders and elders in the lobby extremely ugly!

"Why is it hard to get married, this..."

The lady in the lobby was anxious, and the man in the purple robe held a fist at the two men in black"The two, can you go back and tell Chen Gongzi for a few more days, our two daughters are not ready yet... "

"Is he less nonsense!" A man in a black suit and a black suit slammed the table and slammed it into powder!

The other said with a sneer: "I have given you half a year, not ready yet? The original words of the two sons are: Once Long Jiao arrives, your people must marry, or they will not give Chen's face!"

The atmosphere in the lobby is depressed. How can the'two' sons, but the affiliated families of the Chen family, easily offend...

The two men dressed in black were standing together, and when they turned away from the bullshit, they suddenly bumped into one.

"Mother, who! Seek death..."

Snapped! Snapped!

The two were like an arrow away from the string. They were pumped into the lobby on the spot, looking for teeth all over the place, and vomiting blood all over the place!

Anjia's face has changed greatly! Who shot this and beat the family member of the Chen family?

"Apologize to everyone here. If you don't apologize, I won't mind your legs being interrupted later."

Tsing Yi Juvenile walked slowly into the lobby, his eyes fluttering with a smile.

The two were furious and spit blood and anger!

"You, you know who we are..."

Bang~! The young man's five-finger fan was full of vigor, and the violent wind was swept through the hall, and the two of them slammed the two!

Its strength is very delicate, without breaking a thing, but it has broken the bones of the two people by 50%!

"I will say it again and apologize to Anjia. Not to mention the two of you garbage, even if Chen Wuming of the Chen family comes, I have one hundred ways to make him kneel and apologize."

The Tsing Yi teenager sneered, and all the strong men in the Anjia lobby were horrified!

When did they settle down next to such a great god? Not even Chen Wuming of the Chen family!

"I'm sorry..."

"We knew it was wrong! I damn, this lord, please raise your hand!"

The two men in black shivered, shaking their knees and apologizing.

This teenager is too cruel! His overwhelming pure power proves that he only needs to instantly kill them both!

They are the second robbers, this kind of strength, the general genius list genius can not do! This person's origin is certainly not small!

"Go back and tell you what the **** man behind you is, I'm the one who covers the house. If he dares to mess up, I will abolish him."

Lin Chen flicked his nails, his expression was cold.

"Yes, yes! Let's go..."

The two left with a roll and climbed, and the head of the family quickly clenched their fists and asked respectfully-"This is the son..."

"Hee hee, dad, he is the boy I picked up with my sister in Yaoshan. How about it? Isn't it a surprise!"

An Xiaojiao jumped out and smiled, almost scaring the An family here!

Miss II actually picked up such a great **** and came back?